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    Jul 11, 2009
    Lions Shock the Titans 31-27; Vikes beat 49ers 23-20
    What in the NFC Norris is going on around here????
    -CJJR AKA Megatron Catches 3 TD passes to sink Titans
    -Locker's 5 picks helped the losing effort
    -At the buzzer!!! Giants nail a 3 BANG to beat Panthers 23-20
    -7 picks shared between Manning and Newton
    -DOWN WITH JPP yea you know me 3 sacks for the phenom
    -Chicago holds Rams at bay 20-7
    -Robbie Good as Gould POG with 8 points in the kicking game
    -Vikes shock the 49ers 23-20
    -All Dang Day AP goes for 134 yards to control the clock
    -Randy Moss scores vs Vikes on a 54 yard strike but to no avail
    -Drew Brees ruins his MVP campaign with a 6 pick performance he did toss 4 TD's in win
    -33-10 Saints beat Chiefs, Cassel is lobbying for the Kevin Kolb Award with 5 picks 0 TD
    -Jimmy Graham 12 catches for 221 yards and a score
    -Cleveland turns away Bills 31-7 thanks to Fitzpatrick's 4 picks
    -Weeden way to redeem yourself with 3 touch 0 picks
    -THE BEAST TRICH 105 and a score
    -Fitz scores twice Skelton thows 3 and 0 Cards win 30-24 in OT
    -Beanie Wells had over 100 and 1
    -Damarias Johnosn had 123 and 2 for the Eagles
    -Redskins avoid losing after 21 point comeback with OT win over Bengals40-37
    -276 in the air and 2 TD 91 on the ground and 1 TD for RG3
    -2 picks of the three that Dalton threw went to Josh Wilson
    -AJ Green big day over 100 and a score on 7 grabs
    -OH Donnie Boy, Brown fumbles in waning seconds in Jags territory, Jags survive 21-19
    -Blackmon 8 reception 2 for TDs over 100 again
    -Crazy comeback in 4th (shrugs shoulders) Falcons beat Chargers 35-31
    -I'll leave it at that . . . NEXT!
    -Broncos beat Texans 30-10
    -Give it away giveit away give it away now Schaub throws 6 picks 0 TDs in loss
    -Sheriff Manning adds 2 more TD's to Resume
    -2 picks for Tracy Porter
    -TTTTT Tebow and the Jets Tebow time provides 2 TD's and another 4th quarter triumph 20-16 over the dolphs
    -The Raiiiiiiiders off the schnide beat Steelers 28-21
    -Lamarr Houston gets to Big Ben 4 times for sacks
    -3 picks a piece for Palmer and Roethlisberger
    -Just keep winning Pats beat Ravens 41-38
    -Brady threw 3 TDs . . . Gronk devoured them all including game winner
    -5 TD passes for Aflacco
    -Ravens TE Ed Dickson caught 2 of his own
    -the other three games didnt make press

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  2. NeuroticTruth

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    Nov 30, 2011
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    Quality per usual. 6 picks by Brees was so depressing.
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  3. Cole Copeland

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    Aug 18, 2012
    Great work as always Diddy81 !
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  4. HAL9100

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    Jul 15, 2011
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    21-19. So a FG would've won it for the Colts.​

    Great stuff as usual.
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