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This is why i love the leagues i play in

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by SUPERMAN2972, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. SUPERMAN2972

    SUPERMAN2972 Guest

    This is why i love the leagues i play in

    Last nights game against Lars was entertaining, good sportsmanship, just a all around good game. Even in defeat i was mad i lost but it was a good game vs a good coach. Good game Lars. While im here i would like to say to the commish's great job in running these league's Archie,PK, and Raz, great job.

    By the way HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!! to everyone.
  2. Larsccw

    Larsccw Guest

    Superman, it was a very fun game indeed and I had a great time. Good conversation, Good sportmanship, Good Sim. The game was close up till the end. I pulled 2 fieldgoals out of my ass. ( I normally suck badly at fieldgoals. )

    Thanks again Superman and good game to you. Maybe we will meet again in the SEC Championship game?

    And I agree, Archie,PK, and Raz all do a great job with these leagues.

    Happy Easter folks!

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