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The Washington Post

Discussion in 'Team Management' started by BigK44, Jan 25, 2015.

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    Oct 8, 2014
    The Washington Post

    The Washington Redskins finished a lackluster 2017 season with a 3-13 record. With the team at 1-7 the Snyder's decided to fire their old coach and bring in an unproven coach in BigK. He finished off the season 2-6. The Redskins made some big moves in the off season acquiring SS Aaron Williams from the Bills. They traded away the #4 overall to get him but also received the Bills first rounder, 16th overall. They than traded the 16th to the Bears for #30, 3rd, and 4th rounder. It looked like the Redskins would be done making trades but on the morning of the draft, the Jets showed interest in moving LE Muhammed Wilkerson. The skins decided to pull the trigger and give the Jets what they wanted to get him. #30 overall, 5th this year and 1st and 2nd next. The Redskins d-line was a major weakpoint last season and this season it may very well be the teams strongest position group. Redskins moved Brian Orkapo to RE and rising star DT Larry Hood, they make a formidable front. The Redskins looked to improve their O line and CBs in the draft. After all the smoke settled from the trades the Redskins ended up with a 2nd,3rd, 2 4ths,6th and 2 7ths.
    2nd Round pick 4: RG Jude Okafor 21 yrs old 72 OVR, 87 RBK, 77 PBK, 87 IBL, 89 STR Clutch trait, Fast Dev
    3rd Round pick 10: CB Quayshon Sturdivant 20 yrs old 80 OVR, 88 MCV, 83 ZCV, 67 PRC,86 PRS,75 PUR,89 SPD, 97 ACC, 80 STR Fast Dev
    4th Round pick 4: C Hooper Parham 21 yrs old 58 OVR, 83 RBK, 74 PBK, 79 IBL, 89 STR, Avg Dev
    4th Round pick 5: RT Kenneth Klein 20 yrs old 68 OVR, 87 PBK, 81 RBK, 79 IBL, 92 STR Avg Dev
    6th Round pick 4: CB Lyndell Riley 20 yrs old 64 OVR 78 MCV, 83 ZCV, 59 PRC, 79 PRS, 71 PUR, 91 SPD, 90 ACC, Avg Dev
    7th Round pick 4: WR Jermane Agurs 21 yrs old 64 OVR, 84 CTH, 63 CIT, 81 SPC, 58 RTE, 55 RLS, 97 SPD, 95 ACC, Feet in bounds and fight for yards traits, Avg Dev
    7th Round pick 23: LG Paul Reyes 23 yrs old 55 OVR, 80 RBK, 71 PBK, 79 IBL, 92 STR, Clutch Trait, Avg Dev
    UFA: WR Doran Cofield 22 yrs old 72 OVR, 83 CTH, 76 CIT, 87 SPC, 68 RTE, 92 RLS, 84 SPD, 90 ACC, Feet in bounds and fight for yards traits, Avg Dev

    Draft Grade: C-
    Redskins missed on a lot of their picks. CB Sturdivant may very well be the only good thing to come out of this draft for the Redskins. RG Okafor and RT Klein will have to fight for their starting positions. WR Agurs will be the new return man. WR Cofield will be #3 for the Redskins with their limited options at WR. The rest will be fighting to stay on the roster.

    Off-Season Grade: B
    The trades to acquire SS Aaron Williams and LE Wilkerson were some of the biggest moves in the NFL this offseason. They bring much needed impact players to a struggling defense and with this coaches inability to draft players, it seems like a smart move for now.

    2018 Prediction: 6-10.. Another rebuilding year for the Redskins but they have started to put some pieces in place. They will need to stay healthy, as depth is nowhere to be found on this roster.
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