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The Zone: League Guidelines

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by JerzeyReign, Oct 16, 2011.

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  1. JerzeyReign

    JerzeyReign #BeatOhio

    Oct 26, 2009
    TF NBA 2K12 League Guidelines


    On the ball defending - percentage of time. Obviously doesn't pertain to switching during pick and rolls.

    Man-to-man/Zone - mix it up. You shouldn't just be sitting in zone all day. Users should be mixing it up on offense. Learn your players, run some offense. Quick Isolations should only be used for the final possession of a quarter.

    Double teaming/Pressure - You can't go into the selection screen at the start of the game and put things on like a robot. Play the game. If things happen, like a player is killing you, go ahead and make adjustments. You must use a timeout or break to make adjustment.

    Rebounding - Don't abuse under the basket rebound steal attempts. It is not allowed to sit there and try to steal the ball every time. You are allowed to take advantage of mismatches. Example: Let's say a big man is dribbling down the court. Go take his cookies!

    Pressuring Inbounds/Full-court pressing -
    Can't do it all game. This is geared more towards the actual presses rather than the PG playing on ball. If you are up by 20 or more points you cannot pressure at half court or full court.

    Taking charges - Cannot run up and hit charge for no reason. It is ok to use the charge on a driving player or in a real life circumstance

    Offense :

    Have to attempt to run an offense of some sort. While I realize we don't all have the time to sit and run plays before game, you should attempt to pass the ball to create mismatches, pick and roll etc.

    Spread the ball around - don't just try to score with 1 or 2 players. Try to get the whole offense involved. There are instances when you might want to go to certain players and that is fine. No player should be averaging 30 shots per game.

    You can only push the ball up the court if you block or steal the ball. That means no heaves down the court. I know it happens on accident sometimes, so if you do, simply wait for the defense to set.

    If you do commit something that was wrong, just go out of bounds to give the opponent the ball back. Show some respect.

    If you are up by 10+ points you shouldn't be trying to pressure the inbounds or PG.

    Up 10+ points you shouldn't be trying to drive to the hoop with 1:00 to go.

    Say GG to your opponent. Show him some respect for taking the time to play you.

    If you win the game you need to post the score and a small summary.


    - All trades must be approved through the trade committee before being made on the console.
    - You are only allowed two trades per season, 1 starter (75 overall or above) and 1 role/bench player per season. Starters may only be moved during the last 1 or 2 years of a contract only.
    - Trades with the CPU are allowed, however, you may only trade with players they have on their trade block. These trades also have to be approved by the committee.

    Free Agency
    Free Agency
    - You are free to sign whatever free agents you wish if the following guideline is followed:
    - You must first cut a player at or above your team's average overall rating.

    Example for above:
    PG 72 overall
    SG 84 overall
    SF 65 overall
    PF 71 overall
    C 69 overall
    Bench 1 65 overall
    Bench 2 72 overall
    Bench 3 61 overall
    Bench 4 70 overall
    Bench 5 65 overall
    Bench 6 56 overall
    Bench 7 57 overall

    - All overalls for the entire team are added together and then divided by the number of players entered into the equation to gain the average of your team. The average of the team above is 67.25. We round down in this case which gets us to 67. Only use the whole number. Every player they want to sign must follow this process.

    - The above rule makes cutting players due to contracts/cap space minute as it only raises your team's overall and keeps thing in 'normal boundaries'. With that said please keep your team with at least 12 guys on the roster at all times.

    Once You've Made Trades On Your Team, Its Yours. No trading teams if you send yourself into Cap Hell
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