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The New England Nonsensical

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by Hurricane GL, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    New Look Patriots for 2016
    (Pre-Season Edition)
    It's the beginning of a New Era in New England. Belicheat and Brady decides parting would be just too difficult. Today you can find both of them in Maine where they run a Lobster Boat together. When asked where the got the idea, Bill said he came about due to a thorough game plan well executed. Tom replied that the idea just came to him. However, after an exhaustive investigation we discovered from Brady's gardner, the he overheard them come up with the idea after the finished watching Forest Gump. Jorge said the Bill really saw a kindred spirit in Lt. Dan and Brady saw himself as the Underdog just like Forrest.

    Today, though, is about new beginnings. Murphy is the Head Coach and Garoppolo is the new signal caller. 2017 sees the opening of the new home of the Patriots, Read Field. It is a top of the line, Deluxe Open Air Stadium.

    The questions were there regarding this team. Owner/President/GM Judge Berman was not happy with how this team finished in the playoffs last season. He focused the offseason on acquiring talent to take this team to the next level. In Free Agency, the team found depth by signing MLB Jasper Brinkley, TE Chase Ford, & HB Darren Sproles. In the draft, they feel like they stole the show by drafting two OLBs in rounds 1 & 2, Fernandez & Milliner, that are rated as the #7 & #22 overall players respectively. Then to top it all off, we recently found out they made an amazing deal with the Minnesota Vikings to bring in TE Kyle Rudolph and OG Phil Loadholt. Going to Minnesota is LB Jerod Mayo and TE Scott Chandler.

    This team won the division last season, but have much higher hopes this season. Time will tell what the real story is.
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  2. Hurricane GL

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    Sep 9, 2014
    Patriots Open New Season with a BANG!
    (Week 1 Edition)
    Many had wondered what this new look Patriots team would look like. How will Garoppolo due as a full time starter? Can Coach Murphy really lead this team? With Game 1 in the books, it looks like this team is going to be just fine.

    The Patriots started fast only taking 3 plays and 1 pass to score there first TD when Garoppolo found newly acquired TE Kyle Rudolph wide open for a 59 yd TD. Miami was able to quickly answer as Tannehill found Devaney Parker on a quick slant the turned into a 91 yd TD for the WR. After trading a few punts, Garoppolo was able to hit Mike Wallace on a quick screen, that he turned into a magnificent 66 yd TD.

    Q1 - NE 14 - MIA 7.

    The 2nd quarter was all Patriots as they pick up where they left off. Garoppolo found Spiller on a quick hitch, and he zig-zagged his way for a 74 yd TD reception. The half came to a close with a chip shot FG from Gostkowski.

    Q2 - NE 24 - MIA 7

    The second half was much of the same from the Patriots. More defense, more scoring. Miami was once again shutout in this quarter. However, the Patriots were able to add two more TDs. The first was a gorgeous play action pass to Gronkowski from Garoppolo for a 42 yd TD. The second we saw Spiller take a hand off for a 4 yd TD run.

    Q3 - NE 41 - MIA 7

    The 4th quarter saw the Patriots go to back ups offensively and focus on getting out of the game injury free. The Dolphins, however, wanted to focus on improving. Miller broke off a 42 yd run to help fantasy owners out, and then capped the drive with 3 yd TD run.

    Final - NE 41 - MIA 14

    J. Garoppolo - 14/22 356 yd 4 TDs
    CJ Spiller - 20 car 96 yds 1 TD 2 cat 85 yds 1 TD
    R. Gronkowski - 5 cat 94 yds 1 TD
    M. Wallace - 3 cat 79 yds 1 TD
    K. Rudolph - 1 cat 59 yds 1 TD

    R. Tannehill - 12/25 205 yds 1 TD 1 INT
    L. Miller - 15 car 73 yds 1 TD 1 FUM
    D. Parker - 3 cat 104 yds 1 TD

    GG Raidernation
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  3. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    Patriots Tested by Browns
    (Week 2 Edition)
    Game 1 of the 2016 season saw Garropolo show that he has the stuff to replace Brady. But, one game a season/career does not make. How would Jimmy follow up his stellar performance in week 2? How about throwing for more yards and more TDs?

    The Patriots opened up scoring taking the first drive down and capping it with an 18 yd TD to Gronkowski. Cleveland showed they were going to test that Patriots Defense. The responded with a TD drive of their own when Barnidge caught a 14 yd TD from Manziel. JG would not be out-dueled and showed what he had as he hit Wallace for a 56 yd TD on a corner route.

    Q1 - NE 14 - CLE 7

    The Patriots defense started to show up and started forcing some stops. The lead was extended when Gronk caught his 2nd TD of the game with his own 56 yd catch. The Browns would not go away, as Josh Gordon out jumped Malcolm Butler in the endzone for a 14 yd TD with 22 seconds left in the half. BUT WAIT! You thought it was halftime? NOPE! Garropolo marched the team down the field in 3 plays, including a 53 yd - 1 hand catch, while double covered pass to Mike Wallace. This was then followed by a 10 yd TD catch by Julian Edelman with 4 sec left in the half. NOW it's half time.

    Q2 - NE 28 - CLE 14

    The 3rd quarter was a relatively quiet quarter with the only scoring being a 5 yd TD run by Brandon Bolden.

    Q3 - NE 35 - CLE 14

    The fourth was barely 30 seconds old when Cleveland answered with another TD to Barnidge on a 19 yd catch where he made Hightower just look silly in coverage. Less than 5 min of game time later though Jimmy G found Spiller in a screen pass that he took to the house for a 46 yd TD. That would end Garropolo's night and scoring by both teams. So far Jimmy has looked spectacular with 9 TDs and 1 INT in his first two games AND he has yet to finish a game. Can the Pats keep this up? We'll find out next week as the play host to Buffalo.

    Final - NE 42 - CLE 21

    J. Garopolo - 22/28 413 yds 5 TDs 1 INT
    CJ Spiller - 20 car 53 yds 3 cat 52 yds 1 TD
    B. Bolden - 7 car 44 yds 1 TD
    M. Wallace - 6 cat 164 yds 1 TD
    R. Gronkowski - 4 cat 97 yds 2 TDS
    J. Edelman - 4 cat 30 yds 1 TD

    J. Manziel - 19/29 211 yds 3 TDs
    G. Barnidge - 6 cat 85 yds 2 TDs
    J. Gordon - 3 cat 39 yds 1 TD

    (sorry no links to plays...Upload Studio won't let me trim and save them...you can view then HERE with all my other plays)

    GG JFace907
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  4. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    Garoppolo's Cannon Sinks Bills Ship
    (Week 3 Edition)
    Week 3 arrived with locker room buzz over Garoppolo being named the NFL Offensive Player of the week after his spectacular week 2 performance. However, in the NFL there's no time to celebrate in season, as each week a new opponent is looking to steal your joy. This week it's the 2-0 Buffalo Bills looking to knock off the Patriots in the Daddy Leagues game of the week.

    The Patriots continues their opening drive perfection by scoring a TD in all three games. This week the first Bell was rung when Spiller ran up the gut for an untouched 6 yd TD. The Patriots DEF shoes up early forcing BUF to punt. Spiller rang the bell a 2nd time in the quarter when he took a screen pass 35 yds to pay dirt for his 2nd TD. The defense showed that it isn't perfect when it left Robert Woods wide open and Sammy Watkins pancaked Logan Ryan for a way too easy 64 yd TD catch. With the pressure on, Garoppolo marched the Pats down the field and found Gronkowski for a 6 yd TD.

    Q1 - NE 21 - BUF 7

    The second quarter was all about the Mike Wallace - Jimmy Garoppolo connection. The payroll hooked up for 2 TDs on back to back drives. The first was a 22 yd catch and run, followed by a 42 yd catch and run. Buffalo would not go quietly into the night though. Rookie Jared Hoag found Charles Clay for a 19 yd TD with 29 sec left in the half. Last week we saw the Browns leave Jimmy 22 sec and he found pay dirt, no way it happens again, right? WRONG! Jimmy marched the Pats down the field and hit Mike Wallace for his 3rd TD catch of the quarter just as the clock hit 0:00.

    Q2 - NE 42 - BUF 14

    The 2nd half was all defense as the only points scored were off the foot of Gostkowski as he put his lone FG through.

    Q3 - NE 45 - BUF 14

    The only thing of note in the 4th quarter is that once again Jimmy G was sitting on the sideline sporting a PERFECT QB Rating of 158.3.

    Final - NE 45 - BUF 14

    J. Garoppolo - 18/23 313 yds 5 TDS
    CJ Spiller - 23 car 150 yds 1 TD 1 FUM 3 cat 44 yds 1 TD
    B. Bolden - 9 car 61 yds
    M. Wallace - 5 cat 139 yds 3 TDs
    R. Gronkowski - 6 cat 95 yds 1 TD

    J. Hoag - 12/29 235 yds 2 TDs 3 INTS
    L. McCoy - 21 car 57 yds
    C. Clay - 4 cat 62 yds 1 TD
    R. Woods - 3 cat 85 yds 1 TD

    (Again...Upload Studio giving me problems...check link from Week 2 Edition to view all the TDs)

    GG CTfromDC
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  5. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    Patriots Escape from New York with Win
    (Week 4 Edition)
    The high powered offense and stingy defense took their show on the road for the first time in the 2016 season as the traveled down to the Meadowlands for a Week 4 matchup with the Jets. The Jets came in with a poor 1-2 record after finishing 9-7 last season and making the playoffs. The Patriots knew the Jets had a defense, but how good could Bryce Petty and that receiving corps really be?

    The game started with New York forcing the Pats to punt on their first possession. This marks the first time they were not able to get a TD on their opening drive this season. The Patriots defense returned the favor, and NY repeated the performance again. On the ensuing drive, a blown coverage by Malcolm Butler allowed Petty to find a streaking Devin Smith for a 56 yd TD bomb. This also make the first time this season the Patriots have trailed in a game.

    Q1 - NE 0 - NYJ 7

    The 2nd quarter the Patriots answered with a methodical drive down the field capped by a 1 yd Spiller TD. However, the Jets would answer with their own drive ending with a Ray Rice 2 yd TD scamper.

    Q2 - NE 7 - NYJ 14

    Second half scoring saw G&G take to the house as Garoppolo found Gronkowski for a 42 yd TD. On the ensuing drive we saw Petty lead Amaro just a little too much as McCourty jumped the route and snatched the pick taking it to the house for a 41 yd return TD. This gave NE their first lead of the game. The 3rd quarter would be capped with a Jets FG.

    Q3 - NE 21 - NYJ 17
    The final, decisive quarter showcased some great football. Petty continued his majic, fooling the Pats defense as he found Kersey for a 73 yd TD catch. The Patriots answered quickly when Garoppolo hit Spiller on a quick hitch turned into a 43 yd TD pass. On the next drive the Jets continued picking a part NE's defense and even saw Jace Amaro break free for the possible game winning TD, until Malcolm Butler came all the way across the field to punch the ball out and have it recovered by Milliner at the Jets' 7 yd line. NE would marchange the ball down the field but we're held to a FG to give them the 7 point lead. The Jets came back out firing. Marching all the way down the field and scoring on a 1 yd TD keeper by Petty with 53 sec left to tie the game. In the past few weeks we've seen some late 2nd half magic by Garoppolo, but could he do it with 53 sec and 1 TO? With passes to Gronk/Wallace/Ford, Garoppolo worked the Pats into FG range. Gostkowski hit the game winner with just 4 sec left on the clock.

    Final NE 34 - NYJ 31

    J. Garoppolo - 31/42 402 yds 2 TD 3 INT
    CJ Spiller - 15 car 59 yds 1 TD 7 cat 96 yds 1 TD
    M. Wallace - 8 cat 103 yds
    R. Gronkowski - 6 cat 111 yds 1 TD

    B. Petty - 24/39 472 yds 2 TD 1 INT 3 car 17 yds 1 TD
    R. Rice - 14 car 33 yds 1 TD 5 cat 33 yds
    J. Kerley - 4 cat 173 yds 1 TD
    D. Smith - 2 cat 63 TDs 1 TD

    Great Game jwaddy see you again week 16
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  6. Hurricane GL

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    Sep 9, 2014
    Patriots Top Raiders in Epic Shootout
    (Week 5 Edition)
    The 5-0 Patriots welcomed the 3-1 Raiders into town for a week 5 matchup. How would thr Pats fair in their big test against the reigning AFC Champs? Let's get to it.

    The scoring got started when Jimmy G handed the ball of to Hynoski for his first rushing TD of the season from 3 yds out. Pats played great DEF early, but so did Oakland. Curtis Lofton picked off Garoppolo (his first of 3 INTs on the day) and took it to the house. The Pats would answer when Spiller took a 14 yd run in for a TD.

    Q1 - NE 14 - OAk 7

    The second quarter seemed to be shaping up like the first. NE & OAK playing good defense and making plays here and there. Scoring resumed when Bolden scampered in for a TD from 2 yds out. NE appeared to be in total control. OAK looked to answer and put together a solid drive capped by a 2 yd TD run by Latavius Murray with 2:45 left in the half. The Pats had plans of scoring again but great defense and kicking against the wind blew up in their face. First when Branch caught a 45 yd TD from Carr as he made Makcolm Butler look foolish. The Raiders werent done yet though. As Carr threw another TD, this time to Walford for a 4 yd TD catch to close out the half.

    Q2 - NE 21 - OAK 28

    The Patriots couldn't shake the crazy ending to the first half and allowed it to carry into the 3rd Quarter. Scoring resumed when Williams kicked a 38 yd FG. Nee England countered when Jimmy G founf Gronkowski for a 1 yd TD catch for his first TD pass of the game. That's not a typo, the Gunslinger didnt throw his first TD until the 3rd Quarter. However, just as Garoppolo got it going, the Pats DBs forgot what game they were playing, giving up big play after big play. Carr found Branch again, this time for an open 80 yd TD bomb. Unfortunately, though, Williams missed the XP. Would that come back to haunt them? It didnt look like it when Carr connected with Crabtree on a wheel route for a 59 yd TD.

    Q3 - NE 28 - OAK 44

    The finsl quarter wound up being one of fireworks. Early in the Quarter, Garoppolo found Wallace for a 3 yd TD pass, with a successful 2 pt conversion. NE defense did a little bending, but didn't break, holding OAK to a 23 yd FG by Williams. On the next drive, Garoppolo once again found Wallace, this time it was a 66 yd TD catch, with another successful 2 pt conversion. Patriots were now within 3 and needed their defense to hold. On their next offensive drive, Jimmy G threw his 5th INT of the game. The Patriots defense showed some back bone as thre Raiders went conservative and were able to force a punt. Jimmy "The Gunslinger" Garoppolo got the ball back. How would he respond with the game on the line? Well, like a true Patriots QB. He marched them down the field with methodical precision, finishing the drive when he found Gronkowski for a 29 yd TD (where he broke 3 tackles to take it home). With the XP that gave the Patriots a 4 pt lead, possible because of the aforementioned missed XP by the Raiders. Oakland needed a TD, but NE defense stepped up and shut them down.

    F - NE 51 - OAK 47

    J. Garoppolo - 31/53 403 yds 4 TDs 5 INT
    CJ Spiller - 18 car 67 yds 1 TD 1 cat 5 yds
    B. Bolden - 3 car 7 yds 1 TD 1 cat 8 yds
    H. Hynoski - 1 car 3 yds 1 TD
    M. Wallace - 8 cat 163 yds 2 TDs
    R. Gronkowski - 9 cat 112 yds 2 TDs

    D. Carr - 23/38 394 yds 4 TDs 3 INT
    L. Murray - 16 car 49 yds 1 TD 7 cat 43 yds
    S. Branch - 4 cat 151 yds 2 TDs
    M. Crabtree - 2 cat 71 yds 1 TD
    C. Walford - 3 cat 78 yds 1 Td
    C. Lofton - 7 TAK 3 INTs 1 TD

    GG Kidofcrash23 see you in the playoffs (hopefully)
  7. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    Patriots Get Buffaloed by Bills
    (Week 6 Edition)
    The Patriots took their undefeated show on the road this week to Buffalo for a divisional matchup. The Bills weren't given much chance opening as a 2 TD underdog. Patriots came in with a lot of swagger with 5 wins under their belt this season, and already posting a 9-0 TMFL record within the division.

    Patriots opened scoring first when Garoppolo found Spiller for a 9 yd TD pass and catch. The Bills answered quickly when rookie Hoag found Watkins for a spectacular 85 yd TD.

    Q1 - NE 7 - BUF 7

    The second quarter saw more of the punch/counter-punch of the first quarter. The Gunslinger stuck again finding Wallace for a 34 yd TD catch. Once again Hoag answered, connecting (again), with Watkins for a 5 yd TD catch. The Patriots came back and Spiller found the endzone for a 2 yd TD run before the end of the half.

    Q2 - NE 21 - BUF 14

    The 3rd quarter saw Buffalo's DEF stiffen and hold the Pats scoreless. The Pats defense, however, could not do the same. Hoag opened the 2nd half scoring by finding Watkins for a 3rd TD catch of 36 yds. He followed that up with another TD pass to Woods of 31 yds.

    Q3 - NE 21 - BUF 28

    The 4th quarter saw the Patriots offense come back to life, but would it be enough. Garoppolo fired first when he found Edelman for a 3 yd TD catch to tie the game up. The Patriots defense started to play holding the Bills back. The Pats then marched down the field trying to take the lead. The Bills stiffened though, and held the Pats to a 37 yd FG by Gostkowski. Hoag would not be denied on this day. He took the Bills right down the field and found Watkins for his 4th TD of 19 yds. The Bills DEF held the Pats down the rest of the way.

    Final - NE 31 - BUF 35

    J. Garoppolo - 27/39 287 yds 3 TD 2 INT
    CJ Spiller - 15 car 54 yds 1 TD 1 FUM 5 cat 54 yds 1 TD
    M. Wallace - 5 cat 54 yds 1 TD
    J. Edelman - 3 cat 30 yds 1 TD
    R. Gronkowski - 5 cat 65 yds

    J. Hoag - 23/32 468 yds 5 TD 1 INT
    L. McCoy - 17 car 73 yds 1 FUM
    S. Watkins - 7 cat 188 yds 4 TD
    R. Woods - 3 cat 53 yds 1 TD
    P. Harvin - 5 cat 90 yds
    C. Clay - 4 cat 111 yds

    GG CTfromDC (sorry for the delay)
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  8. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    Patriots Head to SF to Rebound
    (Week 7 Edition)
    Fresh off the defeat at the Hands of the Bills, the Patriots were off on another road trip, this time to SF. Could the Patriots rebound and get back to their winning ways or would their first loss of the season snowball into more losses?

    Garoppolo came out in the first quarter like a man with something to prove. He started the game's scoring when he found Wallace for a 14 yd TD catch. He then quickly responded with another TD pass, this time to Spiller from 12 yds out.

    Q1 - NE 14 - SF 0

    San Fran would not go quietly into that good night though. The 2nd quarter scoring began when Hayne plunged it in from 1 yd out. The 49ers DEF showed up and began to frustrate the Pats offense. Then Gabbert found Daniels for a 15 yd TD catch, but Cundiff clanked the XP off the upright. The 49ers followed that up with a 29 yd FG from Cundiff. The Patriots got aggressive, but Garoppolo was picked off by Bethea who took it to the house for a 41 yd INT-Return TD, with another XP miss by Cundiff. The Gunslinger regained is composure, drove the Pats down the field and capped the drive with a 15 yd TD pass to Gronk.

    Q2 - NE 21 - SF 22

    The Patriots started the 3rd quarter with the ball and wasted little time regaining the lead when Jimmy G found Edelman from 9 yds out for the TD catch. After some half time adjustments, the Pats DEF regained form. This set up the Patriots to drive down the field and punch it in on a 10 yd TD run by Bolden. The 49ers would answer before the quarter ended when Aiken returned the ensuing kickoff 95 yds for the TD.

    Q3 - NE 35 - SF 29

    The 4th quarter belonged to the defenses of both teams. Garoppolo was able to put the game away when he found Gronk for a 5 yd TD catch late in the quarter.

    Final - NE 42 - SF 29

    J. Garoppolo - 33/51 460 yds 5 TDs 2 INTs
    CJ Spiller - 21 car 33 yds 4 cat 72 yds 1 TD
    M. Wallace - 8 cat 121 yds 1 TD
    R. Gronkowski - 10 cat 114 yds 2 TDs
    J. Edelman - 4 cat 29 yds 1 TD
    B. Bolden - 4 car 25 yds 1 TD

    B. Gabbert - 13/34 176 yds 1 TD 1 INT
    J. Hayne - 9 car 38 yds 1 TD 1 cat 6 yds
    K. Daniels - 2 cat 29 yds 1 TD
    E. Aiken - 2 cat 24 yds 7 KR 266 yds 1 TD 3 PR 40 yds
    A. Bethea - 10 TAK 1 INT 1 TD

    GG hskr8128 Good Luck in the NFCW (sorry for the late write up)
  9. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    Patriots On Bye
    (Week 8 Edition)
    The Patriots head into the Bye Week with a 6-1 record and in control of the AFCE. Garoppolo is making a strong case for the NFL MVP. He has developed a great rapport with Mike Wallace and Rob Gronkowski. Spiller has been a great complement out of the backfield but running and receiving. This team could be a force to reckon with. They have the toughest remaining schedule with 2 more road games fresh off the BYE. Excited to see what they can do against some top defenses.
  10. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    Patriots Frustrate Titans in TEN
    (Week 9 Edition)
    Fresh off the Bye, the Patriots look to continue their winning ways. The Titans were the ONLY team to beat the Patriots in Foxboro during the regular season in 2015. The Pats came to town looking for a little payback.

    The Pats defense stole the show in the 1st Quarter. The Titans started with the ball, but the drive quickly ended when D. McCourty picked off Mariota. This set up the Pats with great field position. Unfortunately, they couldn't do much with it and settled for a 36 yd Gostkowski FG. The following drive saw Mariota march the Titans down the field but had their heart broken when McCourty picked off Mariota again, this time returning it for a 95 yd INT-Return TD.

    Q1 - NE 10 - TEN 0

    The Pats continued solid defense forcing TEN to punt a few times in the 3rd quarter. Jimmy G showed his control of the offense when he found Rudolph for a 28 yd TD catch. The Titans wouldn't lay down though, and finally got on the scoreboard when Mariota hit Green-Beckham for a 26 yd TD catch. The Gunslinger would return fire, however, when he found Rudolph for his 2nd TD of the quarter from 14 yds out.

    Q2 - NE 24 - TEN 7

    The 3rd quarter was a defensive battle as only one scoring drive occurred. The TD happened when Mariota found Wright from 16 yds out.

    Q3 - NE 24 - TEN 14

    The Pats defense went into lock down mode the rest of the game. The Patriots put a little distance between them and TEN when Gostkowski connected on a 56 yd FG with a little help from the wind. New England closed the door when Sproles took a toss into the endzone for a 2 yd TD run.

    Final - NE 34 - TEN 14

    J. Garoppolo - 24/33 272 yds 2 TDs 1 INT
    CJ Spiller - 19 car 55 yds 4 cat 36 yds
    D. Sproles - 3 car 8 yds 1 TD
    K. Rudolph - 3 cat 47 yds 2 TD
    M. Wallace - 4 cat 31 yds
    R. Gronkowski - 4 cat 55 yds

    M. Mariota - 12/22 165 yds 2 TDs 2 INTs
    B. Sankey - 16 car 50 yds 4 cat 28 yds
    D. Green-Beckham - 3 cat 64 yds 1 TD
    K. Wright - 2 cat 22 yds 1 TD

    GG The Richuation 1-1 hope to see you in the playoffs
  11. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    Patriots Pounded by PITT
    (Week 10 Edition)
    The Patriots headed to Pittsburgh for the last of their 4 game road trip. Could the Patriots pull out the Win or would the exhaustion of travel finally catch up with them?

    This game was supposed to be an air show shootout. Both teams came out focusing on the run however. When Jimmy G did step back to throw he appeared to be very rattled or worn down. The first quarter only saw one score when Bolden punched it in for a 2 yd TD run.

    Q1 - NE 7 - PIT 0

    The second quarter saw more success in the run game and little positive being done through the air. The Patriots added to their lead when Spiller rumbled in with a 14 yd TD run. The Steelers answered though when Bell scampered in for the 6 yd TD. Just before the end of the half, Pitt added 3 more points when Scobee knocked in a 39 yd FG.

    Q2 - NE 14 - PIT 10

    The third quarter belonged to the Pittsburgh DEF. They took control of the game when Timmons sacked Garoppolo in the end zone for a Safety. The Steelers took the ensuing kickoff down the field and took the lead with a 38 yd FG by Scobee. Before the quarter would end, the Pats finally got the ball moving but had to settle for a 31 yd FG from Gostkowski.

    Q3 - NE 17 - PIT 15

    The final quarter continued to be all about Pittsburgh's defesne. They held the Pats scoreless for the entire 4th quarter and forced 3 Turnovers. Along the way they added a 41 yd FG from Scobee. Followed that up with a 60 yd TD run by Bell. And put the game away when Scobee knocked the game clincher through late with a 20 yd FG.

    Final - NE 17 - PIT 28

    J. Garoppolo - 23/44 300 yds 1 TD 6 INTs
    CJ Spiller - 12 car 78 yds 6 cat 69 yds 1 TD
    R. Gronkowski - 7 cat 140 yds

    B. Roethlisberger - 16/35 145 yds 3 car 22 yds
    L. Bell - 29 car 202 yds 2 TDs 4 cat 34 yds
    A. Brown - 6 cat 46 yds
    L. Timmons - 2 TAK 2 SACK 1 SFTY

    GG nellycuz 6 INTS, 202 rushing yds....and was in it late. See you in the Post Season.
  12. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    Patriots Return Home for SB XLIX Rematch
    (Week 11 Edition)
    The friendly confines of Read Field in Foxboro never looked so good. The Patriot Fans were anxious to welcome the team home after a month and a half without a home game (stupid Madden scheduling). The fans were at a fever pitch for the rematch of SB XLIX. Could the Patriots repeat the SB victory or would the Seahawks get their revenge?

    This looked like it might be another run away victory for the Pats after the 1st quarter. The Patriots opened scoring with a 28 yd FG by Gostkowski. They would follow that up with a 47 yd TD catch on a screen pass to Sproles. All while keeping the Hawks offense out of scoring range even with the success of Lynch on outside runs.

    Q1 - NE 10 - SEA 0

    The 2nd quarter finally saw SEA get on the board when Lynch punched it in for a 3 yd TD run, again to the outside. The Patriots would answer with a 26 yd FG by Gostkowski. The defenses would continue to force Punts and Turnovers to limit the scoring.

    Q2 - NE 13 - SEA 7

    The 3rd quarter looked very similar to the 1st half with neither team scoring due to great defense.

    Q3 - NE 13 - SEA 7

    The 4th quarter was more of the same. DEFENSE. The Pats made a huge mistake and gave up a 76 yd TD pass to L. Wilson from R. Wilson to take the lead late. The Patriots were able to move the ball late in the game, and took the lead when Gostkowski hit a 42 yd FG as the clock hit 0:00.

    Final - NE 16 - SEA 14

    J. Garoppolo - 14/27 159 yds 1 TD 1 INT 1 car 10 yds
    CJ Spiller - 20 car 124 yds
    R. Gronkowski - 5 cat 49 yds
    M. Wallace - 4 cat 45 yds
    D. Sproles - 1 car -1 yds 3 cat 58 yds 1 TD

    R. Wilson - 13/23 197 yds 1 TD 1 INT 2 car -4 yds
    M. Lynch - 18 car 119 yds 1 TD 2 cat 9 yds
    L. Wilson - 4 cat 111 yds 1 TD

    GG Cheez always fun to play you
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  13. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    Patriots HFA Burns Bengals
    (Week 12 Edition)
    The Patriots clawed their way to a win last week. The question this week is can the offense get back on track against a solid Bengals team.

    The Bengals looked to play it tough early after sacking Jimmy G and forcing them into a 3rd & 18 of their first drive. However, The Gunslinger responded and dropped a bomb in the endzone that saw Edelman snatch the ball right out of the hands of the CB for a 30 yd TD catch.

    Q1 - NE 7 - CIN 0

    The 2nd quarter would see more good defense. The only scoring drive came when Garoppolo hit Wallace on an in-and-out route that he turned up field for a 76 yd TD catch. The half would end when Jimmy tried to get the Pats into scoring range and was picked off.

    Q2 - NE 14 - CIN 0

    The 3rd quarter would see the offenses of both teams start to gain some headway against the defenses. The Patriots struck on their first play from scrimmage in the 2nd half when Spiller took a stretch play up the field for a 77 yd TD run. They would later add on a 22 yd FG from Gostkowski, and looking to have the game in complete control. On the very next drive, the Bengals would answer and score their first, and only, points of the day when Dalton found Eifert for a 19 yd TD catch. Down 18 points, the Bengals opted to go for the 2 pt conversion, but Hill was stuffed for no gain as he tried to run it in.

    Q3 - NE 24 - CIN 6

    The Patriots wanted to put the game away. They did just that with a 5+ min drive they capped off with a 2 yd TD run by Spiller to seal the deal. After that it was just clock burning time.

    Final - NE 31 - CIN 6

    J. Garoppolo - 20/28 297 yds 2 TDs 1 INT
    CJ Spiller - 23 car 148 yds 2 TDs
    R. Gronkowski - 7 cat 70 yds
    M. Wallace - 4 cat 126 yds 1 TD
    J. Edelman - 3 cat 37 yds 1 TD

    A. Dalton - 8/23 130 yds 1 TD 1 INT
    J. Hill - 23 car 97 yds
    T. Eifert - 2 cat 29 yds 1 TD

    GG kcstlmang see you down the road (and in MBA)
  14. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    Patriots Blast Baltimore
    (Week 13 Edition)
    The Patriots headed south to Baltimore this week looking to keep the good times rolling AND return the kindness the Ravens showed to New England in last year's playoffs. Let's get to the action.

    Scoring opened up when Garoppolo hit Gronkowski for a 22 yd TD reception. The Ravens were able to put a 3 pts on the board with a 53 yd FG by Tucker.

    Q1 - NE 7 - BAL 3

    In the 2nd quarter the Patriots were able to move the ball effectively, but just couldn't punch it in the endzone. Gostkowski knocked in 3 FGs of 32 yds, 52 yds, and 51 yds. In the middle of all that the Ravens were able to punch it in when Flacco found a wide open Perriman for a 43 yd TD reception when the Pats DEF decided covering him was optional.

    Q2 - NE 16 - BAL 10

    The 3rd quarter saw the NE DEF really step up. It was bad offense city when Hightower snatched one of his two picks, then Garoppolo threw one at the 3 yd line of the Ravens. On the very next play, Patrick Chung was able to tackle Taliaferro in the endzone for a Safety. On the ensuing drive, Spiller got loose for a 27 yd TD run. Then on the very next drive, pinned inside their own 10, the Ravens scores a huge TD when Flacco found Taliaferro on a screen pass that he took 91 yds for the score.

    Q3 - NE 25 - BAL 17

    The fourth quarter saw more INTs by the NE DEF while shutting out the Ravens. Garoppolo fpuns Sproles out of the backfield for a 25 yd TD rec. Scoring ended when Gostkowski kicked in a 42 yd FG to put the game out of reach.

    Final - NE 35 - BAL 17

    J. Garoppolo - 23/36 316 yds 2 TDs 1 INT
    CJ Spiller - 24 car 89 yds 1 TD 4 cat 35 yds
    R. Gronkowski - 8 cat 173 yds 1 TD
    M. Wallace - 4 cat 26 yds
    D. Sproles - 3 cat 31 yds 1 TD
    P. Chung - 7 TAK 1 SFTY

    J. Flacco - 14/32 298 yds 2 TDs 5 INTS
    L. Taliaferro - 15 car 49 yds 1 cat 91 yds 1 TD
    M. Williams - 7 cat 92 yds
    B. Perriman - 4 cat 96 yds 1 TD

    GG Papa Perry always enjoy playing you
  15. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    Patriots Do Not Protect Their House
    (Week 14 Edition)
    Holding tightly on to the #1 seed in the AFC and an undefeated Home season, the Patriots looked to host the Mexico City Diablos I'm the DL Game of the Week. Could the Pats send the Diablos back to Hades or be left in Purgatory?

    The 1st drive of the game would tell the story of things to come. On the very first offensive play of the game, Patrick Chung jumped the route and picked off Mannion inside MEX 20 with no one in front of him....and promptly tripped at the 13. On the ensuing drive, the DEF held and the Pats had to settle for a 22 yd FG by Gostkowski. On the next drive, the Diablos marched down the field and Mannion found Quick for a 9 yd TD rec.

    Q1 - NE 3 - MEX 7

    The 2nd quarter appeared to belong to the Offenses with scoring galore. Spiller git the Pats their first endzone trip with a 10 yd TD run. MEX was able to answer and tie the game with a 25 yd FG by Zuerlein. Two drives later, pinned inside their own 10, Mannion hit Austin as he got behind the DEF for a 94 yd TD BOMB. Garoppolo was able to answer before the half finding Gronkowski for a 2 yd TD rec.

    Q2 - NE 17 - MEX 17

    The 3rd and 4th quarter were played almost identicaly. Pats couldn't get in the endzone while the Diablos could. Gostkowski hit a 32 yd FG. The Diablos answered with an 11 yd TD rec by Bailey.

    Q3 - NE 20 - MEX 24

    The final quarter was more of the same. Gostkowski hit another 22 yd FG. MEX answered when Mannion found Cook running uncovered up the seam (seemingly ignored by both safeties) for a 48 yd TD catch, but gave hope to the Pats when they missed the XP. However, the Pats couldn't get that home field magic to work as they turned the ball over on downs inside the Red Zone with less than 1 min to go.

    Final - NE 23 - MEX 30

    J. Garoppolo - 27/44 319 yds 1 TD
    CJ Spiller - 15 car 60 yds 1 TD 2 cat 1 yd
    R. Gronkowski - 8 cat 98 yds 1 TD
    M. Wallace - 5 cat 44 yds
    K. Rudolph - 4 cat 123 yds

    S. Mannion - 23/30 372 yds 4 TDs 1 INT
    T. Mason - 17 car 70 yds 3 cat 10 yds
    J. Cook - 3 cat 73 yds 1 TD
    K. Britt - 5 cat 101 yds
    S. Bailey - 2 cat 20 yds 1 TD
    T. Austin - 3 cat 113 yds 1 TD
    B. Quick - 2 cat 18 yds 1 TD

    GG Cgreen214 glad we only play once every 4 seasons.

    On to those Bloody Birds. The Gunslinger is packing BOTH six-shooters publik drunk .
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  16. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    Patriots Maddened in AZ
    (Week 15 Edition)

    This game sucked from the get go. DBs ignored players running deep for 2 quick scores. NE threw 4 picks. 2 of them due to a stupid animation sequence that just let the Mathieu have the ball.

    Was excited to play publik drunk ... wish we could of had a good game. Madden wanted you to Win. Hope to see you in the Post Season

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