The I'm not sure if I will keep this up week 13 thread

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    -Jets bounce back and win despite a 1 TD 3 pick performance from Stafford, good thing Matt Schaub was equally as bad for the Browns. Jets win in OT after being down 17-0 going into the 4th 20 - 17 win.

    - Falcons all over the Ravens 35-13. Ageyman scores 4 and has 233 yards on the ground Mendenwho???

    - Flacco 3 picks 0 Td's in a loss.

    - A close one for a win Rams beat Cowboys 24-21 Ryan Mallett with a strong game of 3 TDs and 1 pick but Sam Bradford leads his team along with Bujari who had 140 and a touch. Boys had chance to tie it but there was a mishap on the FG timing . . . .

    - Rams are now 12-0

    - Big game big win for the Broncos 24-14 over the Patriots who are now with back against wall and between the old rock and the so loved hard place.

    - Jaxson Boone accumulates 5 more picks with 2 TD's for Pats Brenden Evans cut down on the TO's only tossing 1 the other way but he did throw a TD. Moreno scores by air and by land in this one.

    - Saints pile on more points and win 48-21 over Steelers. Jimmy clausen had his turn to throw the picks and he threw 4 of them. Colt McCoy was good 3 TD 1 pick good in this one and 362 yards.

    - James Harrison with a 10 tackle 2 sack performance shows some pride.

    - Yea baby yeah!!! Mr. Powers with another pick to increase his league lead.

    - Giants are going for a division crown and smashing those in the way 38-7 win over the 9ers.

    - Riggs throws 5 picks in this one with 0 TD's and Corey Mays is getting stronger with a 163 yard 3 TD performance

    - Vernon Davis was shut down and Aaron Curry had 2 picks for the Giants

    - Cards unsung hero Rookie reserve Sheroid Barksdale gets 3 sacks in a 24-14 win over the Seahawks.

    -NFC North shoot out Vikes may be done but they went out guns blazing but come up short 41-38 to the Bears

    - Superman that ooooooooooo Devin Hester takes his second KORTD of the year 103 yards.

    - Jacquizzie weee Rodgers 256 yards and 2 Touch MVP MVP MVP

    - is he the dude??? Alex Smith throws for 382 and 3 TDs to 1 pick wow

    - Captain America Tommy Brady throws one late to get the win connecting with Johnny Knox

    - Packers win over Panthers 51-45 in OT. Cam was good by ground with 140 yards 2 TDs but not by air 3 picks 0 TD's

    - Rodgers threw for 300 and 2

    - AP 189 and 3 TD's to earn his money.

    -Might Mite Dexter McCluster with a walk off 63 yard run to win it.

    - Rook NaQuan Boyd added 2 more sacks

    - Colts beat cpu Eagles 20-9 173 and 1 for Mark Ingram

    - Titans survive Jags 17-8 2 picks form Verner and a 2 TD 0pick day from Locker

    -Raiders blank Bills 17-0 - Bills have quit and rumor has it that new management is on the way in the offseason from a proven GM.

    -Gary Frederick increases his ROTY year lead with 172 and 1TD.

    -Texans roll 38-10 over Phins Dozier 3 TD 327 0 picks. Tyjuan Grant snags 2 more picks. Ben Tate rushes for over 100 and 2. Kolb was Kolb with a 1 TD 3 pick day for the Dolphs.

    -Lions win! beat Skins 28-25 Forte had over 140 and 2 TD.

    - Chargers blank lowly Chiefs 27-0 - Foster goes for 111 and 1 Tebow was 11-11 and 1 TD to his TE Young.

    - Chiefs now 0-12
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    This is my far by favorite content, you cant quit doing it.


    Foster went for 111, not 11. :p
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    Jul 11, 2009
    Ty sir
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    Jul 6, 2009
    Lotta players on fire...

    Shout out to Dozier, heating up!! *nba jam voice*
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    Jul 6, 2009
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