The Tradition Pledge Drive

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    The Tradition Pledge Drive

    I know it says OFFL but Archie pretty much says it all... I have nothing to really add.

    (Pledge Drive Disclaimer: I think it's important to begin by saying that nothing in the following message is a requirement. Tradition Football is a free site.)

    Hello Everyone,

    By now, many of you have had the opportunity to view the new site. It is my belief that the new structure and the new capabilities we now have make for the most innovative experience out there. And it was all given to us free of charge. I may have had to spend the time to populate the site with content, but the site itself, and a ridiculous amount of technical support, was simply given to me. The guys at Tradition Football have really stepped up their game, and once again, we are the beneficiaries of some really forward-looking stuff. If you haven't seen our new site, click here, and you will soon know what I am talking about.

    Over the past year, the TF leadership and a number of its members have spent a fair amount of money to bring these services to us free of charge. As a way to say thank you for all their hard work, I am asking for donations. There is no way we can make up for the costs incurred by the TF guys, but perhaps we can make a dent in those costs. Now, I do not wish to obligate anyone; we all have different life circumstances and therefore varying amounts of available cash, so there will be no expectations or discussions of who gave what amount allowed. No one will ask you directly for anything - I want nothing that even resembles pressure to come from anyone, nor do I want anyone to self-identify as giving a certain amount. The only identifying mark is the one you have already seen around the site:

    And it is added to the forum titles of the guys who have given $50 in total contributions. It's a bit of a thank you to those who reached extra deep. You see that I do not have one, but I plan on working my way up to it, starting today.

    I will close as I began, by saying that this is not a requirement of any kind. It is a thank you to the TF guys for all they have given us. If giving causes you any hardship whatsoever, then keep your money. But, if the only thing that prevents you from giving is the time it takes to do so, then I am officially asking for that time. Click here to visit the original announcement, or just look under the sub-forums section of any OFFL forum.

    Thank you,

    Archie Griffin

    you can give through PayPal to Or if you need a snail mail address you can PM me for that.

    All pledges go to server costs, site developement and investement into the future of Tradition Football.

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