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The Houston Texans

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by QuietStorm, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
    A GM Story ...

    With the light at the end of the tunnel w/ the launch of Madden 25 this cycle of NextFL/TMFL has been a great run. This is how the HTown Bullies were built, with pride through GM moves and keeping core players intact with the team!

    Quarterback : In season one Matt Schuab was released for the likes of Case Keenum, and local celebrity Vince Young. VY played exceptional in his brief stint with the team taking them to their first AFC Championship. Matt Scott replaced VY and Keenum while the Texans waited for a stud in FA or the Draft which didn't come until the 3rd year. Scott however won a Superbowl over the RG3'd Skins; Scott choose more money in Oakland the ensuing year. Enter the TIMMY RONACHER era. Selected in the first round the Texans got their guy; sadly enough Jake Locker was a free agent the same year so Timmy held down the clip board in favor of Jake's legs and big arm. Jake the snake also returned the Texans to an AFC title before having a melt down to the New England Patriots. Jake has rebounded well in the final cycle and looks to make his 2nd Pro Bowl, and is top 5 among QBR, and yardage.
    NOTABLES: Jake 95 THP / 90 SAC / 90 MAC -- Ronacher 93 THP / 90 SAC / 88 MAC
    Avg Development : GM Grade : B

    Running Back : Arian Foster has been the staple of the franchise and a key reason to why GM B. Jowers choose this organization. Little needs to be said about Foster who made the Pro Bowl in 4 cycles, missing only one due to missing 7 weeks due to a torn pectoral muscle. Over the span of these 5 cycles until week 10 of 2017 Foster has accumulated 7,130 yards on 1,325 carries finding pay-dirt 85 times. Foster's durability and never ending intangibles has put him in the record books in several statistical categories. To accompany Foster, LaMichael James was added from the San Francisco 49ers for a 3rd round selection. While James has many contributed on special teams he preformed clutch in the 7 game stretch where Foster was hurt. Making the Pro Bowl once this cycle James was well worth the 3rd round pick spent. Le'Veon Bell and Marcus Lattimore were added through free agency and add starting back capabilities. Unfortunately for them Foster is the bell cow and they have yet to see much playing time with exception to Bell who's chipped in greatly.
    NOTABLES: Foster 90 SPD / 92 ACC / 99 CAR / 99 TRK / 98 SFA / 94 JKM

    Exceptional Development : GM Grade : A+

    Full Back : Le'Ron McClain was added in the off season of the first year and has remained and played in ever single game since. He's paved the way for Foster's 7000+ yards and 85 TDs. The position with no glory this guy is a key part to our running game success even though he will still miss that zone read block of the first guy crossing his face.
    NOTABLES: 77 SPD / 91 IBL / 87 RBK / 79 STR

    Great Development : GM Grade : B+

    Wide Receiver : Mr. Houston him self Andre Johnson made the pro bowl as his final year as a Texan, he also retied a Texan after that year! Deandre Hopkins was asked to fill the void but couldn't do it alone. Brian Hartline was brought in the the Miami Dolphins for the expiring contract of Kareem Jackson (CB). This addressed a need of a route running WR w/ great hands. Hartline assumed the role of #1 while Hopkins was able to go back to his natural position of #2. Darrius Heyward-Bey was brought in to add size and speed to the unit in the 3rd off season. Bey played well in spurts but never really stuck on the field; mainly because the Texans were able to draft receiver Brain Brown from the Univ. of Syracuse. The 6'2" 202lb Brown with his 96 SPD and better hands found his home instantly in the slot. Brown is also now one of the leagues top 5 receivers and has replaced Hopkins at the X position. Quntin Patton was also added through free agency.
    NOTABLES : Hartline : 91 CTH / 93 CIT / 91 RTE / 92 RLS -- Patton 91 CTH / 90 CIT / 90 RTE / 90 RLS --- Hopkins 92 CTH / 90 CIT / 88 RTE / 92 RLS

    Good Development : GM Grade : B

    Tightend : In a very key position the Texans had one staple in their crew ... Richard Gordon, Gordon was picked up in the first season as a cut free agent. Gordon was used mainly for his great run blocking ability but evolved in to a total threat. Old school Texans Owen Daniels stuck around with the team for 3 cycles and had brief stints of employment to fill the void of injuries but ultimately lost his spot due to his own injuries. Garrett Graham found his self in the dog house after key fumbles in big games; Graham also had a rapid decline in attributes entering the 3rd season and quickly found his self at the bottom of the depth chart before being cut in the preseason of season 4. Marvin Walls was drafted in the first season in hopes to be the vertical threat with 87 SPD, but the Texans run first offense kept Walls sidelined for better blocking TE's. Now Walls holds down the #2 spot but was hurt this season and will remain on IR. Zach Ertz and Jordan Reed were both signed as free agents and can do both pass catch and run block.
    NOTABLES : Gordon 78 STR / 91 CTH / 91 CIT / 80 RBK

    Great Development : GM Grade : B+

    Offensive Line : This units continuity and good health has elevated them to one of the leagues' best front 5. All five starters have been on the team since day one. Only notable change to the lineup was Brennan Williams taking over the LT position and the HoF Duane Brown moving to the RT position. Nate Menkin (LG-93) sat behind Richie Incognito for one year before taking over the position and has blossomed into a m'fer monster. Ben Jones also sat behind a vet for one season and now sits at a 92 OVR. While Brandon Brooks looks medicore on the stat sheets allowing the most sacks, the guy has been solid! 90 OVR. Duane Brown the future HoF has to date 77 pancake blocks, being the bookend he has always been!
    NOTABLES : Brown 97 PBK / 94 RBK / 95 IBL / 92 STR -- Menkin 91 RBK / 90 PBK / 95 STR / 92 IBL
    All offensive lineman starters over 90 OVR. Gabe Carimi, Kevin Boothe, Chance Warmack, and Jason Smith round out the unit; all acquired throughout the file via free agency. Warmack is a bonafide starter as is Carimi.

    Exceptional Development : GM Grade : A

    Defensive Line : After moving the team to a 4-3 upon assumption of command to get better productivity out of Star lineman JJ Watt, Jowers also secured Aaron Maybin via free agency and moved OLB Whitney Mercilus to right-end. These two edge rushers have evolved into a serious threat for all quarterbacks. JJ Watt behind A. Foster is the sole reason we wanted to take control of the Texans. And he didn't disappoint with his 70 sacks to date. Ben Tate was sent to Cleveland for DT Phil Taylor to help Watt fill the middle. Taylor played very well in his 2 seasons as a starter but was recently demoted to #3 with the arrival of Vince Wilfork via free agency. Nick Fairley was also added this past season after the Cowboys parted ways the the young stud. Rookie of the year Geoffrey Tyrell played exceptional in his rookie season recording 11 sacks on the year. He spell's the two edge rushers and sees time in the nickle nascar packages. Drafted Tyri Delaney also stuck with the team and has added great strength on the edge.
    NOTABLES : Watt 97 STR / 99 PMV / 91 FMV / 99 BSH / 99 PUR --Wilfork 93 STR / 87 PMV / 95 BSH Maybin 94 FMV / 93 BSH --- Mercilus 91 PMV / 96 BSH

    Great Development : GM Grade : A

    Line-Backers : Lead by Brian Cushing for all 5 seasons this core his seen some change over with the subs. Cushing and Reed have remained starters for every game; but the LOLB has seen some change. Recently drafted Dimitrios Shearn of Flordia State is currently in defensive rookie of the year chase and has added superb speed in the middle of the field. The Team converted Trevardo Williams into a traditional 4-3 linebacker after being a one-dimensional pass rusher type backer. Stevenson Sylvester has been with the team for 4 years being picked up in the off season and has added great minutes in relief and on special teams. Malcom Smith, Brian Rolle round out this unit. Jowers was also able to land HoF Ray Lewis to a one year deal, he retired a Texan!
    NOTABLES : Cushing 96 PRC / 94 BSH / 94 TAK / 90 POW -- Shearn 87 TAK / 90 SPD --- Reed 85 TAK / 90 PRC

    Good Development : GM Grade B

    Cornerbacks : "The Blanket Boys" blanket coverage is their motto, unless of course you have a C rated receiver in a big game and they forget how to walk ... But nonetheless we've had fun building this unit to counter the heavy passing attack of today's greats. Our gem of this group is Tommie Campbell; the 6'3" 205 was cut but the Titans and quickly picked up by us. Tommie earned his way through ranks holding down the #2 spot since the second season protecting my over zealous ass when I user the safety. Aqib Talib was brought in after season two to be the shut down corner he was supposed to be and has lived up to that hype, again until the playoffs. With Talib in Johnathan Joseph was out of a job, but remained with the team to be the nickle CB. With his outstanding cover skills Joseph sees the field plenty to combat the teams TEs and fast slot recievers. Nolan Carroll and Ras-I Dowling round out the BB's ...
    NOTABLES : Campbell 90 MCV / 90 ZCV / 90 PRS / 95 SPD / 90 PRC -- Talib 95 MCV / 95 VCZ / 91 PRS / 91 PRC / 80 CTH --- Joseph 92 MCV / 90 VCZ / 91 PRC / 91 PRS / 90 SPD --- Carroll 91 MCV / 89 VCZ / 90 PRC / 90 PRS / 93 SPD ---- Dowling 90 SPD / 92 PRC / 89 PRS / 90 MCV / 90 ZCV

    Exceptional Development : GM Grade A+

    Safety : Christian Thompson was brought in, in the first season week 2 off of waivers and has remained a starter since then. Transforming into a pro-bowl caliber player; Thompson has recorded 315 tackles and 21 interceptions since stepping foot on the field as a Texan. DJ Swearinger has remained on the team but found his playing time cut due to his lack of speed on the backend. Texas boy Michael Huff played two seaons w/ the Texans before taking more money to play else where. Stevie Brown was awarded via free agency after the 2nd season and has started every game since at the strong safety position. Brandin Hardin, the speedster heavy hitter was picked up in FA, and Ify Bonezi was drafted after the 2nd season.
    NOTABLES : Thompson 93 VCZ / 93 PRC / 88 TAK / 85 POW / 90 SPD -- Boenzi 84 MCV / 85 VCZ / 87 CTH / 90 SPD --- Brown 91 VCZ / 93 PRC --- Swearinger 92 VCZ / 93 PRC / 89 POW

    Outstanding Development : GM Grade A

    Special Teams : Randy Bullock has been with the team since day one, with a 92 rating Randy's leg has 97 KPW and 92 KAC. Randy has made the pro-bowl in 3 seasons. With his longest FG to date of 59 yards, pending lag and weather this guy can knock it in from 63 no doubt! The teams punter TJ Conley has been here for two seasons now after the long standing vet Shane Lechler decided to retire. Conley's 92 POW leg gets the job done when needed, he can drop the ball within the 5 yardline with precision!
    Good Development : GM Grade B

    1 : Lombardi Trophy
    2 : AFC Championship Trophies
    3 AFC Championship Appearances
    3 Active HoF's

    3 Retired HoF's
    1 Career Record (Rushing TDs 4th all-time 130)
    4 Season Record (Rushing yds 7th all-time 2,047)
    (Rushing Tds 6&7th all-time 23)
    (Defensive Sacks J. Watt 7th all-time 21)
    0 Game Records

    3 Player Trades
    0 First Rounders Traded
    9 Players Taken from FA or Reserve Roles turned to Pro Bowlers

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  2. The Prudent

    The Prudent Walk On

    Jun 22, 2011
    Nice read and great job building up a great team and sustaining it.
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  3. The Richuation

    The Richuation Walk On

    Jul 18, 2010
    Good stuff man. You have been as focused as anyone and your roster reflects that. Hell of a cycle
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