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Title Game Which Wasn't

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by kinqskid, May 31, 2011.

  1. kinqskid

    kinqskid Walk On

    May 26, 2011
    For the past few weeks, their have been rumors that Florida State may get a chance to play Oregon again this year in the BCS National Championship Game. Both teams were steamrolling their way throughout the season edging themselves closer to that top seed.

    After both teams beat their season ending rivals, (FSU vs Miami in ACC Champ Game and Oregon vs USC) the finals matchup was set. It would be a rematch of an exciting Week 2 game in which Oregon beat FSU 56-49. Oregon jumped out to a commanding 49-29 lead, then FSU made a outstanding charge to tie it at 49-49 with under a minute left, but Oregon calmly drove down the field and scored with only 11 seconds left to seal the victory.

    This isn’t the first time these two teams played a classic game to the last second. Three seasons ago in the Orange Bowl, FSU beat Oregon in OT as they returned an INT for a game ending TD on the first possession of OT.

    So the hype was building as these two powerhouses would meet again for only the 3rd time in history, this time for the BCS National Championship and to break their 1 -1 tie. Would the defending champions Oregon repeat, or would FSU making their first Championship game appearance rise to the occasional and win the title?

    But..something happened on the way. ..Software glitch causing the game to be cancelled after 8 attempts to play throughout the glitch..

    “I have players in the locker room crying, because they fought hard to be in this game and not having the opportunity to play just destroyed them.” FSU Coach Kinqskid said. “ “I remember walking in these players home 4 years ago asking them to be a part of this wonderful organization, these players gave their heart and soul for 4 years to our program, never got into any trouble and missed a change of a lifetime.” he stated. “We had several players whom would have been top picks in last years NFL Draft deciding to come back this season just for this game, now their careers are over, we told them those who stay would be Champions.” “It’s bittersweet because we will never get a chance to see these players assembled together on the field again.” Kingskids was telling the Miami Newspaper.

    “We want to thank Oregon and their players for being willing to try everything in their power to get this game going, unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be.” “We now move on and look forward to our last season in NCAA 11 before 12 comes out.”
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  2. -Balla-

    -Balla- Walk On

    May 27, 2011

    With all the turmoil surrounding the National Championship game not being played today due to a software glitch, it appears there MIGHT be a chance to get the game actually played instead of simming it. The last option would be to remove both users from the dynasty, re-invite them and then let them play the game. It's a longshot but it has been done before and actually worked. The decision now rests with Commish -4-.....We should hear the Commish's decision by early tomorrow morning at the latest!!! Stay Tuned!!

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