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THE TOP 10 -- Week 13 | 2012

Discussion in '4th and Long' started by Fish7718, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Fish7718

    Fish7718 Walk On

    Sep 19, 2012
    Alrighty decided to get involved a bit more, due to the fact the power rankings on Madden Daddy are abysmal and Power rankings are easy, I will be keeping my top 10 power rankings here all season long, we will see how it works out, maybe I'll expand if it gets better for now I plan to at least 2 or 3 for the remainder of the season but let's hop into it.

    3 RULES TO TOP 10:
    1. I will not rank myself, meaning if you wondering why there are no Cowboys listed, it is because I refuse to rank myself
    2. No CPU Teams
    3. The current week will have no bearing on ranking, these are as of WEEK 13


    NUMBER 1: PITTSBURGH STEELERS (11-1) (Previous Rank: -- ) OWNER: Troy J.
    The Pittsburgh Steelers have been a force in this league since the inception of the league. Troy mixes a steady ball control type offense with one of the leagues most physical and dominant defenses. While the stats may not fully represent the ability of the user, any user should scout Troy very carefully before playing a big game vs the Steelers. The Steelers took their first loss this week to a Ravens team under new management, however, we believe they will rebound and still capture the #1 seed in the AFC.

    NUMBER 2: NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (11-1) (Previous Rank: --) OWNER: Snozberriez8198
    Perhaps number 1.B here, the Pats came very close to knocking off the Steelers from the number one spot in the AFC. The Pats, after an early hiccup against the Bills have been absolutely rolling and an offense that has Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, and Brandon Lloyd is nothing to fool around against and will be very difficult to beat in January, don't be surprised if the Patriots have their 6th Lombardi trophy at the end of this season.

    NUMBER 3: NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (9-3) (Previous Rank: --) OWNER: DirtSouthDan
    The Saints are probably the toughest offense the NFL to corral, right next the Patriots. Dan has a good thing going in New Orleans and if not for such a tough schedule may have been higher list, worth noting, all 3 of his losses came against owners that will appear in the top 10. However this could be the biggest knock against Dan to, can he step up and win the big games he needs to in January, or will he continue to get knocked off by top managers?

    NUMBER 4: CAROLINA PANTHERS (9-3) (Previous Rank: --) OWNER: houdiniHUSKER
    Did anyone know that Carolina is the leagues best defense? Carolina's defense has been absolutely astounding this year allowing opponents just under 14 PPG this year. In fact in 8 of their 12 games they've held opponents to or below this mark and when they do so they are undefeated! If you take out a 42 point trouncing by the Cowboys the Panthers on average allow opponents just about 11 PPG. Defense wins championships but you need offense to win games. Can Cam Newton provide the steady hand needed to guide this team to a championship?

    NUMBER 5: OAKLAND RAIDERS (8-4) (Previous Rank: --) OWNER: Dasher13
    As much as I'd to leave the Raiders off this list due to the controversy surrounding them and the fact their color scheme is tough to work with with this black background, there is no denying Dash has been on of the leagues top owners since joining the league. Say what you want about his stats and how he got them, he has them. He's played great user games taking Troy to the brink earlier in the season and recently went head to head and upset the Saints. Dash boasts the leagues #1 rushing and passing attacks and is a defensive coordinators nightmare. Can Dash restore Oakland's Pride?

    NUMBER 6: NEW YORK GIANTS (8-4) (Previous Rank: --) OWNER: TheGreatCV
    Normally I would use a different color Blue for the Giants, a more Giantsy-Blue if you will..however with my screen it is very painful on the eyes so I can only give a very dull blue. The Giants got off to a hot start and since have cooled down quickly. The defending super bowl champs are always playoff players though and when it comes to crunch time, Eli always delivers. The Giants D-line and corners make their defense very tough to score. Their physical and talented receivers make them a very difficult cover and CV's play calling style is a very difficult one to match. The Giants are going to be a nightmare for whichever team they meet in the first round. If they can get over the recent hiccups that have plagued them.

    NUMBER 7: GREEN BAY PACKERS (8-4) (Previous Rank: --) OWNER: BLACKJ414
    The Packers have one of the most interesting teams in NFL history. In on sense their defense intercepts the most passes of any team in the NFL. However, their elite quaterback is on pace to set a staggering interception record. If the Packers could cut down the turnovers this could be a very dangerous team. High risk, high reward ball doesn't yield great results in the playoffs, if BlackJ can figure out his offense this could be the best team in the NFL. Until then their run and gun style of offense should struggle against the more elite teams and cost him.

    NUMBER 8: DETROIT LIONS (8-4) (Previous Rank: --) OWNER: Anthrax78
    A few weeks ago I would have been crazy for leaving Detroit outside the top 5. They dominated the first half of their schedule and were neck and neck with the Patriots and Steelers for top dogs in the league. However a recent 2-4 stretch, which includes 2 losses to the rival pack, has many owners wondering what's going on in Detroit, a sure first round bye has now turned into, can we grab the wild card? A lot Detroits struggles can be tied directly to the loss of HB Jahvid Best, so we certainly expect Detroit return to their dominant status soon, however one must ask, how much does one team rely on 1 player? And how dangerous is Detroit really if they are so reliant upon such an injury prone player?

    NUMBER 9: Miami Dolphins (8-4) (Previous Rank: --) OWNER: AWinkler02
    The Miami Dolphins have been quietly flying under the radar all season and will probably look to do so right into the post season. After all it is much better to be under rated than to be over rated. The Dolphins will probably secure the 5 seed and meet with Texans or Colts in a first round match up that is sure to have many tuning in. Just how are the Dolphins playing this good? Look no further than DPOY canidate Cameron Wake who is an absolute force on the D-line with 23 sacks in just 12 games.

    NUMBER 10: HOUSTON TEXANS (8-4) (Previous Rank: --) OWNER Doc Holliday904
    Doc, formerly was on of top 5 most feared owners in the game, whether due to lack of concentration on his part, lack of desire, or just plain lack of skill, Doc has fallen off a bit. Doc still is capable of winning big games however until we see him get back on track we have to wonder if he will ever get back. He's certainly capable of doing so, we will see.

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  2. Anthrax78

    Anthrax78 Walk On

    Aug 7, 2012
    Starting to highly doubt I will even make the playoffs, been a tough year.
  3. Doc Holliday904

    Doc Holliday904 Walk On

    Aug 24, 2012
    Yea man my games has been off for the last 2 weeks but dont worry it all learning lessons;)
  4. DirtSouthDan

    DirtSouthDan Walk On

    Oct 17, 2012
    Very nice. Thanks for this! I doubt the MD site power rankings will be fixed until we start a new season.
  5. hog501

    hog501 Banned

    Jan 13, 2013
    Where in the hell are the Buccaneers? Been a solid season, thought we would get a mention in the top 10.
  6. TheGreatCV

    TheGreatCV Walk On

    Jul 15, 2012
    You and me both. I've struggled with Eli lately throwing too many bone head INTs. All of a sudden I'm the middle of the wild card race.

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