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The Scalping Post

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by xSavedByGraceo, Oct 3, 2015.

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    Jun 24, 2011
    Well the start to this year’s season was not the start owner Billy Carter was expecting, and quite frankly he said, “He doesn’t even know where to start!”

    Carter took over ownership in the third week of the season, after losses to the Miami Dolphins and St. Louis Rams drove previous owner Daniel Snyder out the door. Carter took over the Redskins because they were the only team for sale at the time, and it was a tough decision as he has been a Miami Dolphins fan all of his life. When Carter took over his first game was against NFC EAST rivals the New York Giants. The Skins protected the football for the most part but defensive penalties were too much to overcome. A crucial pass interference penalty put the Giants on the goal line and 2 crucial missed Field Goals from Forbath was the difference in the game.

    In week 4 the Skins hosted the Eagles who played stingy defense. The Skins were able to force 3 turnovers but were unable to move the ball at all to take advantage, and in return turned the ball over 4 times themselves. All in all the Skins played good defense but the stagnant offense was the downfall that cost them the game.

    Week 5 started out with promise as the game was quickly tied at 7-7 but it was all down hill from the there. Both lines played well in the first half, and RG3 was much more accurate then in previous games, but the Offensive, and Defensive Lines checked out after halftime. The Skins did have 4 CRUCIAL turnovers on their side of the field that gave the Falcons and their beast of a Wide Receiver Julio Jones (who has a sense of GREATNESS) an easy task to get into the end zone. All in all Carter came away encouraged even in the 34-7 defeat as RG3 said after the game, “The 2 picks were all on ME. On the first one I seen the safety coming down and I tried to force it in there, I should have thrown it away. On the second one I just had a brain fart and threw it to the wrong guy. I had a guy wide OPEN over the middle but instead I threw it to the sidelines and one of Atlanta’s GREAT corners picked it off.

    Next up for the Skins is the J-E-T-S (no pun intended to the user, being a Dolphins fan, I despise the Jets) SUCK, SUCK, SUCK! Carter hopes his team can help out his life long favorite team stay in the race for the AFC East.

    Carter has heard grumbling that there may be other team owners who may be selling their franchise, and he would love to move on to another city.
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