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The UNSIM Enclyopedia

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by BobJr, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. BobJr

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    Jun 3, 2010
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    I want to give props to BlyGilmore CHUNKNESS and Shaun Mason (the quote at the end is great)...

    But Bly posted posted this in The Longest Yard, and it is another example of really taking a look inside your gameplay and trying to fix what you might be doing wrong..Great post man.

    Tactics and excuses that have been used in real life thus far that are strictly not cool and unsim. This is not intended to point fingers at people, but instead an educational tool demonstrating the kinds of things you should not do, based directly on experiences in The Longest Yard and the MaddenMania Players League.[/quote]​

    It is also not a comprehensive list, but instead a work in progress.​

    Again, a good question to always ask yourself is "on any given Sunday, would I see a vast majority of the teams in the NFL do this."​


    - Rarely running, and when you do its all draws.

    - Vast majority of your run plays are bumped outside, even when running dives, draws, isos and blasts. Run the play like it was diagrammed and where it was intended to go.

    - Running the same formation for long periods of time. You rarely see an NFL team come out in the same formation on consecutive plays, let alone many plays in a row or an entire drive.

    - No huddle should be used sparingly.

    - Give the defense a couple of seconds to adjust. Common courtesy.

    - Mix up your defensive formations. Just like the offense, playing Dime all day isn't cool.

    - Use "non-standard" defensive formations in realistic situations. 4-6 against a spread? 5-2 against 5 wide? 3-3-5 against an ace formation? Dime against an I-Formation? That screams "I'm doing something suspect" to be successful. IMO standard, base defenses that can be used in any situation are 4-3, 3-4 and Nickel.

    - Stat whoring. We all know there's XP out there now for players and your team, but you should be playing with that not in your mind. Sim rules still apply - spread the ball around. Vary your playcalling.

    - Be balanced in the run and the pass. The average NFL team ran the ball 27 times last year and threw 34. Only 4 teams threw over 60 percent of the time (and all but one of them sucked). That means, assuming 60 plays, you should be running the ball at least 24 times a game.

    - Dropping back 20 yards. You should be back 10 yards at the most.

    - Rolling out of the pocket excessively.

    - Constant shifting of your D-line and linebackers to try and find holes in the offensive line (the basis of nano-blitzes).

    - If you're up big, go into cruise control. Starting in the 4th, run the clock down. You also really shouldn't pass unless its third down and you're trying to stay on the field.

    - Respecting your opponent outweighs XP gained from a big play.


    - That's my offense.

    - That's my defense.

    - I saw a weakness and I'm attacking it. Just like an NFL team would do.

    - Team X does it! (Again ... vast majority of teams in the NFL. By our standards the Colts offense under Peyton Manning was not sim. Anything that came out of Mike Martz' head was not sim).

    - I don't have a running team!

    - I don't have a passing team!

    - I can't help it that Player X was matched against Player Y!

    - Even worse than the bumping all plays outside move, is the "run it like its supposed to be, until just behind your line, then run parallel with the line of scrimmage outside" move.

    - Audibles and hot routes are for ADJUSTMENTS. They are not a "build your own play on the fly" mode.

    - Just like the no huddle, use bump and run sparingly. And when you do, mix up when it is used. Even though its only 10/12 times a game, bumping and running every third down is not sim. BNR every time you blitz is not sim.

    -"{Insert Player Name} is a beast, of course he has 1239412 sacks/yards/catches!" Bull-fucking-shit.

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