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The TCU Horned Frogs

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by shibdib, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. shibdib

    shibdib In Nacho We Trust

    Jul 22, 2010
    The TCU Horned Frogs


    Total conference championships - 15
    1920|TIAA*|W. L. Driver|9–1–0​
    1929|Southwest Conference|Francis Schmidt|9–0–1​
    1932|Southwest Conference|Francis Schmidt|10–0–1​
    1938|Southwest Conference|Dutch Meyer|11–0–0​
    1944|Southwest Conference|Dutch Meyer|7–3–1​
    1951|Southwest Conference|Dutch Meyer|6–5–0​
    1955|Southwest Conference|Abe Martin|9–2–0​
    1958|Southwest Conference|Abe Martin|8–2–1​
    1959|Southwest Conference|Abe Martin|8–3–0​
    1994|Southwest Conference|Pat Sullivan|7–5​
    1999|Western Athletic Conference|Dennis Franchione|8–4​
    2000|Western Athletic Conference|Dennis Franchione|10–2​
    2002|Conference USA|Gary Patterson|10–2​
    2005|Mountain West Conference|Gary Patterson|11–1​
    2009|Mountain West Conference|Gary Patterson|12–1[/table]​

    Retired Numbers
    Davey O'Brien, #8 in 1939​
    Sammy Baugh, #45 in 1993​
    LaDainian Tomlinson, #5 in 2005​

    SMU - TCU leads the football series with SMU, 43-39-7.​
    Baylor - The series with Baylor is tied 49-49-7​
    Texas Tech - Texas Tech leads the football series dating back to 1926, 28-23-3​

  2. shibdib

    shibdib In Nacho We Trust

    Jul 22, 2010

    2010 Schedule

    Week 1|Oregon State|Home|20-17 W​
    Week 2|Cincinnati|Away|24-31 L​
    Week 3|Baylor|Home|38-24 W​
    Week 4|Pittsburgh|Away|38-6 W​
    Week 5|Colorado State|Away|​
    Week 6|Boise State|Home|​
    Week 7|BYU|Home|​
    Week 8|Air Force|Home|​
    Week 9|UNLV|Away|​
    Week 10|Utah|Away|​
    Week 11|Nevada|Home|​
    Week 14|New Mexico|Away|[/table]​

    2010 Depth Chart

    Name|Position (Offense)|Overall|Year|Height|Weight|Hometown​
    Jones, Landry|QB|90|Sophomore (RS)|6'4"|216 lbs|Clayton, NM​
    Allen, Drew|QB|79|Freshman (RS)|6'5"|232 lbs|Rosenberg, TX​
    Bell, Blake|QB|75|Freshman|6'6"|227 lbs|Colby, KS​
    Murray, DeMarco|HB|95|Senior (RS)|6'1"|214 lbs|Carson City, NV​
    Calhoun, Jermie|HB|88|Sophomore (RS)|6'0"|218 lbs|Midland, TX​
    Madu, Mossis|HB|81|Senior (RS)|6'0"|200 lbs|Noble, OK​
    Clay, Brennan|HB|77|Freshman|5'11"|192 lbs|Compton, CA​
    Miller, Jonathan|HB|76|Sophomore|6'0"|198 lbs|Abilene, TX​
    Musil, Marshall|FB|80|Freshman (RS)|6'2"|241 lbs|Leawood, KS​
    Millard, Trey|FB|79|Freshman|6'2"|246 lbs|St. Ann, MO​
    Broyles, Ryan|WR|95|Junior (RS)|5'11"|178 lbs|Edmond, OK​
    Miller, DeJuan|WR|89|Sophomore (RS)|6'4"|224 lbs|Carteret, NJ​
    Caleb, Brandon|WR|86|Senior (RS)|6'1"|187 lbs|Montclair, VA​
    Kenney, Cameron|WR|84|Senior|6'1"|193 lbs|Columbus, GA​
    Reynolds, Jaz|WR|80|Sophomore|6'2"|181 lbs|Monahans, TX​
    McCay, Justin|WR|76|Freshman|6'3"|197 lbs|Abilene, KS​
    Stills, Kenny|WR|75|Freshman|6'2"|175 lbs|Gardena, CA​
    McClain, Sheldon|WR|66|Freshman|6'2"|174 lbs|Grand Prairie, TX​
    Ratterree, Trent|TE|83|Junior (RS)|6'3"|225 lbs|Durant, OK​
    Hanna, James|TE|75|Freshman|6'4"|237 lbs|Wharton, TX​
    Haywood, Austin|TE|73|Freshman|6'4"|245 lbs|Guymon, OK​
    Jones, Jarvis|LT|89|Junior (RS)|6'7"|297 lbs|The Woodlands, TX​
    Stephenson, Donald|LT|85|Junior (RS)|6'6"|285 lbs|Columbia, MO​
    Thompson, Tyrus|LT|74|Freshman|6'5"|311 lbs|Canyon Lake, TX​
    Good, Stephen|LG|87|Junior|6'6"|291 lbs|Forest Hill, TX​
    Irwin, Bronson|LG|77|Freshman|6'5"|316 lbs|Sapulpa, OK​
    Cannon, Marcus|Kerley, Jeremy|Johnson, Tejay|Young, Jimmy|Vernon, Josh|Griffin, Kelly|Wesley, Ed​
    Hicks, Antoine|Luttrell, Tyler|Kelton, Anson|Olson, Jeff|Johnson, Bart|Maponga, Stansly|Gardner, Kris​
    Evans, Tyler|RG|88|Sophomore|6'5"|316 lbs|Joplin, MO​
    Jeffries, Travaris|RG|84|Senior|6'4"|309 lbs|Clarksville, TN​
    Brandon, Cory|RT|90|Senior (RS)|6'7"|324 lbs|Highland Village, TX​
    Aledenoye, Josh|RT|81|Freshman (RS)|6'5"|316 lbs|Seguin, TX​
    Williams, Daryl|RT|75|Freshman|6'5"|269 lbs|Plainview, TX​
    Mensik, Eric|RT|73|Senior (RS)|6'6"|288 lbs|Balch Springs, TX​


    Name|Position (Defense)|Overall|Year|Height|Weight|Hometown​
    Alexander, Frank|RE|87|Junior (RS)|6'4"|259 lbs|Marksville, LA​
    Chaisson, Justin|RE|80|Freshman (RS)|6'4"|268 lbs|Ely, NV​
    Washington, R J|RE|75|Sophomore (RS)|6'3"|244 lbs|Dallas, TX​
    Taylor, Adrian|DT|90|Senior (RS)|6'4"|303 lbs|Houston, TX​
    McFarland, Jamarkus|DT|85|Sophomore|6'2"|296 lbs|Harker Heights, TX​
    McGee, Stacy|DT|80|Sophomore (RS)|6'4"|275 lbs|Sapulpa, OK​
    Walker, Casey|DT|76|Sophomore|6'2"|301 lbs|Round Rock, TX​
    Humphrey, Eric|DT|75|Freshman|6'4"|292 lbs|Port Neches, TX​
    Beal, Jeremy|LE|93|Senior (RS)|6'3"|261 lbs|Highland Park, TX​
    King, David|LE|82|Sophomore (RS)|6'5"|236 lbs|Robinson, TX​
    Grissom, Geneo|LE|75|Freshman|6'4"|233 lbs|Russell, KS​
    Lewis, Travis|ROLB|94|Junior (RS)|6'2"|232 lbs|Bellmead, TX​
    Bird, Jaydan|ROLB|84|Sophomore|6'1"|227 lbs|Fort Scott, KS​
    Nelson, Corey|ROLB|74|Freshman|6'0"|210 lbs|Brownsville, TX​
    Wort, Tom|MLB|89|Freshman (RS)|6'0"|220 lbs|Dallas, TX​
    Box, Austin|MLB|82|Junior (RS)|6'2"|220 lbs|Glenpool, OK​
    Franklin, Daniel|MLB|80|Sophomore (RS)|6'2"|219 lbs|Panthersville, GA​
    Favors, Rashod|MLB|65|Freshman|6'1"|230 lbs|Pleasanton, TX​
    Lewis, Ronnell|LOLB|85|Sophomore|6'2"|234 lbs|The Village, OK​
    Ibiloye, Joseph|LOLB|76|Sophomore (RS)|6'3"|215 lbs|West University, TX​
    Lee, Erik|LOLB|74|Freshman (RS)|6'3"|205 lbs|El Reno, OK​
    Tausch, Eric|Brock, Logan|Dean, Aundre|Forrest, Ross|Fobbs, Johnny|Shivers, Luke|Smith, Dwight​
    Horn, Ty|Cuba, Tekerrein|Yendrey, DJ|Boyce, Josh|Brown, Matt|Battle, Travaris|Hawkins, Chris​
    Mallett, Marcus|CB|84|Junior (RS)|5'11"|178 lbs|San Antonio, TX​
    Lynn, Gabe|CB|75|Freshman (RS)|6'0"|186 lbs|Elk City, OK​
    Harris, Lamar|CB|72|Sophomore (RS)|6'1"|186 lbs|Odessa, TX​
    Carter, Quinton|FS|89|Senior (RS)|6'1"|193 lbs|Carlin, NV​
    Brent, Kevin|FS|78|Freshman (RS)|5'11"|216 lbs|McKinney, TX​
    Trice, Marcus|FS|77|Sophomore|5'8"|178 lbs|Wylie, TX​
    Proctor, Sam|SS|88|Junior (RS)|6'0"|208 lbs|Graham, TX​
    Jefferson, Tony|SS|75|Freshman|5'11"|198 lbs|Westmont, CA​
    Hayes, Quintin|SS|72|Freshman|6'1"|175 lbs|Weslaco, TX​

    Special Teams

    Name|Position (Special Teams)|Overall|Year|Height|Weight|Hometown​
    O Hara, Patrick|K|87|Sophomore|6'0"|185 lbs|Haysville, KS​
    Way, Tress|P|86|Sophomore (RS)|6'1"|220 lbs|Glenpool, OK​

    Injury Report

    [​IMG] 2010 Recruiting Report [​IMG]

    20 Available scholarships - 70 players, 20 seniors
    No.|Calibre|Pos|Coaches Grade|Name|Hgt|Wgt​
    1|:4stars:|WR|B|Stephen Davis|6'4"|180 Lb​
    2|:4stars:|WR|B|Bobby King|5'10"|170 Lb​
    3|:3stars:|OLB|C+|Justin Hill|6'3"|212 Lb​

    (Coaches grade is a stat for Coach Shibdib to show how much he values a particular signing.)

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