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The Immaculate Reception Part deux

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Mogriffjr, May 14, 2011.

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    Feb 10, 2009
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    NEW JERSEY (AP)- TE Travis Spencer has been the Scarlet Knights biggest and best playmaker on offense this season. Down by 3 and with around 3 minutes to go, he knew he would play a huge role on the drive. "I just said to the team, let's win this game!" said Spencer.

    Rutgers was buried deep in their own territory after a booming punt (this damn kid kicked it from his own endzone to the 33 yard line...SMH!). JR-QB Kevin Wilson, who has been in a groove passing the ball as the season has gone on, had to bring this team to victory. The drive before that got Rutgers to this point, he threw a pretty pass to WR Mark Garner over the shoulder of all-world CB for a 25 yard TD score. Wilson got to work throwing a 12 yard pass to Spencer, then a 13 yard dart to Gerald Anderson. RB Buck Scott snuck a key 9 yard run on the drive. Rutgers would find themselves on the 25 yard line with 53 seconds to go. "We was content on letting this clock wind down and going into OT, but we were so close, we had to win this game," stated coach Moreecemos.

    TE Travis Spencer lined up in the slot here as he's become more of a WR for Rutgers as their best pass catching threat. "It was a simple post route to the middle of the field...I usually run to the corner but this time we switched things up from the slot position," stated Spencer.

    Spencer took off, ran towards the middle of the field, WIDE OPEN. The Wisconsin safety was playing his part of the field, guarding the endzone. JR-QB Kevin Wilson saw Spencer (who really was the 3rd option on the play) and threw a seed. Unfortunately, the ball was led a bit too far for Spencer and was headed straight for the Wisconsin FS. The safety promptly prepared his hands for likely his easiest INT of his career when Spencer last ditch effort was a one handed stab. The ball fell right into the paw of Spencer and in front of that Wisconsin safety who whiffed on the INT. Spencer carried the ball into the endzone without further needing the safety of his body or other hand and promptly dropped the ball as the ref signaled "TOUCHDOWN" and the safety walked away wondering what just happened. Rutgers went up 28-24

    Wisconsin was stunned. With 47 seconds to go with 3 timeouts, they had no sense of urgency. "It seemed like we took the breathe away from them," said Coach Moreecemos. Wisconsin never amounted a charge and basically let the seconds waste away as Rutgers came away with a huge win over their nemesis.

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