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The Tradition Recruiting - 2018

Discussion in 'The Tradition' started by MaxATX34, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. MaxATX34

    MaxATX34 Texas Football

    Feb 17, 2009

    WR Charlie Walter looks phenomenal. Good size and already has the speed to stretch the field in college. Also a great route-runner. Good pickup and he deserves the :5stars:

    Slaughter looks really good. His strength isnt the best, but he will redshirt and have time to hit the weight room.


    These two OLBs look really good with Green being more a project player. Green isnt the prototype that Irivin seems to be, but Green will be replacing a walk-on and will be allowed to redshirt. Irvin may start or make the two deep immediately.


    Riley might be one of TAMU's best signings in this class. His strength and quickness are already high. A redshirt and time in S&C will put him over the top.

    Alexander Thomas was the result of a recruiting battle with Arkansas. A&M was originally slow-playing him, and hadnt scouted him enough to know that he was a gem. Once Arkansas starting going after Thomas, though... that put A&M on notice. The Ags scouted him and then went after him hard resulting in a signature. Thoma could be one of the best DBs to come through A&M.


    McQueen looks okay. His speed is just pathetic, but he gets off blocks. Will redshirt and wont be called upon until he is an upperclassman and at least able to play to the run effectively.

    Edwards is also okay. Strength is low, but everything else looks good. Possible attrition candidate in the near future.


    Still not sure what to do with these guys. They both looks like WR/RB prospects. The RB position looks locked up for the foreseeable future, so they might both end up out wide. Simmons would make for an interesting WR as he has RB size and stats. But at 5'11 218lb he should be able to break more tackles if he wants to play RB.

    Jamar (? lol) looks ready to play either position. He has the WR frame, though...

    Thinking that both of these recruits end up as WR with great YAC ability.
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