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Tigers 2015 Review and 2016 Preview

Discussion in 'Team News' started by Sharkman37, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Sharkman37

    Sharkman37 Walk On

    Mar 20, 2012

    2015 Year in Review and 2016 Preview:
    by Bob Frapples - Detroit Free Press

    It has taken a long time... having endured much ridicule from their peers when they trade most everyone away... Lost guys to career ending injuries and had their fair share of prospects flame out. It took a little over half the year last year until finally, the Tigers played how they were always envisioned to play, and took off to 47 games over .500 from the break on and bulldozed their way to 107 regular season victories and a World Series win over the very respected Atlanta Braves. During the magical season, we saw seven rookies make their debut, saw guys like Tyson Ross blossom to an ace; saw one of the rook's, LF - Virgil "The Cooler King" Hilts win the AL ROY, Joba Chamberlain win the AL Relief Award, Justin Verlander win his second Cy Young.

    So what will they do as an encore? First off, they signed Jonathan Papelbon to help bolster a bullpen that was 4th overall in the AL last year. For the rest, they are riding with most of the other regulars that are still young and developing, sprinkled in with a few rookies that are looking to make their mark. With most of their team young and making 480K, the Tigers are able to spend lavishly on guys like Papelbon and can stomach the acceleration of contracts such as Cliff Lee and Carl Crawford, fueling more money into future year coffers. Ownership is well aware of the ticking time bomb of needing to sign the core team that right now, all make 480k and will be looking for hefty raises in the future. The first of those, Tyson Ross, cashed in this year.

    But enough about that. This writer thinks the Tigers have started the beginning of a dynasty. A dynasty of big money and big results that will irritate most of the other teams in the league. The beginning of a New Evil Empire. So strap in boys, this will be quite the joy ride. muhahahahaha!;)

    So without further ado (and to I expect - a lot of boos) here are your 2016 Detroit Tigers:

    C - Wilson Ramos
    1B - Francisco Grinaldo / Daric Barton
    2B - Drake Hollow
    SS - Devon Marrero
    3B - Corey Seager
    LF - Virgil "The Cooler King" Hilts
    CF - KK Ashley
    RF - Nelson Perez
    DH - Tyler Collins
    Super Sub - Grant Green

    SP - Justin Verlander
    SP - Kree Falcon
    SP - Zach Grienke
    SP - Tyson Ross
    SP - AJ Vulcan
    CL - Jonathan Papelbon/Joba the Hutt
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