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The Iron Bowl Au-Bama

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by bamagrad, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009

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    T-Town- With Arkansas losing to UK, The SEC West became a 3 way dance between Ark, Au, and Bama all at 6-1 in conference play. The Iron Bowl became more hyped then any other Iron Bowl can be. Bama comes into the game 8-1 and #5 ranked in the Top 25. Au comes in 8-1 also and despite losing 1 game (to arky) They already pulled the upset of UF ruining Florida's hopes for a 3-peat. Bama came into the season with certain question marks as they lost TR to the draft and had to depend on their young backfield. Lacy has led the way with Grant getting some starts in there as well. Au got a big surprise when Ryan Williams of Va. Tech transfered to Au last yr and in his SR yr has put up some impressive numbers 1,614 rushing and 20 Td's. and Dyer has had to swallow his pride a bit in backing up Williams has chipped in with 551 and 10 td's. Trotter has played hard this season as he has put up some fine numbers with 1,383 yards and 10 td's and 5 int's. and the Au defense has been really steller this yr ranked 4th in the nation vs the run, their Heel seems to be their pass defense. Fred has really brought pride back to the Au Nation as Au hopes to Beat Bama then hope Ark loses to LSU to get them to Atl.

    Bama on the other Hand as had a Good season from a Team of Scrappers. Needless to say last years 10-4 was good but not Good enough for Coach Bama despite making a SEC Champ Gm Appearance. The Main question was the running game can Lacy be the every down back?? Lacy has responded with a rushing mark of 616 yards and 13 td's. Grant has chipped in with 363 yards and 4 td's. Not bad for lacy who had to sit behind Ingram, TR, and Goode in order to get his spot this year. Grant has also done well in backing up Lacy with 2 starts under his belt. The recieving order took a major hit last yr and the yr before when Jones and Maze left for the draft and several Sr's graduated last yr. But through it all came Deandrew White who had a steller fresh season with over a 1,000 yards recieving and has 461 yards this yr with 4 td's. Kenny Bell who for years sat behind the Sr's and Draftees to get his spot. The Jr has a team leading 617 yards and 2 td's. The Bama D is solid again this yr as Hightower and Johnson (Sr's) are leading the Team D to great numbers. The front 3 is Sentimore, Murphy, and Square. Kirkpatrick and Hightower are tied with int's with 3 each. The 2ndry is Led by Dre Kirkpatrick and has been solid in covering the taller recievers with his 6'3 frame, Teams that throw to him get burned.

    Overall this years Iron Bowl should be a Classic as 2 coaches go at it for the ODK Trophy.

    Qb- advantage Bama- McCarron has put up good numbers this yr with 1,929 yrds and 9 td's and 5 int's. Trotter also has done well with 1,383 yrds and 10 td's and 5 int's. not bad considering that Williams and Dyer get most of the press. have to give it to McCarron on the Basis of yardage. but the years have to go to Trotter as he will start his 3rd Iron Bowl and McCarron his 2nd.

    HB- adv- Au- what else can u say Williams has torn it up with his running with over 1,600 yards and Dyer getting over 500 has helped Au to a huge advantage in the rushing yards total between the 2 rivals. Lacy has done well with his 1st yr starting, but needs a big game to help Bama from having to throw the ball alot.

    WR- adv- Bama- When u have 2 guys who have a combined 74 catches between the 2 of them, it makes a difference. Au's leading reciever has 340 yrds and 16 catches. compared to Bell who has 34 catches and over 600 yrds this year. White also comes in with 30 catches and 461 yards and that has been a big difference this yr.

    Defense- adv- Push- I think both defenses are solid with only 1 hickup (Arky) Both Bama teams lost to the razorbacks by scores of 22-21 and 27-20. The Defense just couldn't contain the Arky attack specially with in the last 40 seconds of the game. Other then that Both D's have played very well on out to this point. so the big ?? will be who can run on either team as Bama is ranked #1 in rushing D and Au is #3. in turnovers AU has a 3-0 lead on Bama. So anything can Happen.

    Final Say- all in all It should be a Hell of a Game as Both teams try to fight it out for a trip to Atl.

    This Battle will be on Justin Tv on My channel, If anyone wants to Tune in. I'll post game info later.


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