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THL (S1) Official League Page/Info etc...

Discussion in 'THL: Tradition Hockey League (XBOX)' started by Fiddy14, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. Fiddy14

    Fiddy14 THL Commissioner

    Dec 6, 2011
    im gonna use this page to link ya where ya need to be.. i will then clean all this up when the other admins get things set the way i wanted..
    here is the official league site link.. (if you click on team name on standings page, it will take you to the team home as well. schedule and player info all in that screen.)

    the above link will eventually be added above, it will look like its own sub forum, but when you click it the web page will load in the same window.

    we will have some kinks to work out thats for sure.. so if you have any issues, questions, etc, please email/pm me.

    everything that gets added to the page above has to be added by me manually. they are working on a submit feature for the site (for all leagues). that should be done when NHL 13 drops!!

    with that said, here is how i want the scores to be posted (there will be a dedicated thread for you to post the results in, i then will add them to league page etc. (ignore the soccer icons for now LOL, that will be a puck here very soon..

    The winner of the game will post the results.

    Team Stats
    (Home Team always on left. Game below, the Red Wings were home team.)

    Red Wings 3 - 2 Penguins Final (add OT/SO if needed)

    • Shots 31-25 Pittsburgh (add team name who had more shots)
    • Hits 20-17 Red Wings (add team name who had more hits)
    • Penalty Minutes Pittsburgh (add team name who had more penalty minutes)
    Player Stats (add goals and assists below, note PP goals, and SH goals)
    :goal:= Goals
    :assist: = Assists
    :1stars:= #1 Star Of The Game
    :yellowcard:= Goalie Win
    :redcard:= Goalie Loss

    Red Wings
    :goal:Lindstrom :assist:(Bertuzzi, Datsyuk) PP
    :goal:Datsyuk SH

    :goal: Neal:assist:(Malkin, Kunitz) PP

    THL Player Of The Game (#1 Star, check this in post game menu as well)

    (the icons found above, which i mentioned will be pucks in due time, are found in the reply thread under the smilyes, please use the soccer stuff until the pucks are added.)

    League/Team Schedule (drop down menu for Team Schedules on the right.)


    League Leaders


    Referees (yes, i added Refs LOL)


    i will update this as need be, so keep your eyes on this thread and your emails. i would actually recommend to click the "watch forum" button/link found just above the sticky threads to the right..


    THL Rules/Format


    Scoring/Strats Thread (mix it up!!)


    i know this is a bit of a change for most of us, in terms of stats etc. guys have asked for it, we had a place before that didnt want it, so lets see how this works out. we can always cut back for NHL 13. but for now, lets see how it goes!!

    thats all for now, look for a schedule thread to be up very soon.. (1st 10 games for each team will be open). i will make a results thread as well.
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