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The Playoffs: AFC Race

Discussion in 'Madden Ballers Association' started by XWarriorMonk, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. XWarriorMonk

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    Sep 18, 2012
    AFC Playoff Race
    1st Seed: Baltimore Ravens GMONEY 15

    At 12-3, the AFC North Champions head into week 17 as the favorite for the #1 seed throughout the upcoming playoffs. Although if they sit back and relax in week 17 they could potentially drop down to the 2 seed, however I'm not sure that would matter. This Baltimore Ravens team has almost been a surprise in some respects, but should anyone really be surprised. Joe Flacco will head into the playoffs trying to earn his second Super Bowl Title.
    2nd Seed: Oakland Raiders kjm007
    Looks like Derek Carr was what Oakland needed. I can't believe I am typing this. The Oakland Raiders will make their first playoff appearance since 2002. Amari Cooper should be a player to watch all post season long, but don't forget about that Raiders defense. So many young talented players all over the field and you know what they say....Defense wins championships
    3rd Seed: Miami Dolphins xSavedByGracex
    Another shocker here. The Miami Dolphins are leading the AFC East. Over New England. To make things even more interesting the Buffalo Bills are not far behind either. Lamar Miller has had his break out season and has proven that he may be the Dolphins franchise back. One that they need with Tannehill still proving that he is the answer here. Well they are one step closer to a Super Bowl, lets see if New England doesn't play spoiler in the playoffs.

    4th Seed: Houston Texans (CPU)

    A tricky situation in Houston. With the Owner leaving the team on the eve of the playoffs This up and coming Houston Texans team is in serious trouble. Maybe not beat up on the field, but having an unstable front office is not the way you want to go into the playoffs. Especially with the teams they will be facing. Who knows though. Maybe an owner will pick this team up in time to ride the playoff wave. Should be interesting.
    5th Seed: New England Patriots Corey C
    Surprise surprise! New England in the playoff hunt. Well at least things are different this time around. Tom Brady will have to win from the Wild Card round to get yet another ring. This teams owner was on a mini vacation, but hey I guess when Tom Brady is your quarterback you can afford to do that. However things are set right in front of New England to make yet another playoff push.
    6th Seed: Buffalo Bills Coachmedicis
    This Bills team is fighting. Through simulated games, but it is fighting. Somehow, being in the division that they are in. The Buffalo Bills are currently set as a 6th seed. This team is dangerous though. I don't know many teams in the AFC that would want to try stopping Lesean Mccoy and this new Bills team in the first round.

    Good luck AFC contenders

    Don't worry NFC....you'll get one shortly


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