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The Rise Final Season Team Previews

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Masler, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Masler

    Masler Walk On

    Aug 13, 2009
    Let's take a look at everyone's team for the final season. Make some predictions, show your weaknesses and strengths.
  2. RyanC

    RyanC Walk On

    Feb 21, 2011
    Virginia Tech

    QB Darius Morton returns for his senior year to lead the Hokie offense, Morton finished strong running the spread offense last year, totaling 100 yards or more in each of the last three games, including a 200 yard performance in the Brut Sun Bowl.

    HB J.D. Davidson also returns for his senior year and will provide a power running presence to the offense with sophomore Andy Holt playing the role of change-of-pace back.

    At WR it will be all about sophomore Jonas Bonner, who is a freak athlete standing at 6'6" with blazing speed(95) and great jumping(82) and the ability to make catches in traffic(84)

    The d-line will be anchored by senior DT Trent Thompson and senior DE Isiah Edwards, both of which will look to inspire fear in opposing offensive lineman

    MLB Peter Fontenot will look to complete his senior season with yet another all-american award on his trophy case as he leads a very experienced LB corps

    The loss of CB Bryant Leak is going to leave a huge hole to fill in the secondary, but with plenty of experience the Hokie D should be able to step up and perform.

    Hopefully the Hokies will be able to fight for a shot at the ACC championship, but at the very least I would like to be able to build some momentum heading into the 2012 release.
  3. Masler

    Masler Walk On

    Aug 13, 2009
    Michigan State Spartans - Season 9


    Prestige: 6 Star School

    Overall: B+
    Offense: B
    Defense: A-

    Offense: Well we lost Robinson and Olson, leaving some big shoes to fill as they both have phenomenal Senior seasons. At QB we have Junior(RS) Matt Burns, he has some decent speed and awareness. Looks like the kid can also chuck the ball a few yards if he wants while being able to squeeze the ball in where he wants it. Replacing Olson is Freshman Mike Edwards, not the speediest kid on the block but he has quite a bit of potential, too bad I'll only get him for one season or he could be dangerous by the time he is a Junior. And then we have the receiving crop, all very dangerous as they have speed and awareness on their side, look for a high flying MSU attack this year. And last but not least the O line has a couple of weaknesses but as a unit should be very tough.

    Defense: It took 8 Seasons but my defense is FINALLY above a B+!!. We will start with the front 7. First off we have Senior LE Eric Hill, this kid provided massive pressure in his Junior season and made no attempts to leave MSU, look for huge things from him. His counterpart is a bit less impressive but can hold his own. The DT's all have what it takes for MSU to continues it's domination against the rushing game. The Linebackers have something I crave, speed and the ability to make the hit, look for them to create pressure and turnovers. AND FINALLY, my secondary looks to be something to be reckoned with. CB David Miller leads this secondary with Carrington right behind him, both are speedy and have 95 Play Recognition, 96 & 94 MCV, and 96 ZCV. And there is one more person I would like to mention, which is SS Roshaun Wise, coming in with 91 Speed, 99 Awareness, 81 Jump, 90 Tackle, 87 Pursuit, 91 Play Recognition, 90 Man, 91 Zone and 90 Press. All I can say about this squad is make smart reads and be careful where you throw.

    Weaknesses: I can't seem to find any obvious weaknesses except the two lower rated players on my O line. The TE's are going to be less than what I'm used to but I've noticed they play higher than their rating. My FB is also rather weak, so he may provide a road block rather than a paver.

    Expectations: 3rd Consecutive Big Ten Title, no reason we can't. Going to try and win that crystal ball again...I deserve it if I can make it through 5 user games and whichever teams makes the big game. At the very least we should finish 10-2 while still winning the Big Ten.
  4. robmacdog

    robmacdog Walk On

    May 20, 2011
    #23 West Virginia Mountaineers - Season 9 Prospectus

    Offense - It all starts with the quarterback, Deonte Booker. One of the most skilled passers in college football (97 OVR), Booker relies on his accuracy and mobility to move the Mountaineers down the field. The loss of All-American RB, Derrick Johnson, will force the Mountaineers to throw the ball a lot more this year and luckily Booker didn't even flirt with going pro. The Mountaineers also return 6 of their top 7 receivers, including All-American candidate Raymond Daniels (95 OVR) and junior speedster Josh Gaither (85 OVR, 92 Speed). The running back position is not nearly as strong as it was a year ago. RB Tim Wilkinson (3rd string last year, 82 OVR) steps into the starting role. He's not particularly fast or strong, but will need to pick up yards consistently if the Mountaineers are going to move the ball. The offensive line returns 3 starters, but will start 2 freshman at Offensive Tackle. Deonte Booker better be ready to run!

    Defense - The defensive side of the ball is littered with new faces. Led by MLB Titus Taylor (66 tot tkls, 3 FF) this unit will definitely have it's growing pains. 4 freshman are expected to start: Randy Davis DE, Marc Slaughter LOLB, Bo Butler ROLB, and Maurice Ford FS. Defense was a big strength of the WVU program last year, but there is some serious drop-off expected with only 3 returning starters.

    Strengths: QB and WRs, solid passing game

    Weaknesses: Defensive line, no clear cut pass rusher, inexperience all over the defense

    Expectations: With three top 10 teams on the schedule, I don't expect this team to win 11 games again. 8-9 wins is probably a good bet.

  5. sibellius

    sibellius Too legit to quit

    Aug 13, 2010
    #15 Iowa Hawkeyes

    Offense: Sophmore QB Korey Kaplan returns to lead the Hawkeyes this year. Had some accuracy issues last season and was benched several times after turning the ball over but looks to turn it around this year. 5 star recruit HB John Vincent moves to the top of the depth chart and is expected to make some noise in the Big Ten. The team also fills its #1 and #2 receiver slots with another pair of 5 star recruits Jovon Little and Brett Crowell. Little came up huge playing in the slot last season and is looking to put up even bigger numbers this year. Freshman all-american TE Rob Chambers has proven to be an excellent receiving tight end and will once again be a big part of the offensive game plan. The majority of last season's offensive line returns this year led by center Sean Moss.​

    Defense: The Hawkeye defense was pretty much gutted, losing their star DT, two of the three starting linebackers, and nearly every CB from last years team. Fortunately the new d-line starters progressed well in the off season and are expected to be just as dominant as last year's group. Coach Sib's star SS Jason Frazier has also decided to return for his senior season.​

    Strengths: Talented recievers, up and coming halfback, and a solid defensive line​

    Weaknesses: Big holes at the linebacker and cornerback positions, QB can be inconsistent​

    Expectations: This is practically a new team and it may take some time to work the kinks out. An improved MSU program stands in the way of Iowa's Big Ten title hopes, but then again this is a team that's capable of surprising everyone.​
  6. fuzzyl0gic

    fuzzyl0gic No new friends

    Apr 14, 2010
    Season 9 - Rutgers Scarlet Knights

    Prestige: 6 stars​

    Overall: A​
    Offense: A​
    Defense: A-​


    QB: The biggest news here is that the gun-slinger Lawrence Montoya decided to stay for his senior season. At 99 OVR and with 96/99 THP/THA, this kid is dangerous. He can make any throw. If he should go down with an injury, there is very capable backup in JUCO recruit George Barrett. He is 85 OVR, and has 97/81 THP/THA.​

    HB: Wilcox left some huge shoes to feel, but Steve Hughes is up for the challenge. He is a different type of runner, he has a lot more power than speed. He is 90 OVR with strong attributes in break tackle, trucking, elusiveness, and stiff arm. There are two solid backups behind him in Justin Miller and Matt Rucker.​

    FB: At 67 OVR, Mike Harrison is nothing to be excited about, but he plays his position well.​

    WR: We haven't been this talented at WR in quite some time. Cedrick Coleman and Joe Nichols both returned, and are 98 and 90 OVR respectively. There are both great WRs, and Nichols can make some absolutely insane catches. At slot, there is the big-framed 6'5" Michael Hall. Hall has solid hands and great route running abilities, along with a unique burst (98 acceleration) and good release (86) to escape the press. Behind them there is sophmore C.J. Davis (79 OVR), and two freshman Jeremy Brown and Corey Clark.​

    TE: We are thin at this position this year, and are having to start a freshman. 6'3" Antwan Washington is 73 OVR, and has decent speed and hands. He can also block. This is a definite downgrade from Chris Wheeler.​

    O-line: This year we have a veteran offensive line, and they are very solid. The only positions below 90 OVR are at C and RT (80 OVR and 84 OVR). They did great in week 1 against a solid front 7 (Miami), and I think they will continue to hold their own through out the season. A true test will come against Michigan State.​

    DE: Two familiar faces are starting at the defensive end positions, Doug Rush (96 OVR) and Nick Williams (92 OVR). They are both great pass rushers and lightening quick, they will continue to strike fear into opposing offenses all season long.​

    DT: Brett Sowell and Paul Perry are the two starters here (92 and 85 OVR), and they are relatively new faces in the lineup. They both have the attributes to fit into the 3-4 defensive scheme well, and can bring some pressure, as well as contain the run.​

    To be continued...
  7. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    Sorry I'm really late on this. I'll give a run down of my team in a nutshell off the top of my head.

    My offense will rely heavily on my Senior RB John Jefferson. The dudes a roadgradder and just plain is a hoss to bring down. I also have a WR who has proven talented early in the season, and should haul in his share of TD's and yards over the season.

    My offensive line isn't as good as last year, but are quicker then last year's edition.

    Defensively I have a good first string on the d line, and a couple quick linebackers to boot. The secondary returns all 4 starters.

    Put all that together and I am expecting huge things out of the defense this year. Anyone that has played me knows I don't do anything fancy on offense. If my defense gets exposed a few times I'm in for a heap of trouble.

    [/shitty preview]

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