Titans - Ox

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Titans - Ox

    Running Game
    • Toss to the left, Offtackle to the right
    • Toss plays, Toss plays (Weak + Weak Twin TE)
    • Off - Tackle

    Passing Game
    • Play-action from I-form
    • Screens (Gun Split Back + Gun Doubles)
    • Will Scramble when first read is not open
    • Watch Bootleg from undercenter wants to run with Young

    Fav. Formations
    • Weak + Weak Twin TE ( Toss)
    • Strong Close (Off Tackle)
    • Gun Trips Wing (CJ is the wing, its Spacing or all verts)
    • Gun Split Back ( in 3rd + long= screen)

    • Either Balitmore or Jets
    • Nickel Odd = man or cover 2 (you will see it a lot)
    • rarely blitzes
    • Likes to go for the strip = easily broken tackles

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