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THL Hub (Rules/Owners/History)

Discussion in 'THL: Tradition Hockey League (XBOX)' started by Fiddy14, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. Fiddy14

    Fiddy14 THL Commissioner

    Dec 6, 2011
    THL Game Format/Rules

    Quick Settings
    • NHL Schedule Period: 2 Weeks
    • Skill Level: All-Star
    • Game Style: Hardcore Simulation
    • Period Length: 5 Minutes
    • Offsides: Delayed
    • Icing: On
    • Injuries: On
    • Penalties: On
    • Post Whistle Rules: Authentic
    • Penalty Time Scaling: On
    • Fighting: On
    • Rules: NHL (Except Playoffs, see below)
    • Injuries: On
    • Fighting: On
    Advanced Settings
    • Playoff Series Length: Best of 7
    • Playoff Tie Break: Continuous OT
    • Season Overtime Loss: 1 Point
    • Season Tie Break: 5 Min (4 on 4) then Shootout
    • CPU Trades: On
    • Waivers: On
    • GM Connected Length: 25 Years
    • Starting Rosters: Current
    • NHL Salary Cap: On
    • Roster Type: Default
    • Tuner Set Version: Latest
    Backup Goalies
    • You must use your backup goalie at least 8 games.
    • If you dont play your backup goalie enough times, you will be removed from your team if they are in a Playoff spot.
    Running Up The Score
    • User vs User Games: If at anytime there is a 5 goal lead, that team will then be expected to respect their opponent and start dumping the puck in, dump and chase, dump and retreat etc. If a 6th goal is scored for a 6 goal lead by accident or just from the dump and chasing, please let your opponent know it wasnt on purpose. Any game that gets reported with more than a 5 goal difference will be investigated and you could be possibly removed at ANY time. No warning etc, you could be removed.
    • User vs CPU Games: There will be no goal limit as of right now vs the CPU. If i start to see a trend of 6, 7, 8, etc goal wins vs them, i will set a limit. If you dont follow that limit, you will be removed.
    Diving/Laying Down/Kneeling
    • Using the (LB) button is not allowed to keep the puck in the Offensive Zone.
    • Using the (LB) button in the neutral zone is not allowed.
    • Using the (LB) button to break up passes in Defensive Zone is allowed.
    • Diving will not be allowed to keep the puck in the Offensive Zone.
    • Laying Down on the ice and staying there will not be allowed in the Offensive and Defensive Zones.
    • Diving/Laying Down to block a shot is allowed in the Defensive Zone.
    • Diving/Laying Down to block a pass on odd man rushes is allowed in the Defensive Zone.
    • Diving will be allowed in the Offensive Zone when you pull your goalie late in the 3rd period and are desperately trying to keep the puck in.
    • Diving also is allowed when you are trying to break up a breakaway.
    • You must use the Scheduling Threads to communicate with the guys you need to play.
    • The above will be the only method monitored in determining scheduling issues/conflicts.
    • We will advance every Wednesday around 10am EST.
    • You can only trade 3 NHL Players per season.
    • You can only trade 5 Minor League Players per season.
    • No Trading of Draft Picks.
    • All trades will be reviewed by Fidd14, justca11mejuice, and niuhuskie224.
    • You can only pick up 2 players on Waivers per season.
    • All Waiver claims will be reviewed by Fiddy14, justca11mejuice, and niuhuskie224.
    Free Agents
    • You can only pick up 1 Free Agent Player per season.
    • All Free Agent pick ups will be reviewed by Fiddy14, justc11mejuice, and niuhuskie224.
    Scoring/Strategy Tips
    • Mix up your play, do not score the same goals over and over.
    • Bottom line guys, don't be one dimensional.
    • Practice with the game in practice mode on different scoring attempts.
    • Goal variety is terrible in this NHL series, so we have to work a bit to see different types of goals.
    The EA NHL Series since NHL 07 has been an arcade game with sim/realistic elements. Its and up and down game that's easy to pick up and play for anyone, but does have some learning curve even with that said.
    Here are some basic ways to score...

    • Basic wrist shot in the circles or between them (aim at different parts of the net with these).
    • Basic slap shot from the points (like above, aim at different parts of the net).
    • Deflections from wrist and slap shots.
    • Breakaway backhand shot.
    • Breakaway forehand shot.
    • Breakaway forehand to backhand deke to either side of the posts.
    • Breakaway backhand to forehand deke to either side of the posts.
    • Breakaway forehand to backhand deke to five hole.
    • Breakaway backhand to forehand deke to five hole.
    • Cross crease passes to either side of the net on the rush or setup in the zone.
    • Wraparounds to either side of the net.
    • Fake shots by clicking down the R-Stick and making your player leg kick then shoot.
    • Fake a shot on a breakaway and then try any of the above moves mentioned.
    • Advanced dekes, one handed (the Forsberg) etc.

    Obviously everyone plays different, guys that play good defense will limit scoring chances, but that doesn't mean try the same thing over and over.

    Guys that score a decent bit, challenge yourself to score all sorts of different ways.


    Another thing is, guys get frustrated by giving up a lot of chances and lack of chances on the other end. Do you know you can change your strategies and they actually will help out? You can change the strategies from the edit line screen prior to the game starting, from the pause menu, and with the D-Pad during the game.

    Here are some basic ways to play defense...

    Giving up a lot of breakaways and odd man rushes? Change to a defend lead, collapse, protect net defense.

    Want to pressure the puck more? Play full attack, high pressure defense.

    Want players to crash the net? Hit the 'B" button and then the "Y" button to cycle through each lines offensive strategies. Same goes for the defense.

    Also, on defense don't try and hit everything that moves. That maybe why you giving up a ton of chances/goals. Stay in position, use the poke check button. Block passes in between the circles or the net with the LB button etc. Bottom line, stay in position. Don't run around!!

    I cant tell you how many guys i play are clueless of this stuff. Trust me, make some of these adjustments and you will notice a difference in your game.

    I hope these tips can help everyone get better in some type of way.
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  2. Fiddy14

    Fiddy14 THL Commissioner

    Dec 6, 2011
    THL Season 3 Teams (12 Owner Cap Limit)


    Eastern Conference

    Atlantic Division
    Boston Bruins - CPU
    Buffalo Sabres - CPU
    Detroit Red Wings - CPU
    Florida Panthers - CPU
    Montreal Canadiens - Ya Dunn Know
    Ottawa Senators -
    Tampa Bay Lightning - CPU
    Toronto Maple Leafs - CPU

    Metropolitan Division
    Carolina Hurricanes -
    Columbus Blue Jackets - BERMAN x740x
    New Jersey Devils - CPU
    New York Islanders - CPU
    New York Rangers - BenchBoss67
    Philadelphia Flyers - CPU
    Pittsburgh Penguins - Fiddy14
    Washington Capitals - CPU


    Western Conference

    Central Division
    Chicago Blackhawks - niuhuskie224
    Colorado Avalanche - CPU
    Dallas Stars - CPU
    Minnesota Wild - TheCrumbIsHere
    Nashville Predators -
    St. Louis Blues - Ricky Boots
    Winnipeg Jets - CPU

    Pacific Division
    Anaheim Ducks - Nvschultz1325
    Calgary Flames - CPU
    Edmonton Oilers - justca11mejuice
    Los Angeles Kings - gi1jam
    Phoenix Coyotes -CPU
    San Jose Sharks - CPU
    Vancouver Canucks - CPU
  3. Fiddy14

    Fiddy14 THL Commissioner

    Dec 6, 2011
    THL Hall Of Fame

    THL Stanley Cup Champions

    Conn Smythe Trophy
    • (S1) Antti Niemi (San Jose Sharks) Slice51
    • (S2) Guillaume Latendresse (Minnesota Wild)
    Clarence S. Campbell Bowl
    • (S1) N/A
    • (S2) N/A
    Prince of Wales Trophy
    • (S1) N/A
    • (S2) N/A
    Presidents Trophy
    • (S1) Winnipeg Jets (14-4-4) 32 PTS Fiddy14
    • (S2) Los Angeles Kings (18-3-1) Fiddy14
    Hart Memorial Trophy
    • (S1) Daniel Sedin (Vancouver Canucks) Nvschultz1325
    • (S2) Niklas B├Ąckstrom (Minnesota Wild) tw0d1ce)
    Vezina Trophy
    • (S1) Ondrej Pavelec (11-3-2) (Winnipeg Jets) Fiddy14
    • (S2) Fiddy14 (18-3-1) (Los Angeles Kings) *Team Award
    James Norris Memorial Trophy
    • (S1) Selvy9 (GA: 27) (Los Angeles Kings)
    • (S2) tw0d1ce (GA: 29) (Minnesota Wild)
    Lady Byng Memorial Trophy
    • (S1) Cheez (Chicago Blackhawks)
    • (S2) Slice51 (Boston Bruins)
    Jack Adams Award
    Art Ross Trophy
    • (S1) Daniel Sedin (20 PTS) (Vancouver Canucks) Nvschultz1325
    • (S2) N/A
    Maurice Richard Trophy
    • (S1) Daniel Sedin (10) (Vancouver Canucks) Nvschultz1325
    • (S2) Fiddy14 (63) (Los Angeles Kings) *Team Award

    • All (S1) Awards were based off a 22 game schedule.
    • Some actual individual awards are given out to a team owner instead of a player.
  4. Fiddy14

    Fiddy14 THL Commissioner

    Dec 6, 2011
    THL Banned Owners
    • Patriot9 (Washington Capitals) Went MIA for a few weeks, no response to emails etc.
    • dangerousjd (Pittsburgh Penguins) He quit in the middle of Game 2 of the THL Stanley Cup Finals and removed everyone off of his list. No clue what brought this on, but cant be tolerated.
    • Corey Haggard (Toronto Maple Leafs) Drafted the Maple Leafs, then i was informed he left the site and left us hanging without letting me know.
    • Bl0ndeRedHead (Philadelphia Flyers) Never signed into the league, wasted our time.
    • Jags218 Never signed into the league, wasted our time.
    • Fmode11 (Washington Capitals) Played one game, didnt respond to scheduling attempts, then asked to be removed bc he felt he didnt have the time to play.
    • NeuroticTruth (Detroit Red Wings) Drafted a team, played through a few advances, ignored scheduling attempts (mentioned he didnt see tags), then asked to be removed bc he wasnt having fun.
    • kcstlmang (Boston Bruins) Quit mid game and said he was done with the league. His DNF was at 4% vs CPU and at 16% vs other users.
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