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The Total Texans Times Telegraph

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by Hurricane GL, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    Talkin' Texans
    Madden 17 - Season 1
    Record: 8-8 (4th in AFCS)

    W. Fuller - AFC OROY
    A. Bailey - Comes to Houston
    Clowney/Bailey/Watt/Mercilus - Each with Double Digit Sacks

    Low Points:
    B. Osweiler - Almost 40 INTs in 14 games
    L.Miller - <400 yds (missed half the season)
    UTI Award Recipient

    D. Hopkins
    J. Prosch
    A. Bailey
    N. Novak

    The season started with such promise when the Texans handlef CHI in their season opener. However we would finish the first half of the season at 2-6 losing close game after close game, mostly due to turnovers.

    The second half of the season saw the Texans go 6-2 including 2 solid wins against the Colts & Titans on the road. The team still had way too many TOs, but a bend but don't break DEF and some timely TOs for us, helped us win a few of those close games.

    Season 2 Outlook

    Word on the street is the Texans are firing R. Crennel as DC. Even though the 2nd half showed a marked inprovement, HC Bill O'Brien wants to change the DEF scheme to become more versatile. The Texans will be switching to a 4-3 and automatically will have one of the Best DL in the League.

    Word is both Clowney & Mercilus will be moving to DE and putting their hands in the dirt. Bailey and Watt will be shifting in to DT to wreak havoc from inside and focus on stopping the run.

    McKinney has cemented himself as the DEF General at MLB. Cushing will be shifted outside to LOLB. ROLB is still a question mark but could be addressed in the off-season.

    DBs are pretty solid. K. Johnson as moved into a starting spot. KJ Dillon got a good bit of PT at SS and will have a chance to keep the job next season. A. Hall has shown he can play FS.

    On the OFF side if the ball, rumor is the Texans will be looking to find a starting QB somewhere. Osweiler will stay on for one more sesson, but probably not much longer. WR is pretty set, and S. Anderson and C. Fiedorowicz have not developed at TE. L. Miller will be given more time to prove himself after a shortened season due to injury.

    The real problem area for the Texans is the OL. This is a subpar OL at best. If the Texans are going to truly compete, this MUST be addressed this off-season.

    Next season the Texans will face:

    What will the future hold?
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  2. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    Broncos @ Texans
    Season 2 Week 1
    This was a back and forth battle between 2 sub-par OL and dominate DL.

    The game was all tied up going into the 4th. The Texans struck first in the last frame with a short TD Pass to Lamar Miller. The Broncos answered right back, but missed the XP.

    The Texans were able to counter punch with a little HFA Assistance (Miller broke 2 TAK in the backfield) to score a TD and go up by 8. The Broncos put another TD on the board 2 plays later and were forced to go for the 2 or conversion. The Texans knocked the ball out of the HB hands on a flat route well covered with a Cover 2 DEF.

    1 first down run and a kneel down later and the game was in the books.

    DEN - 25 :: HOU - 27

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  3. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    Texans @ Dolphins
    Season 2 Week 2
    Defenses dominate in an ugly game.

    How bad could two offenses really play? This game would show you. The 1st Q ended in a 0-0 tie after both teams missed a chip shot FG in the period.

    The 2nd Quarter saw both teams find the end zone. First was the Dolphins when Tannehill connected with Landry on a 50 yd bomb after JJ Watt beat the OL and had a bead on the QB, only to run right by him.
    The Texans answered 3 plays later when on a 3rd & 10 Brees found Hopkins on a masterfully run post route for a 78 yd TD catch and run. The defense was fooled thinking it was a drag route and fully left the middle of the field wide open.

    The 2nd half would end when Brees threw his 2nd INT of the game trying to connect with Hopkins. The INT was returned deep into Texans territory where the defender smartly steeped out of bounds with 2 sec left on the clock, allowing MIA to kick the FG and go into the half up 10-7.

    The 3rd Q was very much a mirror of the 1st with both defenses playing a huge role, particularly the Phins DL, who constantly pressured Brees all game.

    The Texans finally scored again when Brees connected with Braxton Miller for an 18 yd TD, threading the needle for the score. The Texans D was able to force a punt by the Phins on the ensuing drive. Houston came out intent on running the ball, anddmoved the ball 60+ yds, capped with a TD run by Lamar Miller to take an 11 pt lead. The Dolphins were able to add a FG late l, but couldn't recover the Onsides Kick.

    The Highlight of the game was Hopkins 6 CAT for 140+ yds and 1 TD without playing in the 4th Quarter due to injury.

    The lowlight was Brees throwing 3 INTs (legitimately User fault on 2 of them, the 3rd was due to Madden not recognizing the button press).

    HOU - 21 :: MIA - 13

    Great Game xSavedByGracex see you next season.
  4. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    49ers @ Texans
    Season 2 Week 3
    This game was certainly a tale of two halves. In the first half the Texans jumped out to a 17-3 lead. However, after that the SF DEF pulled their greatest Gandalf Impression.
    Slowly the SF started scoring. Another FG before half. Then another in the 3rd. Then a TD with a 2 pt conversion. Then another TD, and another FG.

    During this time Momentum kicked in and Texans started turning it over like crazy. User made an insanely good pick in between two stupid fumbles (sack fumble and the catch/drop ruled a fumble).

    With a minor chance at a comeback, the Texans WRs couldn't overcome the momentum advantage. Drop after Drop.

    In the end, the 49ers were just too much for the Texans.

    SF - 27 :: HOU 17
    Next week HOU will be on a BYE.

    GG Kidofcrash23 legitimately took Momentum. Best way I've ever seen it done....but it's still OP.
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  5. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    Titans @ Texans
    Season 2 Week 5
    Before we get into this weeks game. It is important to note that the Texans inked Deandre Hopkins to a 4 yr EXT over the bye week. The deal is reportedly worth over $55M with $16.5M guaranteed.

    Now to the matter at hand. Before the bye week the Texans lost to the 49ers after squandering a 2 TD lead. Coming out of the Bye the question on everyone's mind was how would the #1 Rush DEF fair against the hard running DeMarco Murray? Early on it showed this would be a defensive battle. The Titans held the Texans to 3 early pts, while forcing 2 Brees INTs. Murray, while not piling up yds, was able to find paydirt. But then a great read by Brees turned the game on its head. The Texans ran a WR screen intended for Fuller, but the Titans LBs read it perfect. Brees looked to the other side to hit Hopkins on a backside screen, but he too was well covered. As a last resort, Brees threw it downfield to Lamar Miller on a Post-Corner route covered M2M by the safety. The safety played underneath and missed the ball. Lamar snatched it out of the air and 63 yds later found paydirt.

    The Texans added a FG before half to go into intermission up 13-7. The 2nd half would belong to the Titans DEF aided greatly by Titans drops and poor Mariota throws. Brees was able to score a 1 us TD run, and throw another TD to Will Fuller. In the end, the Texans #1 Run DEF held the day.

    Next week the Texans will be welcoming the Bengals to NRG with owner wafflehouse83 .

    TEN - 7 :: HOU 26

    GG ptsbx1 see you next time.

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