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The position change monster has reared her ugle head once more....

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Jeremy, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Jeremy

    Jeremy The ONLY 2 time OMFL CHampion!!!!

    Oct 8, 2009
    To start..Can we just decide now to 100% omit Position Changes in Madden 12?

    Can I get an AMEN !!!

    Now onto the issue...

    As of now, we are requiring owners to request position changes for ROLBs to play LOLB and LOLBs to play ROLB. They are submitting request and once approved they announce in team front office thread and the necessary changes are made to cap book which include the following:

    LOLB Lawrence Taylor(starter)3 mod is approved to play ROLB. Taylor is now eligible to play both OLB positions. His charge in regards to salary cap becomes this:

    Taylor now gets a (starter) 3 mod at ROLB. The previous starter at ROLB also keeps his 3 mod and Taylors back-up at LOLB,would move up and assume the 3 mod there.


    Now enters our resident loophole guru,aka Dunlap.

    Last year,season 5, he was approved to move ROLB Justin Durant to MLB. Durant was still eligible to play ROLB as well as his new position of MLB. The appropriate mods were escalated and all was good.

    Here comes season 6. Dunlap applies & was approved for a position change swap for Durant to play LOLB. So due to the previous years position change, Durant is now eligible to play LOLB-MLB-ROLB.

    The issue is that, to my knowledge we have never had a dual position change thus we havent had to figure out a way to figure the mod nitemare from this. Since position changes are permanent and cannot be undone except once that player is released, the season 5 position change to MLB is still valid and has to adjusted in cap accordingly but also the most recent position change to LOLB.

    Our rules state that the player assumes the starter modifier at the new position but our rules also say that swaps are permanent. So are the Jags liable to pay Durant a 3-mod at MLB(season 3 swap) & LOLB(season 6 swap)?

    The way I see the rule as of now, I would say Yes. If he wants Durant to play 2 extra positions he will have to pay 2 different starter mods for that player.

    Heres where it gets deeper, Dunlap quickly pointed out to me that..

    Either intentional or just mistakeingly left out, I left out ROLB to LOLB and vice-versa int he position change chart. Thus making it seem OLBs could play either OLB spot freely.

    We may have previously decided on this, I dont know. But I do know we have been requiring owners to request position changes for OLB to OLB swaps thus charging them in their cap book.

    I see us to have a couple options,

    1-Indeed make OLB-OLB swaps a non-position change required position. This would force us to go back into cap books and "credit" teams who are currently being charged for OLB-OLB swaps.

    2-Add OLB to OLB swaps as a position change required position. This would be the easiest route to go as owners are already paying for these swaps. BUT doing this, would still leave the big ole elephant in the room of Dunlap's Durant situation. And I see where we could that in 2 ways.

    -Make an addition in the cap book to account for players that have been dual position swapped to be charged accordingly. ie, Durant getting a 3mod at MLB & LOLB. Causing DUrant to be about a $9.0 million dollar cap hit.

    Or we can simply deny any requests that would have players moving twice. Durant could not play LOLB and would be restricted to ROLB & MLB.

    Thoughts-Comments-Concerns-Cuss Words
  2. bigox1337

    bigox1337 Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    IMO, limit it to once, permanent or excluded changes all together for the madden. Position changes in the NFL happen yes, but usually only once in the players career and its permanent, that player wont play his original posistion or any other posistionf or the rest fo his career. Happens in the NFL when the play still have the necessary football IQ but not the spd to excell at the orginal posistion...

    I think have my idea that could help eliminate the pos change problem without eliminating it all together.

    Instead of haveing a LE and a RE section, each with 3-1-1 mods, make JUST an end section with the mods 3-3-1-1-1-1, Same difference when it comes to pay but then players could move ends freely between both end spots. I would list all Tackles, Guards, CBs, OLBs, Safties(strong and free), DEs, etc etc, any posistion with an "left" and "Right"... Thinking about it now, the only real rule you would need would be the top mods at the combined positions mst be the starters
  3. natedawg212000

    natedawg212000 New Orleans Saints

    Jul 29, 2009
    Ugh, that made my head hurt. MLB and OLB can play ANY of the LB positions freely. I had a MLB playing OLB all year last year and this year I have ROLB playing LOLB and vise versa.

    I think all these position changes that dunlap and sci pushed for are ridiculous and need to disappear asap. I say shut OFF all position changes, make a list of what position a player can play at (which was my first idea long ago) and leave it at that. If they position changed before you cut them off then they can stay, but no new ones.

    If hes moving from MLB to OLB then he takes the old highest mod (which if a 2, then he stays a 3, and if its a 3 it stays the same). No mods ever go down.

    Ok, I just looked its 3-1 for olb and 3-2-1 for mlbs. So if hes a mlb then he took a 3 and his back up took a 3 at the old olb spot. if he moves to olb then he stays a 3 and his mlbs need to be a 3 and a 2 for the next two guys.
  4. Winuvas

    Winuvas OMFL Jets

    Oct 8, 2009
    If we go a 4th season, how difficult would it be to just rip out all position changes?

    In other words, put all the players at their natural positions, with their normal ratings.

    Then, taking an idea from Ox, combine the "side" positions into a bulk stack rating. In other words, the top two defensive ends would get 3 mods (no matter left or right), the top 2 offensive tackles get the top mods (we'd have to make the decision on mods for this), the top 2 guards get the 3 mod, etc.

    We give advance notice of this so teams can plan accordingly, and adjust the players to their overall levels in Madden.

    If this is too much, then we just lock down position changes and no more can be done at all this version of Madden (or ever, for that matter).
  5. natedawg212000

    natedawg212000 New Orleans Saints

    Jul 29, 2009
    I like that, but for 12. I think it will mess with caps too much to do it this late in the game. I do like the idea though, a lot.
  6. CoachWest

    CoachWest Walk On

    Sep 22, 2010
    I agree with Nate, I think it would be too much work, too tough to manage, and cause too much tension league wide, guys have been drafting based on this setup for 3 seasons

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