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The Ten Year War - Gameplay Rules

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Psycho, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. Psycho

    Psycho Walk On

    Oct 6, 2009
    The Ten Year War - Gameplay Rules

    These rules are meant to be followed in User vs User game and User vs CPU games and are the same as most Tradition Leagues, however there are exception noted in red and bolded for her pleasure.

    Player Substitutions

    * Only Authorized out-of-position substitutions (except K-P and LS). You may NOT use players out of position if it is allowed via a package substitution. Only normal packages are allowed to determine if a position is or is not out of position. You may not set up your depth chart to take advantage of the package substitutions.

    Here is a list of authorized out-of-position subs.

    QB - P,K and only if you have no more QB's left
    HB - FBs, TE, LB (LBs are only allowed in an emergency)
    FB - TE, OL, DT, EXCEPTION - in a pro split formation (shotgun also) you may run with dual HBs
    TE - FBs, OL, DT
    WR - ..... Everyone
    OL - DT
    DL - OL
    LB - DL, OL
    CB - SS, FS (make sure you set your auto subs at 60/80 otherwise you'll get WRs showing up at these positions and that will be a violation of the rules)
    Safeties - CB


    No Wildcat, Wildcard or any other formation in which your running plays designed for a HB to play QB.

    Do not test this rule by putting in a QB in as HB and running the wildcat, wild card or anything like that, violating this will impose an immediate suspension.


    * No positional substitutions may be broken via audibles. WR's may never be audibled into a TE or the backfield. DB's may never be audibled as a LB or DL

    Defensive Player Alignment

    * You may not pull any players off the line pre-snap on any non-punting plays. If you wish to manually drop a defensive linemen into coverage after the snap, you may do so.
    * You may not Move Defensive Ends other than by natural shifts before the snap of the ball. However, Defensive tackles may be moved manually to any position as long as it is between the Defensive Ends.
    * You may not Manually move more than two players on Defense on any play, and one of those has to be one you will manually control. Natural line shifts and stunts are not considered manual movements.

    Live Ball Play Etiquette

    * You may not scramble or drop back over 10 yards unless defensive pressure has collapsed the pocket. Sprinting immediately to the sidelines for either passing or running (scrambling) is not allowed.
    * You may not run a pass play and roam the field trying to exploit defensive A.I. flaws or drop back more than 10 yards to throw the ball or scramble .
    * You may not sprint outside the pocket looking for a better angle on passes.

    You have 3 clock management tools.

    - Call Timeout
    - Spike the Ball (by holding the ( B ) button in madden you can hurry to the line and spick the ball)

    Formation Selection

    * Goal line offensive formations may be used on inside either 5 yard line.
    * Outside the 5 yard lines, you may not use goalline for anything other than short yardage situations on 3rd and 4th down. It must be no more than 3 yards.
    * Goal line may also be used to secure the ball late in the game (to prevent fumbles) at any location on the field.
    * Goal line defense may only be used as follows: defending goal line offense, defensive situations inside your own 10 yard line, and on 3rd or 4th and less than 5.
    * Hail Mary formations are to be used for instances requiring a hail mary e.g. limited time on the clock, needing a score to win, tie or to put yourself in position to have a better chance at winning at the end of either half.
    * Punt Block and Punt Return are to block punts and return them, respectively. Under no circumstances should these plays be ran other than for those purposes. The same applies to FG defenses.

    Motion Offense

    No WR may bounce left and right (the yo-yo effect) to exploit a manual coverage matchup on a defensive player.

    A WR can never cross a TE when he goes in motion

    A runningback can never be motioned out into "WR Land"

    Onside Kicks and going for it on Fourth Down

    Only within the last 2 minutes (at the 2 minute warning counts) of the GAME and DOWN (NOT TIED) can you...

    - Kick an Onside Kick
    - Go for it on Fourth Down

    WR Depth Chart and formation packages.

    As for right now you can put your best guys in the slot... ie WR#3, however you must give time for the opposing coach to pause and set his defensive match ups.

    If at any time using defensive match ups some weird glitch appears then defensive match ups will not combat being able to using the best WR in the slot and therefore you will no longer be able to use packages and depth chart adjustments to get your best WR in the WR#3 spot (normally the slot).

    Play Selection
    I encourage using as many plays as possible, and ask that users not lock into a couple plays and use them all day.

    I also require Users to keep above 1/3 pass to run or run to pass ratio. There are situations in which you will push that boundary
    for example being up big early forcing you to run more or being down big early forcing you to pass more. In these situation I'll have no problem with a 1/4 ratio, as long you've stayed within the 1/3 parameter for the majority of the season.


    User vs CPU special rules

    GIVING UP 50+ POINTS (to the cpu)
    If you give up 50+ points you deserve to lose, if I can find a way to give you a loss I will. However seeing that I probably will not be able to give you a loss, then I'll settle for throwing out your results and simming your game.

    SCORING 60+ POINTS (against the cpu)
    This one is more of a sim thing. You score 65 points or more in a game I'll throw the game out and sim it.

    As of right now there is no way for me to throw out the results of a game. Therefore for repeated rules abuse, or one offense that particularly bugs me I'll be giving out game suspensions. Depending on the offense a single game will normally be enough, however I reserve the right to give out lengthy multiple game suspensions.

    I feel throwing out results for games in which owners broke the rules and won, is an appropriate punishment and therefore would have done in a heart. As it stands without the ability to throw out results and sim I will be less apprehensive to suspend someone for a game and will give you a warning about your play, but if you do get suspended realize that it quickly can snowball from there... so when you get warned, you need to change your gameplay immediately.
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