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The QB Index

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by akutozo, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. akutozo

    akutozo Baby, I'm a Brown.

    Apr 17, 2015
    We're coming close to the end of the NFL season, and with roughly 3 to 4 games to go for each team we're seeing what QBs are stepping up and what QBs are dragging their teams tooth and nail to the playoffs. On the opposite end, we're seeing what QBs might be worried their replacement will be drafted in the offseason.

    We're looking at qualifying QBs who have started the majority of their season for their team, each requiring at least 2000 passing yards to be ranked. Ranked by QBR, we'll be looking at efficiency in the drivers seat of the offense.

    Here we are:

    The 108 Club
    1. Jordan Vereen, atl (108.6)
    2. Dan Landrum, pit (108.6)
    3. Jimmy Russell, dal (108.3)
    What can you say about these QBs that isn't "holy shit". As far as QB seasons go, you can't ask for more from your QB than these guys. Vereen and Landrum have been firing bullets all season, both topping 70% completion percentage. On the other end, League favorite Jimmy Russel is sitting on 32 TDs, tied for most in the league. Any of these QBs could become league MVP and deserve it. With Vereen's new coach, however, there's the possibility for him to tumble from the mountain top.

    The 100 Club

    1. Jordan Watkins, port (105.4)
    2. Cam Newton, car (103.4)
    3. Aaron Rodgers, hou (103.4)
    4. Ryan Tannehill, mia (100.6)
    Despite Miami's coach literally being gone almost the entire season, his assistants have groomed Tannehill into a top 10 QB yet again. Not to be outdone, we see top QBs Aaron Rodgers (leading his new team in Texas) and Cam Newton at the top of the pack, with the 1yr vet Watkins in Portland making his first top 10 appearance in the league.

    The Very Good to Good:
    1. Connor Taylor, was (96.4)
    2. Jameis Winston, aus (96.4)
    3. Alveron Mason, gb (96.2)
    4. Joe Flacco, bal (95.3)
    5. Eric Motes, ne (93.3)
    6. Russell Wilson, sea (92.8)
    7. Kody Pederson, nyg (91.9)
    8. Evan Meyer, cle (91.4)
    9. Russell Morgan, phi (90.9)
    10. Andrew Luck, ind (90.5)
    This group of QBs all have the potential to climb their way into the top tier before the season is over. You could look at Meyer's midseason injury, Flacco and Morgan's lack of a real coach, the up and down coaching situation for Eric Moats and it can be easily understood why these players are having down seasons. They're not to be ignored however, and the threat of the passing attack for these teams can never be ignored.

    The Dalton Line

    1. Teddy Bridgewater, min (88.8)
    2. Blake Bortles, sf (88.2)
    3. Chance Rogers, kc (88.1)
    4. Ryland Hyde, ari (84.1)
    5. Johnathon Griffin, nyj (82.4)
    6. Matthew Stafford, det (80.8)
    These QBs are having some down seasons, and unless their coaches take a step back to play more efficient ball their seasons could spiral out of control in the stretch. We're looking to see more from Griffin and Bridgewater especially, who are leading playoff hopeful teams and will need some strong play at the position if they have a Super Bowl in mind.

    Scratching at their own Coffins
    1. Will Weber, chi (79.8)
    2. Alexander Broussard, den (79.6)
    3. Bryant Parks, lon (79.5)
    4. Beau Spriggs, buf (74.5)
    5. Andrew Turner, la (72.9)
    Sitting in the QB basement, we some surprising names at the bottom. Legacy QBs Beau Spriggs and Broussard are having some of their worst seasons, meanwhile Will Weber is league leader in passing yards - an interceptions. While there is certainly a chance to pull out some efficient QB play, it's the Rams Andrew Turner that is most shocking - a team that is in the drivers seat for their division, yet sporting a bottom 5 QB.

    Dead in the Water
    1. Wyatt Graham, no (66.9)
    2. Parker Moss, cin (65.1)
    3. Derek Carr, oak (63.4)

    These QBs need a wakeup call, and quick. While it's not likely Derek Carr is going to be replaced any time soon, he is sitting at the bottom of the league in efficiency which is shocking, given his S1 appearance in the SB. My, how the mighty fall.
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