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The League RPI Rankings - Week 5

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by HAL9100, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. HAL9100

    HAL9100 TSO's Resident Antagonist

    Jul 15, 2011
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    1. [​IMG] Tennessee Titans(4-0) - .735
    Not only are the Titans undefeated but they also boast the toughest strength of schedule for all teams early in the season. This helps them hold onto the #1 overall spot

    2. [​IMG] New Orleans Saints(4-0) - .651
    The only other undefeated team left slides up to the #2 spot. A slightly worse SOS keeps them behind the Titans though.

    3. [​IMG] Cleveland Browns(3-1) - .611
    A home loss hurt to the Titans hurt their winning percentage but they have one of the better SOS's in the NFL.

    4. [​IMG] Pittsburgh Steelers(3-1) - .588
    The Steelers have performed well but their opponents have been average...perfectly average actually as their OWP and OOWP are both at .500.

    5. [​IMG] Chicago Bears(3-1) - .583
    The Bears are 3-0 at home but the lack of any road wins and a poor OOWP slots them into #5.

    6. [​IMG] Denver Broncos(2-2) - .578
    The Broncos are the top 2-2 team in The League and are helped by one of the top OWP's in the NFL.

    7. [​IMG] Detroit Lions(3-1) - .562
    The Lions have 2 impressive road victories but having the 2nd worst OOWP drops them behind a 2-2 team.

    8. [​IMG] Indianapolis Colts(2-2) - .557
    The Colts are 1-1 at home and on the road but an above average OWP and OOWP puts them in the top 1/4 of the league.

    9. [​IMG] Baltimore Ravens(2-2) - .547
    The Ravens are nearly identical to the Colts but have a slightly worse OOWP. That puts them at #9.

    10. [​IMG]Atlanta Falcons(2-2) - .5417
    The 2 road losses don't hurt the Falcons too badly and that keeps them in the Top 10.

    11. [​IMG] Jacksonville Jaguars(2-2) - .5415
    The Jags are the only team in The League to have lost every home game and won every road game. A slightly above average resume slots them into #11 and narrowly behind the Falcons.

    12. [​IMG] New York Giants(3-1) - .531
    The Giants have 2 road wins and no home losses but very poor OWP and OOWP ratings drop them behind numerous 2-2 teams.

    13. [​IMG] New England Patriots(3-1) - .515
    Like the Giants, the Patriots have 2 road wins but they have a below average OWP and have the worst OOWP in the The League. That makes them the 2nd worst rated 3-1 team down near the middle of the pack.

    14. [​IMG] Tampa Bay Buccaneers(2-2) - .510
    A home loss with no road wins hurts the Bucs RPI. The rest of their resume is slightly above average.

    15. [​IMG] Houston Texans(1-3) - .510
    The Texans have 2 home losses but are the top 1-3 team thanks to good OWP and OOWP ratings.

    16. [​IMG] Washington Redskins(2-2) - .500
    The Redskins RPI is exactly average because every single one of their ratings is exactly .500.

    17. [​IMG] Seattle Seahawks(2-2) - .490
    The Seahawks are the top team of the bottom half. A below average OOWP is keeping them behidn the Redskins

    18. [​IMG] Minnesota Vikings(2-2) - .490
    Ditto that for the Vikings as they're the first tie in this week's rankings.

    19. [​IMG] Oakland Raiders(3-1) - .484
    How are the 3-1 Raiders down at #19? The main reason is that they're tied for the worst OWP in The League.

    20. [​IMG] Green Bay Packers(1-3) - .484
    With only 1 home loss and above average OWP and OOWP ratings, the Packers are in the top 2/3 and are the 2nd best 1-3 team.

    21. [​IMG] Cincinnati Bengals(2-2) - .474
    The Bengals are the opposite of the Jags with 2 home wins and 2 road losses. A below average OWP puts them 10 spots lower than the Jags though.

    22. [​IMG] Miami Dolphins(1-3) - .469
    The Dolphins have 2 home losses but a road win and one of the best OOWP's in The League make them one of the better 1-3 teams.

    23. [​IMG] St. Louis Rams(2-2) - .469
    A home loss is what has driven the 2-2 Rams down to #23. Everything else is average.

    24. [​IMG] Dallas Cowboys(2-2) - .453
    The Cowboys have a below average OWP and OOWP and that puts them behind 3 teams with a worse record.

    25. [​IMG] San Francisco 49ers(2-2) - .453
    The Cowboys and 49ers are the 2nd tie with the exactly same WP, OWP, and OOWP.

    26. [​IMG] Philadelphia Eagles(1-3) - .427
    Not only are the Eagles a surprising 1-3 but with that win being a home and no other ratings being impressive either, they're the #26 team in this week's rankings.

    27. [​IMG] San Diego Chargers(2-2) - .417
    The Chargers are the worst 2-2 team this week. They've got a home loss with no road wins and below average OWP and OOWP ratings.

    28. [​IMG] Arizona Cardinals(1-3) - .386
    The Cards are 1-3 and have a home loss against average competition. Not the recipe for a high ranking.

    29. [​IMG] Carolina Panthers(1-3) - .375
    The Panthers have the best OOWP rating in The League but everything else is horrible. That makes them #29.

    30. [​IMG] New York Jets(0-4) - .365
    The Jets rise up to #30 this week and skip over a team with a win too. Their OWP isn't great but it's not the worst either and their OOWP is the 2nd best behind the Panthers. That's helped their move.

    31. [​IMG] Kansas City Chiefs(1-3) - .354
    Like others, the Chiefs have a home loss with no road wins. However, they also are tied for the worst OWP in The League making them the worst rated 1-3 team.

    32. [​IMG] Buffalo Bills(0-4) - .339
    The Bills are the new worst team in The League. They're 0-4 against average competition.
  2. Big D

    Big D Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    The Broncos and Chargers two surprises for me on this list. . .on the opposite ends of the spectrum.
  3. HAL9100

    HAL9100 TSO's Resident Antagonist

    Jul 15, 2011
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    I agree, but it's actually a relatively small difference between them. The gap between #6 and #27 is close to the same gap from #1 to #6. That's why people say it's not terribly accurate early in the season because there's just not enough data to truly rank all the teams. There's the teams at the top, teams at the bottom and then a big mess in the middle. Here's why there's such a big gap between them at this point though:

    The first one is that the Chargers have played 3 games at home and are 2-1 at home. If you remember, I'm counting home wins and road losses as .6 of a win/loss and home losses and road wins as 1.4 of a win/loss. So while the Chargers are 2-2 in the standings, they're actually 1.2-2 in their adjusted standings and have a winning percentage of .375 because of that. The Broncos won their 2 home games and lost their 2 road games so they're 1.2-1.2 with a WP of .500.

    Then what receives the biggest weight is how a team's opponents have done outside of their games against them. The Broncos schedule outside of their games: Raiders 3-0, Titans 3-0, Bengals 2-1, and Packers 0-3. The Chargers schedule outside of their games: Vikings 2-1, Patriots 2-1, Chiefs 1-2, and Dolphins 0-3.

    The Broncos are also slightly better in OOWP so the Broncos are better than the Chargers in every category.
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  4. mikedredd

    mikedredd Crop Life

    Aug 31, 2010
    Very informative and interesting great job HAL9100

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