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THE Ohio State University 2014 Outlook

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by JFunk34, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. JFunk34

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    Oct 6, 2009
    THE Ohio State University 2014 Outlook


    No one was more surprised by the Buckeyes' preseason #1 ranking than Coach JFunk, especially with the very tough schedule facing Ohio State this season which includes a first three games of Miami, LSU, and Cal. The Buckeyes come into this season with a new quarterback and a new running back along with several other new starters. This team is young and has potential but it's not where you start, it's where you finish.

    On offense the Buckeyes had a battle for the quarterback position. Two redshirt sophomores in Sam Bailey and Lance Clark battled for the job. They are very similar in their game style but Bailey looks to get the nod for the opening game. He is slightly bigger at 6'3" 213 lbs. and is a bit more dangerous with the ball in his hands. Redshirt senior Isaac Ward will get the majority of the carries at running back. He is a compact back, at 5'9" 206 lbs., with a great burst. Redshirt junior Cedric Walker will be back at fullback. The receiving corps will be relatively unchanged with seniors Jerry Henderson, Zac McGrew, and Perry Temple figuring to get the most balls thrown their way. True freshman Jim Wheatley will start at TE. At 6'4" 233 lbs. he is a solid blocker and a good catcher with great speed for his size. He should be an asset in short yardage situations. Redshirt freshman Matt Hubbard will come in for the two TE sets. The offensive line looks to be a good one. At the tackles the Bucks will have redshirt freshman Eric Joseph and senior Greg Dawson. The guards will be redshirt senior and preseason All-American Ron Peterson and David Richards. Jeff Nealy will do the snapping.

    On defense the Buckeyes are replacing a lot. Both defensive ends are back. Preseason All-American Andrew Bowser and William Garcia will provide pressure and assist in the running game. Jermaine Jordan and Marcus Carter will provide some disruption inside at defensive tackle. The outside linebackers will be Jerod Smith and Dominique Stewart. The have good speed and should help control the perimeter against the various option teams out there. Mark Reynolds should be a star in the middle and will help stuff inside runs and will be responsible for making sure the defense is in the right formation. Ohio State is becoming know for their steady stream of outstanding cornerbacks and this year should be no different. George Marshall and Tony Griffin should give any receiving corps in the country a multitude of troubles. The Ohio State safeties will be big, strong, and fast. They will be integral in playing the pass and helping stop the run. At free safety will be 6'4" 214 lbs. redshirt senior Willie Smith. At strong safety will be youngster with a lot of potential. Mike Meadows will be hard to miss in the secondary standing at 6'6" 205 lbs.

    Redshirt senior Eric Jones will once again handle the kicking and punting duties. Receivers Jerry Henderson and Zac McGrew will be the primary return men.

    All in all this Ohio State team looks to be a good one. But are they worthy of their lofty ranking? We will see soon enough as they face tough games against Miami and LSU in weeks one and two.

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