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ThePaw's Power Rankings

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by ThePaw, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. ThePaw

    ThePaw I'm so seasonal it hurts, baby!

    Jun 22, 2010
    ThePaw's Power Rankings

    Since jason dropped the dynasty I suppose that I will pick up in his place :)

    The Top Dogs

    1. California Golden Bears (10-0) Ranked#2
    California is leading the users in rankings and hasn't lost a game. With big wins over in-state rival, USC(35-24), Oregon State (35-25), and recently Oregon (34-20), the Golden Bears are looking like a team that can't be beat. But upcoming games against a pesky Stanford team and a user game against bigtubb_'s Washington Huskies could test this team.

    Leading Passer: Kevin Riley, 118/232. 21TDs, 4INT 2395 yards
    Leading Rusher: Shane Vereen. 107atts 606yards, 11TD 1 Fumble
    Leading Receiver: Marvin Jones 25catches 612yards 6TDs, ONE drop
    Leading Defensive Player: MLB DJ Holt 41 tackles, 8 for a loss, 2 sacks, 1FF 1FR


    2. NC State Wolfpack (10-0) #4

    Ahh, my wolfpack. They have definitely been a suprise this year. A team that did not even go to a bowl game is undefeated this year. Russell Wilson has been absolutely outstanding this year for me and is the reason that I am doing so well. Having a shootout with Georgia Tech, demolishing Virginia Tech, to having an ESPN Classic with Flordia State this team has been through the ringer. With upcoming games against a tough rival North Carolina and a possible ACC Championship game against Cimmy's Virginia Cavs there are still tests on the schedule.

    Leading Passer: Russell Wilson, 152/268. 27TDs, 10INT 2541 yards
    Leading Rusher: Curtis Underwood, 175atts 857yards, 7TD 1 Fumble
    Leading Receiver: Darrell Davis 46 catches 819yards 7TDs, ONE drop
    Leading Defensive Player: MLB Nate Irving 45 tackles, 10 for a loss, 2 sacks, 3FF


    3. Louisville Cardinals (9-0) Ranked #10

    Louisville has skated by with a pretty marginal schedule so far, but they have taken care of business. Including beating Rival Kentucky the first game of the season, and Oregon State. Louisville has a tough user game coming up against USF, and upcoming matchups against West Virginia and Rutgers can't be taken lightly

    Leading Passer: Will Stein, 94/150. 14TDs, 7INT 1802 yards
    Leading Rusher: Victor Anderson, 96atts 408yards, 6TD
    Leading Receiver: Josh Chichester 48catches 1029yards 5TDs, SEVEN drop
    Leading Defensive Player: LOLB Brandon heath 34 tackles, 18 for a loss, 1 sacks, 1 int, 2FF 1FR


    4. Arkansas Razorbacks (8-2) #9

    Arkansas sure has been and up and down team this year. Losing to a then user Purdue the second game and then at Georgia. Since then though the razorbacks have been on a absolute tear. Beating then #1 team Alabama, a tough Texas A&M team and an always sound SEC foe Auburn. Arkansas still has a huge test on it's schedule when they play LSU in their last regular season game.

    Leading Passer: RYAN MALLET, 196/340. 38TDs, 15INT 3711 yards
    Leading Rusher: Ronnie Wingo JR, 111atts 640yards, 8TD 5 Fumbles
    Leading Receiver: Jarius Wright, 60 catches 1089 yards 9TDs, ONE drop
    Leading Defensive Player: FS Anthony Leon 34 tackles, 3 for a loss, 2FF 1FR


    5.Michigan State Spartans (8-1) UNRANKED
    A team that was taken over by a team mid-season only has one loss, and that was to powerhouse Wisconsin. They followed that loss with a win against arch-nemesis Michigan and a user win against Northwestern. This team looks solid, but their last game of the season is against Penn State which looks to be a huge game for the Spartans.

    Leading Passer: Kirk Cousins, 129/225. 12TDs, 6INT 2115 yards
    Leading Rusher: Larry Caper, 199atts 1155yards, 18TD 0 Fumbles
    Leading Receiver: BJ Cunningham 26catches 525yards 3TDs, ONE drop
    Leading Defensive Player: MLB Greg Jones 32 tackles, 15!!!! for a loss, 2 sacks, 1FF 1int


    6.Washington Huskies (8-1) Ranked #20
    Washington started off the season by absolutely destroying a always tough BYU team, until they basically coasted along until they met up with USC. The trojans won in a very hard fought game, and gave Washington it's first and only loss of the season thus far. The Huskies have beat Oregon State, Stanford, and Oregon since then and are looking like a dominate team.

    Leading Passer: Jake Locker, 149/232 24TDs, 6INT 2806 yards
    Leading Rusher: Chris Polk, 87atts 254yards, 7TD 2 Fumble
    Leading Receiver: Jermaine Kearse 43catches 881yards 11TDs, ONE drop
    Leading Defensive Player: LE Andru Pulu 34 tackles, 12 for a loss, 5 sacks, 1FF 1int


    7. Virginia Cavaliers (7-2) Ranked #18

    Cimmy's Cavs have been a pretty big surprise this season as well. They lost to a user Texas Tech team, and then followed that loss to another loss to Nevada. Since then the Cavs have been on a tear beating Colorado, a tough FSU team, GT, North Carolina, and Miami. They look to be headed to the ACC Championship game but they still have a huge test against rival Virginia Tech to end the season.

    Leading Passer: Marc Verica, 67/166, 3TDs, 6INT 1078 yards
    Leading Rusher: Dominique Wallace, 183atts 803yards, 11TD 4 Fumbles
    Leading Receiver: Jared Green 18catches 380yards 3TDs, 4 drops
    Leading Defensive Player:MLB Steve Greer 47 tackles, 9 for a loss, 1FF 2FR 1INT


    8. Texas Tech Red Raiders (7-3) UNRANKED
    This team has been tossed around by a few user coaches. STAY WITH US PAULDAVIDJR! They have beat a user Virginia team, lost to always dominate Texas, then to IOWA STATE..IOWA STATE?! Although they did beat Oklahoma state and a user Colorado team after that and two tough teams in Texas Tech and Missouri. In week 11 they lost to powerhouse Oklahoma and in their last game of the regular season they play offensive machine Houston. Hey, atleast you're going to a bowl.

    Leading Passer: Taylor Potts (out with injury now), 182/2286. 22TDs, 3INT 2612 yards
    Leading Rusher(LOL TEXAS TECH DONT RUN): Baron Batch, 82atts 314yards, 2TD 2 Fumbles
    Leading Receiver: Alexander Torres 54catches 1093yards 9TDs, Two drops
    Leading Defensive Player(LOL TEXAS TECH DONT DEFENSE): ROLB Riley Harvey, 35 tackles, 10 for a loss, 3 sacks, 1FF 1int

    The Hard Knock Life
    9. USF Bulls (5-3) UNRANKED
    Capp has had a hard season. From getting screwed in the user Cal game to getting destroyed by instate powerhouse Flordia and Cincinnati to beating West Virginia and Rutgers. USF has a very hard schedule left ahead. They go to undefeated user team Louisville and then host Pittsburgh. After that they go down to Miami. Phew, he's battling for a bowl game.

    Leading Passer: BJ Daniels (Injured?) 60/141 1193 yards. 11TDs, 4INT
    Leading Rusher: Darrell Scott, 134atts 531yards, 6TD 1Fumble
    Leading Receiver: AJ Love <3, 19catches 457yards 5TDs, SIX drops
    Leading Defensive Player: ROLB Sam Barrington, 30 tackles, 10 for a loss, 2 sacks,


    10. Northwestern Wildcats (4-5) UNRANKED
    Man, quietstrm has had a tough season. Losing to user NC State, Minnesota, user Michigan State, Indiana in OT, and a super close game against Penn State. Fans of the the Wildcats have had a heart breaking year. They can still becoming bowl eligible if they can win two out of three against Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Good luck.

    Leading Passer: Dan Persa, 147/263. 14TDs, 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!INT 2298yards
    Leading Rusher: Arby Fields, 91atts 388yards, 8TD
    Leading Receiver: TE Drake Dunsmore, 38catches 607yards 5TDs,1 drop
    Leading Defensive Player: MLB Nate Williams, 52 tackles, 14 for a loss,2 sacks, 2FF 2int


    11. Colorado Buffs (3-6) UNRANKED
    This team has been passed around like a corner hooker. Good luck next season man, I have a feeling this team will be much improved.

    Leading Passer: Tyler Hansen, 149/263. 9TDs, 17INT 2209yards
    Leading Rusher: Rodney Stewart, 157atts 463yards, 6TD 6!!!!!! Fumbles
    Leading Receiver: Scotty McKnight, 42catches 587yards 2TDs, Two drops
    Leading Defensive Player: MLB Michael Sipili, 29 tackles, 4 for a loss, 2FF 1int


    12. Kentucky WildCats (3-7) UNRANKED
    New user. Hope you can do better next season. This one is a wash.

    Leading Passer: Mike Hartline, 118/281. 6TDs, 13INT 1404yards
    Leading Rusher: Derrick Locke, 130atts 514yards, 5TD 1 Fumble
    Leading Receiver: Randall Cobb 38catches 561yards 6TDs, Two drops
    Leading Defensive Player: LE Collins Ukwu, 27 tackles, 16 for a loss, 7 sacks, 1FF
  2. ThePaw

    ThePaw I'm so seasonal it hurts, baby!

    Jun 22, 2010
    Any comments/suggestions are appreciated!
  3. DC

    DC Shake n Bake

    Jul 22, 2009
    well i didnt see this til now but....i wanna be number 1 lol. but yea i pretty much agree with all that. good write up and i love the detail
  4. Cimmy24

    Cimmy24 Candy Ass Self

    Jul 6, 2009
    Great job man...don't know why UVA is so LOW!!! Haha, thanks for the content.
  5. bigtubb_

    bigtubb_ Walk On

    Dec 10, 2009
    man I have to move up the board somehow. Hmmm I hope I knock off a great Cal team....

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