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The Tradition's Road To Glorys'

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Sweetness, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. Sweetness

    Sweetness Banned

    May 3, 2009
    The Tradition's Road To Glorys'

    :DHey guys,I just feltikemaking apost so we could all maybe follow or check out our and others RTG's. Tex and I had a talktoday about them, which made me think of making this.I guess I will start..

    6'6 230
    Pocket-Passer (Still has 74 speed MUAHAHAHAHA)
    JOHN "Flying" Falco
    Score 130
    Averages 5 TD's a game with 440 yards passing per game
    Won State
    GPA 3.9
    Came out of High School a 5* recruit with one dream, to play for his favorite school VT. Which Mr. Falco did, who is still a Freshmeat. However, I am sure the Hokie fans love him already. He has won 6 games in a row (6-2) and placed the Hokies at a #14 rank, a BCS bowl birth with two more wins, and possibly an ACC championship.
    "He is truly and I mean truly one of the best Hokies to take step on this field." The Coach of VT said.
    "I just try my best everyday, looking to improve in practice. My goal is to give the Hokies a National Championship sometime in the next couple of years." Falco said after the upset over #10 ranked Georgia Tech 42-35. VT was ranked#24 at the time.
    I am going to try to get his Score at 2,000 or higher. Once I finish him, I will create another to go along with.....

    The Beast from the East (Has to be the most badass nickname ever!)
    Quazzi Attack
    6'5 300
    Pass Rusher
    Just signed with Minnesota to start all 4 years at RE.
    Big Smelly dude
    Came out of High-School with 4* and a State championship.
    Averaged 5 sacks a game in play-offs.
    Score 5
    Playing Syracuse ATM, already has 2 sacks.
    GPA 3.1
    " Yu know I just want to sussed. (Lisp)" Quazzi said before the game
    "Like Herbstreeeeet(Lisp) sthaid, I have the potenshail(Lisp) to be a dominate DE. Thats what I am hoping for."

    Once he is done, the West Coast Gunner Ryan "Travis" Johnson
    5'11 194 will be here.

    P.S I am on All-American Difficulty.

    I might start broadcasting again..(y)

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