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The Legends OD (360)

Discussion in 'New Member Lounge' started by Mile High, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Mile High

    Mile High Guest

    The Legends OD (360)


    All-America difficulty
    6/7 minute quarters
    Trinity's All-American Sliders (possibly tweaked) or my own I'll send them to anyone before the season starts to test them. We can vote on which ones everyone/the majority is comfortable with.

    Rules of Engagement

    Common Sense (Play Sim, Fair, and Realistically)

    Simulation style of play only. Cheesing will get you removed from this dynasty very quickly.

    Their will be no:

    -Running around in the backfield with your QB or "unrealistic" scrambles with your QB (i.e Running a 5 wide set, send all recievers deep and then running to the empty space).

    -No fourth down gambles unless it's in the fourth quarter and you need to score.

    -No running up the score. If you are up my 35 in the 3rd Quarter you must manually sub in all skill positions. If your up by 35 or more in the 4th you must mass sub your entire offense/defense. If your trying to preserve a shutout you may keep in your starting defense.

    -Your HB cannot lead your team in receptions if he is not the best reciever on your team. Just to keep it simple, a reciever/TE must lead your team in recieving. Drops by the recievers will be taken into consideration but cheesing in the flats is just ridiculous.

    -Run Commit is NEVER allowed!(Pass commit is okay)

    -No user catching (Players Boost when they catch it sometimes)

    -No Switching players while the ball is in the air


    -As for advancing I would like to advance every 54 hours or 72 hours
    -I will give leniency for User vs. User games
    -If you haven't communicated with anyone in the dynasty and your past the deadline you'll be skipped over


    -You may only sign the number of seniors graduating plus 4. 1st year you may only sign SIX 5 star recruits per season. To sign more 5* Star recruits you have to have...
    -10 or more wins = Allowed to have 1 5* star recruits
    -Winning record against Rivals that year = Allowed to have 1 5* star recruit
    -Win conference championship = allowed to have 1 5* star recruits
    -Win National Championship = Allowed to have 2 5* star recruits

    -Rule violation = Lose 2 5*star recruits
    -Cheesing or Running up the score after warning = Lose 2 5*star recruits
    -Losing Record = Lose 1 5* star recruit

    *Note if you lose your 5* Star recruit that scholarship is gone so you CANNOT try and get another player using that scholarship

    *Note - Just because you can recruit so many 5 stars doesn't mean you have to. You could instead use that number to go after additional 4 stars.

    -1st year stay the same except for I will take any FCS teams out and sub in minor teams.
    -After 1st year I will try to ask user's who they would like to set up a contract with (Contract is how long will you guys play for Minimum contract is 2 years Home/Away) I also would try to get 2 user games in then too.

    More Flippin' Rules

    -You must communicate. If everyone frequents this site I'll set us up a thread in the Dynasty HQ. If not at least have a mic or be willing to send messages through Xbox Live.

    -FRIENDLY smack talk is allowed. If the other person is offended in anyway just apologize and discontinue the conversation. Personally, I don't mind a little bullentin board material.

    -Have Fun. Remember it's a video game. Don't take it too serious. If you go 12-0 or 0-12 it's fine, just enjoy it. If everything falls into place we may not even have a user national champion every year.

    Anyone interested? Just leave your Gamertag and top 3 teams in order of 'want' below. I would like to have 2 teams from every BCS conference if not thats cool but more user games would be fun don't you think?

    *Make sure to read all the rules before joining


    North Carolina (Mile High) GT-NeNeLaQuisha
  2. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009
    Not exactly how it works here but you'll learn. Unless of course you have already spoken to ryno or drifter.
  3. Mile High

    Mile High Guest

    yeah I am new but I started a Online Dynasty before it worked really well we got in the 4th season and the new COD game came out and people just been stuck to that
  4. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009
    True true. Just gotta chill and look for league openings. You can PM drifterbub and see if you can setup a new league and may fill quickly or it will be slow. He will walk you through the process though
  5. Mile High

    Mile High Guest

    Yeah I PM Drifterbub for I am trying to get a Online Dynasty going for I am a good commish and this website is really convenient
  6. Drifterbub

    Drifterbub Help me hide a body?

    Feb 10, 2009
    Featured Threads:
    It's not really in our best interest to open up another dynasty at the moment.

    We currently have plenty of openings in our leagues (openings are posted in this forum) that we need to fill with good, dedicated members.

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