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THE Ohio State University 2011 Preview

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by JFunk34, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. JFunk34

    JFunk34 Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate.

    Oct 6, 2009
    THE Ohio State University 2011 Preview

    The Buckeyes look to have a strong year. They have a lot of returning talent and will make a run for the Big 10 Title. There will be some changes to the overall look of the offense this year to hopefully make the offense a little more explosive. Stay tuned...

    Now for a look at the skill players on offense.

    Quarterbacks - The QB will be a strong position for the Buckeyes with Pryor hopefully carrying this team on his back in his last season.

    1. Terrelle Pryor SR 99 OVR
    2. Joe Bauserman SR(RS) 91 OVR
    3. Justin Siems SO(RS) 80 OVR

    Running Backs - This will be an important part of the offense. The staff favors controlling the game with an efficient rushing attack.

    1. Jaamal Berry JR 92 OVR
    2. Carlos Hyde JR 88 OVR
    3. Jordan Hall SO(RS) 87 OVR
    4. Isaac Ward FR(RS) 83 OVR

    Fullbacks - This position may or may not become increasingly important as the season goes on. This position may be phased out as a new offense is fully implemented.

    1. Jermil Martin JR(RS) 94 OVR

    Wide Receivers - An explosive corps of receivers should give Terrelle Pryor all the weapons he needs to make defenses pay for even the slightest mistake.

    1. Laamar Thomas SR 97 OVR
    2. James Jackson JR 92 OVR
    3. Duron Carter JR 92 OVR
    4. Taurian Washington SR(RS) 89 OVR
    5. Zac McGrew FR(RS) 83 OVR

    Tight Ends - A very important position in this offense. As they are key blockers and mismatches in the passing game.

    1. Jake Stoneburner JR(RS) 94 OVR
    2. Nic Dilillo JR(RS) 88 OVR
    3. Reid Fragel SO(RS) 84 OVR

    Now a look at the starting offensive line for this year. The starters are strong but the backups are young and depth is a little lacking as OSU tries to rebuild a strong line.

    LT- JB Shugarts SR 95 OVR
    LG- Ron Peterson FR(RS) 82 OVR
    C- Michael Brewster SR 99 OVR
    RG- Marcus Hall SO(RS) 90 OVR
    RT- Jack Mewhort SO(RS) 88 OVR

    Now we move on to the strong OSU defense. First we will look at the defensive line.

    LE- Melvin Fellows SO(RS) 89 OVR
    RE- Nathan Williams SR 97 OVR

    Reshirt Junior Keith Wells (87 OVR) will provide key depth at both end positions.

    DT- RS JR Willie Mobley (95 OVR) and SR Garret Goebel (94 OVR) will be 1 and 2 with RS SO John Simon (88 OVR) being the key back up.

    Linebackers- The LB crew should be a good one. All three starters are experienced at talented and will be crucial to the overall success of this defense.

    Outside Linebackers- SR Andrew Sweat (92 OVR) will start at ROLB while RS SO Dorian Bell (92 OVR) starts at LOLB.

    Middle Linebackers- SR Entienne Sabino (96 OVR) will be the QB on defense as the starting MLB with RS SO Adam Homan (91 OVR) as his understudy.

    Now onto the secondary. There is plenty of talent to go around in the Buckeye secondary. This should be a group that proves difficult to pass on as well as very effective in making plays in run support.

    Cornerbacks- RS JR Travis Howard (94 OVR) will be the number one cover corner. A converted strong safety RS SO Jamie Wood (93 OVR) who proved himself to be a force in coverage has taken over the corner spot opposite Howard. RS SR Devon Torrence (92 OVR) will be the third corner in the nickel package.

    Free Safety- RS JR Orhian Johnson (89 OVR) will start with RS FR Willie Smith (81 OVR) as his key backup.

    Strong Safety- RS SR Nate Oliver (93 OVR) will be the starter and QB of the secondary. RS FR Randy O'Brien (80 OVR) will provide depth. But if Oliver was too go down for some reason Jamie Wood could always be moved back over to SS.

    Special Teams

    Kicker- Kicking duties this season will go to JUCO transfer SO Courtney Willis (78 OVR).

    Punter- The punter will be RS FR Eric Jones (78 OVR).

    Returners- Receivers Laamar Thomas and James Jackson will be the return specialists for OSU this season and they will be dangerous in that role.

    This season should be a fun one. This will be the staff's first full season with the team and they expect good things and most importantly for this team to continue to get batter every week. We'll see you on the gridiron.

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