The Lantern -- 2015

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    The Lantern -- 2015

    Bad Bad Day...

    Va Tech 55

    OSU 14

    A game that was to be scheduled at The Shoe was last minute changed to Blacksburg thanks to EA. The game started off slow for the Bucks going down 0-10 but a TD later made it a 3 point game. By half-time it was 14-24 Va Tech. And in the 3rd quarter they took command of the game thanks to both coaches being ejected due to constant sh*t talking. The OSU receiver core took a major blow with the departures of James and Sanders. Rhoden had very little receivers open this game as the Hokie defense dominated them. Last year the offense was rated an A+, this year it is only a B+. The Bucks kept their A+ defensive rating but it didn't really show as the superior speed of the Hokie receivers outclassed the secondary.

    Coach Comments: N/A (he threw a shoe at the reporters before driving off screaming obscenities)

    Ohio State rests in Week 2 with a Bye before taking on Boise State. This could be a very very long season for OSU without any core receivers. Especially with the annual Big 10 Champ game opening up conference play.

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