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    Jul 11, 2009

    - Octvious Hardy goes for 3 TD's to lead Jets over Broncos 38-35

    - Scobee hits another walk off this time from 50+ to end the game in regulation

    - Mr. Morgan had 243 yards receiving and 2 TD's for the J E T S

    - CAM CAM leads Panthers to huge division win over the Falcons accounting for 4 TD's 38-23 win.

    - AP goes for over 100 its like CANDY

    - CeeJay Kennedy throws 3 picks 0 TD's and the Falcons are head scratching

    - After several attempts the Titans beat the Giants 31-28 CJ2K goes for a retro effort of 196 yards and 3 scores

    - Ahmad Bradshaw had 2 TD's in a losing effort.

    - Packers get a sim win over the Saints I do believe 22-14

    - Texans are living the Good Life. 23-3 over the Chargers

    - Dozier goes for 288 and 1 with 0 picks while Tebow threw 2 picks

    - Tyjuan Grant making a strong case for hardware with his 10th pick of the season for the Texans

    - Tom Brady tosses 4 TD's and Quizzie Rodgers had over 100 all-purpose and a couple scores each way in a 38-31 thriller over the Dolphins

    - Cox rushed for 3 TD's for the Dolphin and 120 yards

    - Seahawks beat the Chiefs 24-7 . . . moving on

    - The Cardinals win over the 9ers 20-7. Manning tosses for 231 and 2 scores 0 picks

    - Eric Smith had 2 interceptions for the Cards

    - Riggs hurt the 9ers with only 1 TD to 3 interceptions. Crabtree snagged the beauty off a Playaction set up.

    - The Bengals show why they are tough when coached. win 31-29 over the Ravens

    - Ravens go with young QB Carillon who had 3 picks but 3 TD's and 286 yards passing

    - The Bengals were lead by Andy Dalton's 366 yard effort and 2 td passes (3picks)

    - Mike Vick leads Eagles to win 4 beating the hated Cowboys 21-13. Vick tossed 2 TD's in the win.

    - Arik Greene was able to force 2 fumbles for the Eagles as well

    - 10 wins for the Browns getting one over on the Steelers 26-14. Matt Schaub getting it done with 2 TD's 0 picks

    - The man right here!!! Marques Dawson Picks PIttsburgh Pockets 3 times

    - Vikes round the troops and gather at the tank losing to Bucs 13-10

    - SEYMOURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! 3 sacks for the veteran Buc

    - Shady McCoy had 124 and 1 in the loss.

    - Colts stay dominant beat Skins 33-14

    - Mark Ingram doing work with 130 and 3 Td's

    - Sanchez throws 4 picks in the loss

    - Llyod just keeps getting sacks 3 more for him along with 2 picks for Diggs.

    - Rams beat Raiders in a supersim move to 14-0 watch out Dolphins!!!!!!!!!

    -The Patty Cakes best the Lions 26-3.

    - Anthony steps up as Boone has struggled of late with 204 yards on the ground and a score

    - Culliver takes a step back with a 3 pick 0 TD day for the Lions
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