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The Philly Report

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by HoundsOfHowl, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. HoundsOfHowl

    HoundsOfHowl Feed Me More....Football

    Apr 14, 2012
    I will be doing this in 4 week intervals, keeping things updated in playoffs, and other news.


    Philadelphia through 4 weeks of Season 1 Hard At Work

    The Philadelphia Eagles have managed through 4 weeks to scrap their way to a 2-2 record falling to the Falcons and Cowboys, while beating the Jets and Redskins both by 7. It’s going to be a tough next 4 weeks for Philadelphia as they host the (2-2) Saints, and (1-2) Giants, followed by hitting the road to the (2-2) Panthers, and finishing the next four weeks with a bye.

    The Eagles starting quarterback, Sam Bradford, had not thrown an interception through 3 weeks, until they went on the road to Washington, where he through 3. Bradford, who inked a new four year deal in Philly, is making fans now realize that the coaching staff may have no re-signed him, but the staff continues to have faith.

    The Eagles first two games were tough for them falling to the Falcons on the road 19-38 after keeping close for 3 quarters of football. Hosting the Cowboys in week 2, the Eagles held the lead for most of the first half, and let the Cowboys squeeze by late in the game, 20-17.

    The Eagles then hit the road playing the Jets, beating them 22-15 after taking the ball away 9 times in the game, the Jets tough defense prevented a bigger defeat than the score board showed. Wrapping up the first 4 weeks, the Redskins went on the road for the third time in four weeks , to squeeze by the Redskins in a low scoring battle 13-6.

    Statistically the Redskins are near the bottom of the league, but their defense is holding them for a tie at top of the division with the Cowboys at 2-2 (Dallas holding the TB.)

    If defense can continue to force turnovers, and offense can find their groove, the Eagles can finish the next 4 weeks out at maybe a 4-3 record.

    Through First 4 Weeks

    Offensive Stats

    19.3 Points (25th)

    275.0 Yards Offense (27th)

    207.3 Yards Passing (23rd)

    67.7 Rush Yards (27th)

    Sam Bradford – 65/106 (61%) 788yards, 4 TD, 3 INT

    DeMarco Murray – 64 rushes, 221 yards, 1 TD

    Nelson Agholor – 9 Rec, 200 Yards, 2 TD

    Zach Ertz – 9 Rec, 147 Yards, 2 TD

    Jordan Matthews – 16 Rec, 170 Yards, 0 TD

    Defensive Stats

    24 Points (16th)

    393.0 yards (20th)

    325.3 Pass Yards (27th)

    67.7 Rush Yards (8th)

    Mychal Kendricks – 14 Tackles, 4 INT

    Nolan Carroll II – 15 Tackles, 1 INT

    Malcolm Jenkins – 11 Tackles, 3 INT
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    Oct 10, 2014
    #WhoDatNation coming for dat bootie!
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  3. HoundsOfHowl

    HoundsOfHowl Feed Me More....Football

    Apr 14, 2012

    Chip Kelly and new owner iBO, have continued making roster changes since Kelly's arrival. The Philadelphia Eagles have been quiet this season on the trade market, but it seems their game of chess style trading has paid off, at least they hope.

    The Philadelphia Eagles have made some questionable trades, and still having one trade that is on the table that would be a huge hit to this team, but both coach and owner believes this team survives after making these moves, and betters their team in the future.

    Philadelphia has sent backup defensive end, Cedric Thorton to Cleveland for a 2017 5th round pick, and offensive lineman, Mitchell Schwartz. This trade developed after Philadelphia re-signing Vinny Curry, and securing a deal with Alex Carrington to come in and replace Thorton. Making cap space and earning some depth at an aging offensive line. T3

    Not many hours later, Philadelphia announced a trade with the Indianapolis Colts, sending Darren Sproles to finish his career in Indy, for rookie wide receiver, Duron Carter and a 2016 6th round selection. This trade was ultimately to move Ryan Mathews up on the chart, and bring in a replacement for Nelson Agholor. T3

    After long talks and discussion, another trade took place. Nelson Agholor the rookie from USC, has been sent to New Orleans for a 2016 2nd round, and a 2017 1st round selection. This happened due to Chip Kelly and iBO not wanting to utilize Agholor in their scheme, and had to be set up by previous trades. The staff believes this deal will set them up to bring in key pieces to fill the puzzle that is needed with the aging line, and holes in their gameplan. T1

    And finally a rumor this morning is a deal that will be moving offensive lineman, Jason Peters. No more information has been released at this time
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