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    Oct 8, 2014
    Coming off an 8-8 season last year, the Washington Redskins knew they needed to fill some gaps in the defense this off season. They had close to 30 mil to spend in FA and they aggressively went after some of the top guys on the market. Singing MLB Manti Te'o to a 4 year deal worth 20 million. They picked up CB Leon Hall. He is 32 and was signed to a one year deal worth 12 million. The Redskins had the cap space and he should sim very well. They also signed QB Thad Lewis to backup RG3 . The Skins had a big offer in on DT Rubin, but he decided to go elsewhere. They than acquired MLB KJ Wright in a trade with the Texans for the young CB Eddrick Phillips, 2016 and 2017 3rd round pick. Heading into the draft the Redskins looked to get some D-linemen and some depth at aging positions. With the 16th overall the Redskins selected ROLB Demarcus Prewitt out of Georgia. This position wasn't a main concern but when he was still on the board it was an easy choice. Prewitt looks to make an immediate impact. Brian Orkapo has been taking reps at RE all pre-season, opening the starting spot for Prewitt. Here is how the rest of the draft played out for the Redskins:

    Round 2 pick 16: LG Russell Swanson OVR: 68 He is a great run blocker and has the physicals to be an elite offensive linemen.

    Round 3 pick 18: WR Nicholas Simmons OVR: 69 Doesn't possess any really great features but will get his chances on special teams as the new return man.

    Round 4 pick 16: DT Correy Harvin OVR: 65 Looks like another bust at DT for the Skins.

    Round 5 pick 16: WR Dre Hansen OVR: 66 Almost identical to Simmons but a little better catching, a little worse physicals.

    Round 6 pick 16: TE Grayson Huff OVR: Cut

    Round 7 pick 16 SS Jeron Rhodes OVR: 66 Will add depth to the safety group.

    UFA: RE Manny Obregon OVR: 72 Will back up Orkapo

    During preseason, the Redskins acquired rookie CB Tavin Pederson from the Cardinals. The Skins sent 2 year starter in LG Shaun Dobbs and a 4th round pick. With the addition of Swanson in the draft, and losing CB Phillips in the KJ Wright trade this was a smart move. And with a little development an upgrade at both positions.

    Draft Grade: B- It is only this good because of Prewitt and Swanson. The rest will be lucky or unluckily for the Redskins to be on the roster.

    Offseason Grade:
    A- The trade to bring in KJ Wright helped fill an aging hole on the defense. The trade for Pederson was also good and give the Redskins 4 young CBs with good potential. The FA signings of CB Hall and MLB Te'o will be extremely helpful. Missing DT Rubin was the only thing that kept this from an A.
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    Aug 5, 2014
    Nice draft man! Good luck in sim.

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