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THL (S3) GM Connected: Trades, Free Agent Signings, Waiver Claims Completed Thread

Discussion in 'THL: Tradition Hockey League (XBOX)' started by justca11mejuice, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. justca11mejuice

    justca11mejuice Walk On

    Aug 1, 2012
    This thread will be updated with THL (S3) Trades, Free Agent Signings, and Waiver Claims.

    Rules reminder on each below..


    • You can only trade 3 NHL Players per season.
    • You can only trade 5 Minor League Players per season.
    • No Trading Of Draft Picks
    • All trades will be reviewed by Fidd14, justca11mejuice, and niuhuskie224.
    • You can only pick up 2 players on Waivers per season.
    • All Waiver claims will be reviewed by Fiddy14, justca11mejuice, and niuhuskie224.
    Free Agents
    • You can only pick up 1 Free Agent Player per season.
    • All Free Agent pick ups will be reviewed by Fiddy14, justc11mejuice, and niuhuskie224.


    THL (S3) Trades/ Completed

    St. Louis Blues ( Ricky Boots )
    Traded - Steen (NHL) and Rattie (AHL)
    Acquired (Hurricanes) - Skinner (NHL) and Murphy (AHL)
    Philadelphia Flyers ( publik drunk )
    Traded - Pronger (NHL) and Konan (AHL)
    Acquired (Sabres) - Myers (NHL)
    Montreal Canadiens ( Ya Dunn Know )
    Traded - Plekanec (NHL)
    Acquired (Panthers) - Huberdeau (NHL)
    Montreal Canadiens ( Ya Dunn Know )
    Traded - Galchenyuk (NHL) and Leblanc (AHL)
    Acquired (Coyotes) - Stone (NHL) Domi (CHL)
    Los Angeles Kings ( gi1jam )
    Traded - Toffoli (NHL) and Clifford (NHL)
    Acquired (Hurricanes) - Steen (NHL) and Faulk (NHL)
    (note: this trade was DECLINED, but for some reason the game accepted it regardless.)
    Edmonton Oilers
    ( justca11mejuice )
    Traded - Gernat (AHL)
    Acquired (Sabres) - Bailey (AHL)
    Edmonton Oilers ( justca11mejuice )
    Traded - Hemsky (NHL) and Yakupov (NHL)
    Acquired (Avalanche) - Landeskog (NHL) and Downie (NHL)
    Los Angeles Kings ( gi1jam )
    Traded - Green (NHL) and Fraser (NHL)
    Anaheim Ducks ( Nvschultz1325 )
    Traded - Silverberg (NHL) and Lindhom (AHL)
    Los Angeles Kings ( gi1jam )
    Traded - Ellerby (NHL)
    Acquired (Lightning) - Kucherov (AHL)
    Edmonton Oilers ( justca11mejuice )
    Traded - Smyth (NHL)
    Acquired (Panthers) - McFarland (AHL)


    THL (S3) Free Agent Signings

    Pittsburgh Penguins ( Fiddy14 )
    Signed - Kobasew (RW)


    THL (S3) Waiver Claims

    Chicago Blackhawks ( niuhuskie224 )
    Claimed - Bartley (D) from the Nashville Predators

    Chicago Blackhawks ( niuhuskie224 )
    Claimed - Daugavins (LW) from the Boston Bruins

    (Chicago is at its waiver claim limit for the season.)

    Los Angeles Kings ( gi1jam )
    Claimed - Butler (RW) from the Florida Panthers

    Los Angeles Kings ( gi1jam )
    Claimed - Schultz (D) from the Tampa Bay Lightning
    (this claim will be ignored, he took the team over, and the game still placed this guy on waivers)


    Ya Dunn Know
    Ricky Boots
    BERMAN x740x

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