The Pack sit alone on top of the Norris

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    Green Bay improved to 4-2 after defeating the Minnesota Vikings 27-24 in lambeau. Minnesota started of the scoring in the first quarter with a Forte TD run but the pack answered back with a Dernard Robinson TD run of his own from 4 yards out. Before being injured for the game GB TE Jermichael Finley caught a 20 yard Pass and was tackled into the endzone putting GB up 14-7 at halftime. Trailing 17-7 in the third Minnesota would cut the lead to three when Josh Freeman hit TE Jason witten from 7 yards out but Green Bay quickly extended it back to 10 when Marcus Wheaton took an Upersesa slant pass 82 yards and celebrated with a lambeau leap. Both teams exchanged FG's in the fourth and down 10 the Vikings were a me to score with under a minute to cutting the lead to 3 but after an unsuccessful onsides kick the pack kneeled twice for the 27-24 win.

    GG DarknightSV see you in a few weeks
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    The Norris Division.


    Roundhouse kick to the head.
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