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"They Can't Beat Us"

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Mogriffjr, Oct 31, 2011.

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    Feb 10, 2009
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    After being away from the team for the Northwestern game due to losing power at home, there was some doubt if coach Moreecemos would be back in time for the big title game vs. PSU. Afterall, the last two times they met, Nebraska came out victorious as Big 10 champions. A win here and Nebraska would have won 4 straight Big 10 titles. "We have shown we are about business and we want to be the dominant program in this conference," said coach moreecemos. That would be quite the feat for a newcomer into the conference.

    Also lately, Nebraska's coach has been riding high and confidence against his greatest foe, coach jms493. "Right now how we've been riding high against their squad, and how we been playing against them, I think we have the mental advantage from the get-go," continued coach Moreecemos.

    For the 1st half of this game, it seemed that coach was right. Nebraska had slowly built a 14-0 lead going into halftime while shutting down PSU's offense. It seemed that Nebraska knew what Penn State was going to run in all aspects, sacking QB Rob Bolden, and forcing some turnovers, including a big time fumble by Bolden as DE Marvin Bowers picked up the ball and want 81 yards for the TD.

    But the other side of this story is how well PSU knows Nebraska. The Cornhusker offense was really stale for most of the game and they forced QB Brion Carnes into two INT's after the 2nd half started, both on long bombs down the field to stretch the field. Unfortunately, PSU played them better than Nebraska's WR's did. They would slowly inch their way to points on the board...a FG here, then a big TD off a fumble by Brion Carnes would put PSU to within 4, 14-10.

    Nebraska would have to get their offense in gear, 4th quarter time and Carnes needed to move the ball. Nebraska began to open up the offense and move the ball but PSU's defense made a big time stop, forcing a long FG, 58 yards...NAILED! 17-10 and all Nebraska had to do was play sound defense like they been doing all game. The next offensive play for PSU was a screen to RB Baker...for 81 yards...tie game.

    Nebraska needed to move the ball down the field and with over 2 minutes to go, they went to work...moving the ball up the field with a huge play a 17yd catch by WR Jamal Turner to get Nebraska well into FG range. With 20 seconds left on the clock, Nebraska went up 20-17 and with no timeouts left, PSU couldn't move the ball in time to set up a game tying FG. With the game seconds winding down to 0, coach Moreecemos turned to his QB Brion Carnes and said, "They can't be us." Nebraska now likely awaits Stanford if they win their conference title game or Ohio State, who could sneak in.

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