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The Hype Machine: Preseason Storylines (S3)

Discussion in 'After Midnight' started by Jayrah, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Jayrah

    Jayrah AllCougdUp.com Editor - A.M. avatar Guru

    May 31, 2010

    Who believes they will take home the title in 2014? Who are the go-to stars? How's the coach look in the last year (for many) of his contract? What are your fan's expectations? And many more... Whatever the storyline for season 3, put it here!
  2. Kapono

    Kapono Walk On

    Jun 28, 2010
    FSU Offense

    Florida State's offense is senior-heavy this year and they expect to do big things as almost every key player is back. QB Clint Trickett is back for his second season as starter and has a very accurate arm. He can have fumble problems, but is a very reliable guy to have back there.

    The most exciting position for FSU this season is their running back stable. FSU used a 3-HB system last year between Devonta Freeman, bruiser James Wilder, and converted WR Greg Dent. All three are back and are seniors and will split time as they did last year.
    • Freeman- 94 overall, 95 speed, 99 acc., 94 agility, 98 elusiveness, 88 break tackle
    • Wilder- 87 overall, 91 speed, 91 acc., 88 agility, 86 break tackle, 95 trucking
    • Dent- 86 overall, 94 speed, 96 acc., 97 agility, 99 elusiveness, 80 break tackle, 95 spin, 95 juke, 74 catching
    FSU lost a good amount of players in the receiving corps, but do return their two most talented players in Rashad and Christian Green(e). These guys bost have above average speed and great hands, and coming in at 93 and 92 overall, Trickett will have fun throwing to these guys. 6'6" 245 receiver Kelvin Benjamin will finally get his chance on the field this season, 81 overall doesn't reflect how good he is in real life now (he probably should have been an 85 in 2012.) TE Nick O'Leary is back again after starting the last 2 seasons. He's a great receiver with average blocking skills for a TE and will be a big weapon as a 3rd receiver if he's not in the game as a TE (92 overall).

    This year, FSU has put together the best O-Line the school has seen in a few years 4 seniors starting. Overall ratings of 91, 91, 89, 87, 83, so if this offense can't put together a title run this season, they may never do it.
  3. Jayrah

    Jayrah AllCougdUp.com Editor - A.M. avatar Guru

    May 31, 2010


    The Aggies ride some success into the 2014 season, looking to finally put their stamp on the new SEC. After a horrifying loss to Auburn last season, A&M fought to finish the season on a high note, destroying rival Missouri in the final game of the regular season and then punishing an undermanned Nevada team in the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl. Out of those two games, a couple of things became clear: First, the Aggies have some young stars that are coming to take Kyle Field's glory back (see wr Brant Lee, OLB Dominic Hughes and SS Marcus Jones), while the 12th Man, as always, will be there to witness the turnaround. Secondly, TAMU has stepped out of the shadow of their move and are ready to challenge the elite of the SEC for titles. And they believe their time is now.


    Johnny Manziel is set to crush the all-time passing yards mark by a TAMU qb, sitting at over 6,000 career yards and needing just over 8,000 to get it done. However Manziel would like to give the ball to the sensational Brandon Williams a little more this year, so while we expect him to get the record, it won't be by much... this season at least. If he stays for his senior year (and we predict he will), the record could potentially soar into another stratosphere at way over 10,000 yards.


    For the first time in the Kevin Sumlin regime, he will have actual leadership on the field. Of course Manziel has taken the lead role, but he doesn't have much to do quite honestly, because his upper-class laden offensive line, along with his sturdy junior stars rb Brandon Williams and wr Mike Evans will be holding their own and carrying the torch for their positions. Williams is regarded as the best player on the team. The starting fullback and TE are also seniors and are pretty good with some great talent coming in behind them.

    On the defensive side, 3 seniors and All-America sophomore Marcus Jones will man the secondary and all of the front 7 return for a unit that at times last season was as stout as any in the SEC. The problem was that at other times their inexperience at LB cost them dearly for long stretches so it's important that they have learned and gotten more consistent.


    Kevin Sumlin was on the phone looking for possible offensive coordinator openings after the Auburn loss looked to have lost him the trust of the Athletic Department. But the two wins at the end of the year seemed to sway some fans and the AD decided to give Sumlin a last shot to win him over. The coach has added pieces to his offensive puzzle this season, in the way of a couple new formations and some streamlining of plays. A 4-3 defense totally failed the Aggies in 2012, so Sumlin called on a new defensive coordinator who ran the 3-4 last season. The defense struggled early to stop the run, but along the way they began to figure it out and with a couple of formational substitutions Sumlin hopes to shore up the problems that have plagued the Aggies.

    All in all Sumlin is on a short leash it would seem because he is in the final year of his contract. It's not going to be easy to meet expectations, because they are no less than a 10 win season and potentially a BCS berth. He has the team to do it, but they haven't quite proven that they can get over the hump in the upper echelon of the conference.
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  4. whygodwhy1111

    whygodwhy1111 Walk On

    Oct 18, 2009

    The razorbacks enter the era of Michael Robbins. He, Can, Do, It, All. Robbins demonstrates HB running skills with an accurate arm. NFL scouts may not be drooling over his 5-10 frame, but SEC beware. Otherwise not a particular strong or particularly weak Arkansas squad. Biggest strength is a 4 senior Offensive line. HB Kody Walker takes over primary HB duties, Kody is a big boy, not very fast but certainly big. At WR, Sophomore Sean Wright is poised to have a big year using his 6'6" frame. The battle for the 3rd and 4th WR positions could be in flux all year, as candidates try to distinguish themselves. Coach Whygod has vowed to get the TEs more involved and will be adding several 2 TE sets to the PB for 2014.

    Defensively, there are a lot of new faces. Alabama transfer Landon Collins will be starting at SS. Arkansas lost their top CB last year but look better this year thanks to a young core, and off-season improvements. LB is still a problem but MLB Donavon Jones improved nicely and incoming Juco jr Luke Grant will start day one as the top OLB. 3 starters lost on the defensive line but D-lineman of the year Kyle Roberts is back and ready to wreck faces.
  5. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011


    • 95 OVR James Franklin (SR)
    • 85 OVR Corbin Berkstresser (RS JR)
    • 82 OVR Maty Mauk (RS SO)
    This offense will be highly dependent on James Franklin. Franklin will be entering his 3rd season at the helm and has had some success against SEC defenses (TAMU not withstanding). These guys can all hurt you with their arms or their legs, if they are reading the defense well, this offense can be tough to slow down..

    Running backs:
    • 83 OVR Eric Silva (SO)
    • 83 OVR Marcus Murphy (RS SR)
    • 75 OVR Greg White (RS SR)
    • 71 OVR Charlie Neal (SO)
    After a heated preseason battle freshman all american Eric Silva has been given the starting role. Some thought the smaller, quicker Murphy would better suit the teams offense, but Silva seems able to make all the necessary plays and has breakaway speed despite his 231 lb frame. This position will be less explosive without MVP Finalist Henry Josey, but Silva has a chance to be special. FB Charlie Neal enters his second season as the starter and figures to continue to be a nice, situational player.

    • 89 OVR Dorial Green-Beckham (JR)
    • 83 OVR Jimmie Hunt (RS SR)
    • 78 OVR Kenan Fenner (FR)
    • 76 OVR Sean Shelby (SO)
    • 70 OVR Garth Franklin (SO)
    • 69 OVR Ryan Barbour (FR)
    The team loses 2 of it's top 3 WRs and their top 2 TEs from a season ago. The silver lining is that DGB at WR is a legitimate star with his big frame, speed, and hands. The other player to really watch for is Kenan Fenner. The four star ATH comes in much better than most scouting services thought and with his 6'7" frame, 90 speed and 81 jumping, he could be a nightmare for opposing secondaries. Given the lack of top shelf talent at TE this team is likely to use more 4 WR sets than they have over the last couple of seasons.

    Offensive Line:

    This group has 3 seniors starting but there are major question marks. Other that center Mitch Morse, this group lacks players with top level talent. Look for the team to liberally use backs and tight ends to block on passing downs. QB James Franklin could have a long year behind this group and will have to make quick decisions to stay healthy and keep the chains moving.


    Defensive Ends:
    • 81 OVR Kony Ealy (RS SR)
    • 76 OVR Rickey Hatley (RS SO)
    • 76 OVR Alex Thompson (SO)
    Hatley and Thompson will be a fearsome combo in a couple years, but right now this group is mediocre. As they have the last couple years, Mizzou will likely have to rely heavily on the blitz to generate pressure on the opposing QB.

    Nose Tackles:
    • 81 OVR Lucas Vincent (RS SR)
    • 80 OVR Matt Hoch (RS SR)
    These two fifth year seniors are adequate, but not special. They should do an okay job up front but are unlikely to produce many big plays without clever coaching and playcalling.

    Outside Linebackers:
    • 78 OVR Micheal Brennan (RS SR)
    • 78 OVR Darvin Ruise (RS SR)
    • 73 OVR Kentrell Brothers (RS JR)
    Neither of the starters has the kind of skillset that will take them to the next level. What they do have is good speed and acceleration which gets them in the backfield quickly when blitzing. Much like last season, look for Mizzou to blitz these guys often to avoid getting them exposed in space or in coverage.

    Middle Linebackers:
    • 80 OVR Donavin Newsome (JR)
    Newsome is a nice player in the middle of the field. Like the last couple seasons, expect him to see work spying the athletic QBs prevelent in the SEC and playing in space while the outside backers rush the passer.

    • 84 OVR Jimmy Smith (SO)
    • 74 OVR Xavier Smith (RS SR)
    • 74 OVR Ernest Payton (RS JR)
    • 68 OVR Antwan Graves (JR)
    This group could be in trouble. Smith is actually the teams #2 FS, but will spend the season at CB due to depth concerns. Not only is this unit subpar as a whole, but they aren't surrounded by enough talent to hide the fact. The coaching staff will have their hands full trying to stop opposing teams.

    • 89 OVR Braylon Webb (RS SR)
    • 80 OVR Daniel Easterly (RS SR)
    • 73 OVR Larry Scott (RS FR)
    • 72 OVR Bo Thomas (RS FR)
    Webb is the heart of this defense back in center field of the 3-3-5. The strong safeties on the edges will be held down by the experienced but limited Easterly on one side and a freshman on the other. Outside of Webb, this group is lacking.

    Final Verdict

    With Franklin on the field this team has a shot to beat anyone in the country. Even with the lack of defensive talent, the coaching staff is likely to have success with clever playcalling and should get the most out of the guys they have. Looking at the rest of the SEC west it is hard to imagine Missouri going 10-2 in the regular season again, but Franklin is highly motivated coming back for one more season and can be one of the most exciting players in the nation when he's "on".
  6. Dru50

    Dru50 Still Chicago's #1 son

    Sep 13, 2009
    Georgia Bulldogs
    Well, some of this is going to be from memory since I can't access the wire.....

    This side of the ball is loaded with seniors, with the decisions by WR's Malcolm Mitchell and Michael Bennett to stay for their final year of eligibility, every starting position on offense aside from HB and TE has a senior starter, and most have seniors as the main backups. On paper the offense is loaded, with a 91 OVR QB in Hutson Mason, 3 senior WR's rated 88 OVR or better and an offensive line where most of the players are rated over 90 OVR. Add in that the HB is returning Walter Camp/Doak Walker award winner Keith Marshall and TE Ty Smith has been one of the more effective pass receivers on the team and we should put up points....should being the key word. As alway, my seeming inability to pass the ball could derail the team in a big game for the 3rd consecutive year.

    The defense is the opposite of the offense in terms of experience. The talent is there, but damn are they young. By my count, we will have freshmen or sophomores starting at as many as 8 positions this year. I imagine that will mean some hiccups this year and that we will give up many more points than we have in the past.

    The talent is there for another run at the conference, and missing playing Arkansas in the regular season can't hurt. At this point, I'm just hoping for a return to the SEC title game and then hope for the best.
  7. Corey Haggard

    Corey Haggard Walk On

    Jul 2, 2011

    South Carolina comes into this season with a brand new coaching staff, and and entirely different defensive style, switching from the 3-4 to the 4-3. There will be many changes on offense as well, as the Gamecocks switch from the "Multiple" offense to the "Pro Style", and Coach Haggard's "three yards and a cloud of dust" offensive philosophy. Expect some growing pains, as many changes are implemented, but a bowl game is expected, and not reaching one could mean a shorter leash for Haggard and his staff.

    "All-Everything" starting running back Marcus Lattimore moves on to the pros, but is replaced by the extremely talented Brandon Wilds, who will also play on Sundays, starting next season. SC also loses a great quarterback in Connor Shaw, but if spring practice is any indication, senior Dylan Thompson looks ready for the challenge. The Gamecocks have a rock solid offensive line, and expect to do well both at protecting Thompson, and creating holes for Brandon Wilds and his backups. The weak spot for this team is at wide receiver, which could be a concern, but considering Coach Haggard's pound the rock/short pass philosophy, this corps should be able to do get the job done. The coaching staff is especially excited about a freshman athlete named Joe Sutton, who will be both the 3rd string running back, as well as the 3rd string quarterback, while the Gamecocks wait for transferring quarterback Dan Bryant to join them next year.

    Everyone in the program was thrilled and surprised when superstar defensive end Jadeveon Clowney announced he'd be returning for his senior season. Clowney's bookend will be a true freshman, Sean Williams, who dominated at the high school level. Between them at DT will be senior Kelcy Quarles and junior Gerald Dixon, making a fearsome foursome for QBs and halfbacks alike. Junior middle linebacker Mason Harris is a great anchor for a decent linebacker corps, while Senior corner Victor Hampton is the lone standout in a secondary that is adequate at best.

    When asked about what most people perceive as the team's weakest link, Coach Haggard responded "We wont need a secondary if everytime someone drops back we put him on his ass."

    My prediction is a 6-6 record in the regular season.

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  8. SatansAngel1104

    SatansAngel1104 Walk On

    Mar 29, 2011
    Florida Gators

    Season 3
    This season is not an optimistic one. With 20 Seniors leaving last year and 2 Freshman OL Transferring, the Team is definately in a rebuild/gain experience year.
    The OL is depleted. The Skill players are babies. The system does not fit well with the team strengths.

    The offense will again be anchored by Senior Jeff Driskel, Driskel coming off a so-so year filled with highlights but much too many low-lights. Behind Driskel is a young bunch. (RS)So Kent Taylor, coming off a fabulous freshman season, will get the looks again on passing downs. He's still the third stringer but has soft hands and still finds himself behind AC Leonard who had some paperwork issues last year and could not play. Jr. Colin Thompson is still the main blocking TE.
    Wideouts are sub-par and are led by Sr. Quinton Dunbar who should give Driskel some familiarity.
    Mack Brown is back anchoring the HB's. Hes solid on paper but isnt used much in the Gator offense.
    True Freshman Wesley Dudley will be replacing Trey Burton at FB.
    OL is terrible, really terrible and with the two transfers of players who would be starting this year its not looking pretty. Season 5 should be good.

    Michael Taylor will be running the show for the Gators on D. After that, it's a plethora of youngsters. The D will rely on Taylor stepping up in the MLB position.
    The secondary is not very deep and is still pretty young. Brian Marquardt is looking to follow up a successful Freshman year.

    Shooting for 7-5 with a bowl game. Anything better would be a welcomed sight.
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  9. gowazzucougs

    gowazzucougs WSU is better than UCLA

    Jul 18, 2010

    Folks, are you hungry? Hungry for Mexican food because opponents better bring their appetite when facing the Crimson Tide this season. At QB Chicken Enchilads, aka Philip Ely returns to lead the Crimson Tide. Enchiladas started about every game last season, but at times McCarron was forced to come in and chuck the ball down the field. This season that is not an option as Enchiladas must be able throw the ball when the team gets behind. At running back, we have Chips N'Salsa, aka Blake Sims, because every Mexican meal begins with this item. Sims is a fast back is well suited for the offense Mike F'NG Leach runs. His back ups Dee Hart and TJ Yeldon should see time as well. Who will Enchiladas be throwing to, well his number one target is Shark Empenadas, aka DeAndrew White. White is a third year starter and has been a productive wide out for this offense. Look for WRs Corona Beers, Berry Darquiri, and TE Las Margaritas to make contributions because as recchem2000 says Enchiladas go well with Corona Beers, Darquiris, and Margaritas.

    On the defensive side of the ball the unit is young but filled with talent. The big question mark will the Tide switch to the 4-3. Coach Leach really hasn't been satisfied with the 3-4, and is looking for anything to jump start his defense. If he goes with the 4-3 the D-Senior Brandon Ivory will lead the unit with sophomore sensation Skyler Gibson causing problems in the middle. On the ends the Tide will be starting DJ Pettway and True Freshman Michael Pierre. The linebackers feature Bean Burrito and Jose Guacamole on the outside, both are very highly rated with each coming in with ratings of 89 and 88 respectively. The middle linebackers feature Chimy Chunga and Cornelius Henderson. The one question mark is the secondary. Chicken Piadillo is rated very high, but after that there is a serious drop off in talent. Hopefully the front seven can force pressure on the QB, otherwise there could be some long afternoons for the Tide.
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  10. recchem2000

    recchem2000 UCLA > WSU

    Feb 24, 2009
  11. gowazzucougs

    gowazzucougs WSU is better than UCLA

    Jul 18, 2010
    Not all of my marbles, I didn't touch the O/D Line
  12. Boom29

    Boom29 Walk On

    Jul 7, 2011

    Hurricane's a Brewing

    After a disappointing 2013 season, the Miami Hurricanes enter 2014 eager to prove the season a fluke and improve their standing in the ever-competitive SEC. The Hurricanes look to build upon four consecutive wins to end the season and feel that the talent is in place to make it happen.

    The Hurricane offense is built on speed and athleticism at the skill positions, led by SR WR Rashawn Scott and rSO HB Randy Johnson. Under center is QB Ryan Williams, who has previous starting experience and should be able to seamlessly transition back to a starting role. The offensive line is solid, tough any injuries could cause problems are there is little depth. Most importantly for the offense to succeed, however, will be cutting down on the interceptions that have plagued the team the past two years.

    The defense starts and ends with SR MLB Denzel Perryman. Perryman is a sideline-to-sideline linebacker that is always around the ball. Perryman is surrounded by a solid defensive line that needs to improve against the run and containing running quarterbacks. Nevertheless, the Miami defense will be dependent on the secondary to remain stout and limit big plays for opposing offenses.

    Players to Watch
    FR WR Lamar Christensen - Lamar comes in highly decorated and sough after. With his 6'4" frame and excellent speed (98), expect him to create mismatches for opposing defensive coordinators out of the slot position.

    rFR FS Kurt Covington - Kurt was a steal in recruiting a couple years ago, and after red shirting his first year on campus, is poised to roam center field for the Canes for the next 3 to 4 years. Kurt has outstanding athleticism (93 SPD, 91 ACC, 91 AGI, 88 JMP) and good cover skills (87 ZCv, 83 MCv, 82 Prs).

    Things are in place for a 10 win season in Miami, but the offense must win the turnover battle. Realistically, expect the Hurricanes to improve upon the last season and finish the season 8-4.
  13. MexiRican35

    MexiRican35 ┬┐Te quieres naranjas?

    Aug 14, 2010
    2014 LSU Tigers
    Coming off a SEC championship, the Tigers look to defend their title. They are going to have one hell of a time trying to, as they only return 3 starters from last year's chamoionship team. On top of that, Coach Mexi has decided to go with the spread offense and name redshirt freshman Clark the starting QB. Some people are questioing wether this team deserves its #4 ranking, or if they are just overrated. While the team does lack playing time, a lot of the starters are uppderclassmen. This should help the tarnsition and keep the Tigers in the hunt to repeat and win a national championship this year.
    Offense: QB Clark has been slected the starter over Jr Rivers, and thus the spread has been created. Clark came in as a highly touted athlete who can run like the wind. His arm is really good for being a freshman, and the Tigers should have him for the nest 4 years as the starter. All 3 HB's in the rotation from last year are gone, but Magee looks to fill the void and be the go to guy. He has great speed and quickness and should be deadly in space. Freshman Brothers and Dickson will also fill into the rotation, both with good speed. Beckham is one of the starters returning from last year and will be the go to guy. Expect to see the recievers be rotated in and out as they will be used in the run game too. TE Bowman comes off his great rookie season and will be a focal point of the offense once again. The line should play well enough to let the playmakers make plays.
    Defense: Not much is known about this defense. They probably will not be as dominant as in years past. The line is completly new and will have to grow up quickly and perform well. The LB's are all new also, but they performed well in spring camp and should be able to pick up the slack of the line. CB Collins and Sullivan move from the inside to the outside and will both be able to shutdown most SEC recievers. True freshman Golden gets the nickel slot and has a chance to really impress. FS Martin is the leader of the defense and will have to mentor freshman SS Smith.
    Outlook: A rematch of last year's BCS Title Game will take place week 3 as the Tigers travel to Austin. The Tigers will face two teams poised for a breakout year from the east. FSU and Miami had lackluster years but could be in the SEC championship game. The Tigers will look to win against Mizzou after losing to them last year. A&M is a darkhorse in the West. And of course, it will come down to the Winner of the Golden Boot against Arkansas. The Tigers might falter and lose one or two games, but will beat Arky and go to the SEC championship for a second straight year.

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