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The League RPI Rankings - Week 8

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by HAL9100, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. HAL9100

    HAL9100 TSO's Resident Antagonist

    Jul 15, 2011
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    1. [​IMG] Tennessee Titans(5-1) - .617 [​IMG]
    The gap is narrowing but the Titans hold onto the top spot.

    2. [​IMG] New Orleans Saints(7-0) - .604 [​IMG]
    The Saints move up to #2 as they remain undefeated.

    3. [​IMG] Chicago Bears(5-2) - .597 [​IMG]
    The Bears jump up to #3 after getting their first road win of the season.

    4. [​IMG] Pittsburgh Steelers(5-2) - .590 [​IMG]
    The Steelers lose on the road to the Cardinals so they fall from #2.

    5. [​IMG] Seattle Seahawks(3-3) - .557 [​IMG]
    The Seahawks continue to surprise in the rankings. Two road wins have helped put them here.

    6. [​IMG] Detroit Lions(5-2) - .549 [​IMG]
    The Lions lose at home to the Falcons so their RPI dropped .04 points.

    7. [​IMG] Baltimore Ravens(4-2) - .533 [​IMG]
    The Ravens go on the road and win in Jacksonville. That bumps them up to #7.

    8. [​IMG] New York Giants(4-2) - .531 [​IMG]
    The Giants have a bye week but still manage to rise.

    9. [​IMG] New England Patriots(5-1) - .529 [​IMG]
    The Patriots also have a bye week but having the worst SOS in The League forces them to drop 2 spots.

    10. [​IMG]Atlanta Falcons(4-3) - .527 [​IMG]
    The Falcons are the risers of the week. A road win over the previously 5-1 Lions bumps them up to #10 from #26.

    11. [​IMG] Arizona Cardinals(3-3) - .525 [​IMG]
    The Cardinals are also a big mover as they win at home over the previously #2 Steelers. They were #25 last week.

    12. [​IMG] Jacksonville Jaguars(3-4) - .521 [​IMG]
    The Jags suffer their 3rd home loss of the season. They were all against good teams though so they stay in the upper half.

    13. [​IMG] Carolina Panthers(3-4) - .517 [​IMG]
    The Panthers win their 2nd straight game and continue to rise.

    14. [​IMG] Kansas City Chiefs(3-3) - .510 [​IMG]
    The Chiefs go on the road and win in Oakland. So they rise from #24

    15. [​IMG] Oakland Raiders(5-2) - .500 [​IMG]
    Things were starting to look good for the Raiders but a home loss to the Chiefs knocks them back down.

    16. [​IMG] Houston Texans(1-6) - .494 [​IMG]
    The Texans lose again and their ranking is starting show for it. They do have the toughest SOS in the The League though.

    17. [​IMG] Indianapolis Colts(3-4) - .493 [​IMG]
    The Colts lose to the Saints but playing them helps their RPI.

    18. [​IMG] Denver Broncos(3-3) - .489 [​IMG]
    The Broncos win on the road in Miami...but it means little as they fall in the rankings.

    19. [​IMG] Cleveland Browns(3-3) - .4887 [​IMG]
    The Browns have lost 3 straight after starting 3-0.

    20. [​IMG] Minnesota Vikings(3-4) - .481 [​IMG]
    The Vikings win at home over the Packers but their RPI and Ranking both stay the same.

    21. [​IMG] Green Bay Packers(2-5) - .479 [​IMG]
    The Packers lose on the road to the Vikings but still manage to rise in the rankings.

    22. [​IMG] Washington Redskins(3-3) - .477 [​IMG]
    The Redskins lose to the Panthers and fall to 3-3.

    23. [​IMG] Tampa Bay Buccaneers(2-5) - .476 [​IMG]
    The Bucs lose at home to the Bears. A quality opponent but they fall anyway.

    24. [​IMG] St. Louis Rams(3-3) - .474 [​IMG]
    The Rams win big over the Cowboys and rise from #28.

    25. [​IMG] San Diego Chargers(3-3) - .462 [​IMG]
    The Chargers got shut out by the previously winless Jets.

    26. [​IMG] San Francisco 49ers(3-3) - .460 [​IMG]
    The 49ers have a bye week and fall.

    27. [​IMG] Dallas Cowboys(2-4) - .453 [​IMG]
    The Cowboys lose at home to the Rams.

    28. [​IMG] Philadelphia Eagles(2-4) - .444 [​IMG]
    The Eagles have a bye and jump up 1 spot.

    29. [​IMG] Buffalo Bills(1-5) - .429 [​IMG]
    The Bills also have their bye week and jump up 1 spot..

    30. [​IMG] Miami Dolphins(2-4) - .417 [​IMG]
    The Dolphins lose after 2 straight victories. It was at home though so they fall from #28.

    31. [​IMG] New York Jets(1-6) - .397 [​IMG]
    The Jets get their first win of the season over the Chargers and get themselves out of the bottom spot again.

    32. [​IMG] Cincinnati Bengals(2-4) - .393 [​IMG]
    The Bengals have a bye week but they've got the 27th best Winning Percentage against the 30th toughest SOS. That earns them the bottom spot in the rankings.

  2. Big D

    Big D Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Seahawks are definitely the surprise here. I wonder if they really are the best team in that division.
  3. HAL9100

    HAL9100 TSO's Resident Antagonist

    Jul 15, 2011
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    That's an interesting question since everyone in the NFC West is 3-3. It's still early though so I guess we'll see how it pans out.

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