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-=-=-=THIS DEFENSE=-=-=- (WIP)

Discussion in 'Zeros to Heroes' started by fordtuff504, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. fordtuff504

    fordtuff504 Walk On

    Jan 7, 2010
    i wanted to do this last season when i was putting up my offensive stuff in our coordinators corner, but guys were killing it on defense last year so there was absolutely no need, but after this recent patch, fucking robo qb has returned with a super offensive line, wtf ea???

    if yall look at my games Z2H and Z2H HE, ive been getting fucked by the ai qb too and ill have yall kno, all not some but all of my picks 6's for sure have come frome reading hb screens so im lost and in the same boat as all of you guys, i feel your pain.

    im still getting used to this game AGAIN after this recent patch that didnt address anything it said it would imo. in this thread i will attempt to help users contain the ai passing game by understanding how to user pick, using base defenses and how to make proper adjustments, and

    The User Pick​

    first off, its different this year, very different, even with this lame "Ballhawk" feature. when attempting an int, do everything you'd normally do to get in position, that is try and get your guy in between the wr and the ball, strafe if you have to but in no way is it important as in years past, once you're ready to pick that shit off, just press triangle....WRONG!!! this year you have to rapidly tap triangle as well as L1 if you prefer to swat. with the "Ballhawk" feature you can hold triangle but i only suggest this for guys playing a mlb over the middle, in between the hashes.


    i will be updating this post as i get a better handle on this game post patch, its another learning curve i have to overcome to figure out the ai, just keep checking back, keep checking on aim
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