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TMFL Draft Recaps

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by Darkwing, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Darkwing

    Darkwing One Nation Under God

    Jul 15, 2011
    • Every owner please post a detailed or brief summary on your draft.
    • Just a little something to compare our views and look back on in future seasons...
    2012 Jacksonville Jaguars Recap:

    My hand was forced in this one. Unlike the real-life Jags, I wanted badly to draft a WR with my first round pick. However the top 2 pass catchers were off the board by the time I was on the clock with the 11th selection. Instead I had my biggest defensive need fall into my lap as I took SS Jonny Kohlhausen out of Duke at an 80 overall with 99 potential.

    The second round shaped up much like the first. I felt Haynes (Rams) and Sales (Bills) would be solid pickups at that point but both were gone and I turned back to defense. With my 3rd best corner being a 70 overall I selected Derron Charles CB from BYU.

    The third round was exciting. It kicked off by Nutter and I agreeing on a deal that should benefit both sides very well.
    The Jaguars received WR Eric Decker, Broncos 3rd round pick for this and next season.
    The Broncos received CB Rod Issac, Jaguars 1st round pick next season.

    I felt the extra pick this round would be critical as I wanted another receiver along with a backup RB. I was also hoping to make a returner of one of those picks. The Rams delivered a blow to my hopes as the man I had targeted was taken one spot before me. I settled on WR Donterrius Jones out of USF and replaced Issac with CB Khaynin Stewart from Michigan with my pick from the Broncos. I finished up my draft by taking a potential returner in RB Brennen Hamilton in the 4th round.

    The Jaguars shored up all immediate team needs to be a solid group next season. Sure I got the starting receiver I needed through a trade but I was able to draft a day one starting strong safety along with a solid corner that will play out of the gate and maybe one day fill in for Mathis. This isn't an All-Pro team but I'm in a position where all I need next draft are backups for the future. The only regret was letting a little panic emotion get the best of me after trading CB Issac away and drafting a 4 spot corner to fill in for him instead of nabbing the best player left at that point in FB Daquan Armstrong who would have been an absolute steal at 81 overall with 97 potential and 80 run blocking.

    Draft Pick List:
    1. (11) - SS Jonny Kohlhausen
    2. (43) - CB Derron Charles
    3. (75) - WR Donterrius Jones
    4. (79) - CB Khaynin Stewart (from Denver)
    5. (107) - HB Brennan Hamilton
    6. (139) - WR LaKieth Campbell
    7. (171) - CB Marquiste Holloway
    8. (203) - TE Frederick Jefferson
    [​IMG]Team Grade: B-
  2. Keller

    Keller The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Apr 14, 2010
    Buffalo Bills:
    Not surprisingly, the Bills realized the enormity of their rebuilding process and got started immediately Before draft day, the Bills traded veteran MLB Kirk Morrison to the New England Patriots for who they perceive as the QB of the future, Ryan Mallett. Additionally, the Bills also continued their youth movement, trading MLB N. Barnett to the NY Giants for their 2nd and 3rd round picks. Buffalo's roster turnover has begun.

    Following the disastrous season, Buffalo's 5th overall selection had to be used wisely, "We didn't feel like the players we wanted were going to be available when we were selecting so we were actively trying to move back to compile picks and players. Luckily it worked out in our favor" said Coach K after the draft. The Bills traded their 5th overall selection to the New Orleans Saints for their first round 26th overall, 2nd round and LB Martez Wilson. "We feel like Martez will come in and start immediately for us on the outside and the opportunity to essentially get 3 players for 1 pick was too great to pass up."

    Buffalo then used the 26th overall selection on CB Dallas Alford (77ovr), a big fast kid who offers some flexibility on defense with his type of athleticism.

    At the 5th spot in the 2nd round, the Bills took another big, fast player - WR Jawaun Sales (70ovr). He should help blow the top off of defenses when teams decided to stack against the run.

    With the 22nd pick in the 2nd round, the Bills selected TE Jonathan Hammonds (75ovr) a nice receiving TE prospect that the Bills offense desperately lacks.

    The 3rd 2nd round selection the Bills had, they used on ROLB Jack Burch (75ovr), who will challenge incumbent starter Shawne Merriman for a starting job.

    At the 5th spot in the 3rd round, the Bills grabbed the best player they saw on the board, DT Keron Spence (75ovr) who figures to play a small role in Nickel and Dime packages or as a future starter in a few seasons.

    22nd spot in the 3rd round, CB Markeese Andrews (73ovr) should see time at the Nickel spot.

    5th spot in 4th round, MLB Leron Robinson (64ovr) who projects as a starter in a year or two.

    That means the Bills had 7 picks of the top 100 - yielding 3 starters immediately and all 7 players figure to be starters at some point for the Bills. This draft was about quantity, not quality. Given that Buffalo didn't really net any elite players from this draft, there's no way you can give them a passing grade. The best player they received, they traded for. I'd give them a C+ at best.
  3. Emmdotfrisk

    Emmdotfrisk Working half days on my days off.

    Oct 8, 2009
    Nice idea guys... I had 12 picks lol so I am planning to post mine soon
  4. antcap24

    antcap24 Walk On

    Sep 1, 2010
    Atlanta Falcons:

    The Falcons faced a tough cap situation with numerous players to sign. They were able to sign CB Grimes, CB Hayden, DE Abraham, and LB Lofton all in which were vital parts to their success. Being able to keep all 11 starters on Defense was a main focus. Unfortunately, they had to part way with some pieces of depth in SS Sanders, LB Peterson which are both 80+ players that saw action as starters due to injuries. On the offense side of the ball, the Falcons were able to sign TE Gonzalez, C McClure, and WR Douglas. They had to part ways with FB Mughelli (90+).

    Prior to the draft the Falcons were able to strike a deal with the Washington Redskins in which would send TE F.Davis in exchange for the Falcons 3rd Round pick.
    The Falcons had a TE on their draft board in the 3rd Round if the right player would fall to them. When Davis was made available they decided to sure up the opportunity to grab a TE that they could use right away in 2 TE sets as well as a potential replacement for Gonzalez if he ever decides to retire.

    Going into the draft with the Falcons are selecting at 32. They had their sights on 1 of 2 players. C Beau McQueen or LG Joe Banks. After the CPU Packers takes McQueen, LG Joe Banks(A Potential) falls to the Falcons and we select him to be our starting guard. This was a position of need as Matt Ryan took WAY too many sacks last year and we needed to sure up some protection.

    The 2nd Round comes and players that the Falcons were seeking were dropping like flies. From DT prospects to S hopefulls, the players that were targeted were no longer. The Falcons draft knew that if those players were not going to be their they would select a "Boris Roland" deep threat. The Falcons had two guys they had coveted Rashaad Snow and Dominique Taylor. When rival Carolina picked Snow two picks ahead of the Falcons, the decision was easy and Taylor becomes a Falcon.

    Falcons select a 6'1 CB in the 4th round with some nice speed and acceleration. He looks like a sure Special Teamer to start his career and a plug in guy if any injuries to exist.

    Rounds 5-7 the Falcons did not retain their players making the picks irrelevant.

    All in all, I would rate the Falcons picks as a B. They were able to get a player in which they desired in a position of need to immediately start. They took a gamble in Taylor in the 2nd round, but coach antcap24 has had success in the past with similiar players. 3rd round they get TE Fred Davis from the Redskins, and pick up a big, fast CB in the 4th for the future.
  5. fuzzyl0gic

    fuzzyl0gic No new friends

    Apr 14, 2010
    Yeah, that was a tough decision for me. I didn't know if I should really go after a 69 ovr C pot WR in the second round, but his size (6'4") and 96 speed, along with 81 catching and 99 CIT sold me on the risk. He should be a solid slot receiver.
  6. fuzzyl0gic

    fuzzyl0gic No new friends

    Apr 14, 2010
    Carolina Panthers:
    The Panthers made a drastic move before the draft in trading their star HB DeAngelo Williams to the Bengals for a first round pick and young DT Pat Sims. The coaching staff felt Jonathan Stewart and Mike Goodson were more than capable of executing the type of offense they want to run. Carolina is going to start 4 of 5 of their draftees, the 5th pick is going to be a return guy on special teams.​
    With the 17th pick in the first round from the Bengals, the Panthers drafted FS Bradley Beasley out of UCF:​
    The 30th Pick:​
    With pick 62, the Panthers took a gamble on WR Rashaad Snow out of Baylor. With his size and speed, hopefully he can create headaches for opposing defensive coordinators:​
    With the 94th pick, the Panthers picked up a starting FB. He has decent speed and running abilities, along with some run blocking abilities:​
    With pick 126, the Panthers drafted a return specialist. With 98 speed and 75 carrying, hopefully he can create some big plays on special teams:​
    Overall Grade: B​
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  7. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Charles is really solid. I drafted him in GMFL (funny how the 2 OFs I'm in have had 2 drafts and they've been the same classes). He was my #1 corner year 1 and had 4 picks and locked down a lot of great WRs. I think Larry Fitz had 4 catches for 31 yards in 2 games on Charles.
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  8. bringbackjimmy

    bringbackjimmy WTFWTTD

    Feb 10, 2009
    1.The Cowboys were looking to move into the top hoping to get the MLB, but when he was selected by the vikings we backed out of the trade and decided to wait and hope are 2nd target was avail at 20. The cowboys were extremely happy when he was and selected Na'Quan Watson out of georgia. At 6'2" 315lbs with 97 STR he should be a force for the cowboys 3-4 Defense.

    2.The cowboys struck a deal with this pick landing D.Hall and swapping picks in the 4th.

    3.The cowboys took WR Kelcy Haynes out of Baylor in the 3rd after shopping the pick. he has pretty good potential and great cit making the cowboys happy with the pick. he should fight D.Harris as the slot WR.

    4.Cowboys took a pass rusher here in Conor Murphy. with 90 spd he shouuld be able to give some headaches to opposing T as they will be forced into 1-1 situations, because ware is on the other side..

    5. took the best cb avail Leventrice Malone, but at 5'9" it looks like he'll be relugated to the slot and dime packages when he gets into the game. merely a depth pick.

    6.another depth pick was Torrea Walters who may get soke playing time if the cowboys can't get another safety into camp.

    7.Brenden shuping a depth oline pick..

    grade B. picking at 20 grabbing 2 starter through picks or trades is a good move forward for a team barely missing the playoffs.
  9. NDCOLTS1979

    NDCOLTS1979 I love you red solo cup

    Oct 17, 2009
    Seattle Seahawks
    Seattle chose Cobie Ross with the 22nd pick. He has good size and great speed. He will be a great all around back. 96spd 96acc and 81str. At 6'0"219lbs he will be the new #1 hb for the Seahawks due to his power and speed. Lynch will either be traded or released if Ross can deliver like we think he can.
    With the 33rd pick we went defense and built the Dline up. It came with Jarrett Duncan DT he is a big boy and will control the inside of the line. 6'3" 337lbs and 96 strength will make him a day one starter. He is a very intelligent young man and will help build the Seahawks new look defense.
    With the 40th pick the decision was to get our franchise qb. New coach dont believe in having a qb who can run so the went out and grabbed the only guy Peyton Manning could out run and thats Clay Harris. At 6'4' 227lbs he has size and a very strong arm. 45spd but has 95thp. He will also be a day one starter and control the team from day one.
    With the 65th pick Seattle once again went for a big boy on the dline. This time they grabbed C.J Marks 6'3" 332lbs. He has 91str and 80acc which will be a nice burst off the dline. He is also going to be a day 1 starter.
    With the 68th pick and the whoops pick we grabbed a punter alls i know he better be a Lechler or C'mon Man will be posted on this pick. We grabbed him an will start him as our punter was waived. He was very unhappy with the pick but thats life.
    97th pick it went hb again. Trevor Lewandowski he is a speed back but i drafted him to see if we could fit his name on the jersey. still TBD
    The 129th pick went to another big boy. Hey big boys need loving to. Sam Riley 6'3" 313lbs C has average strength good acc our strength and conditioning coach has already revoked Crispy Creme and put him on the weights
  10. Matrix Monkey

    Matrix Monkey Walk On

    Apr 7, 2009
    Indianapolis Colts

    The Colts went into the draft with a lot of needs. They were unable to retain two key free agents in WR Reggie Wayne and DE Robert Mathis so they needed to do their best to shore up some holes.

    (1)(18) DT Stephon McConico (79) - The Colts needed a lot of help at the DT after trotting out nothing but journeyman at the position all last season and with the best corners and WRs off the board they got the best DT available (since the Chiefs had to take that sweet NT at 14)

    (2)(50) DT Jamius Chow (76) - We still needed help along the defensive line and just went with the best available player, both these DTs will probably be starters in their rookie season.

    (3)(82) MLB Devante McCleskey (72) - The LB position only had 5 players under contract so we needed to fill out a bit and did well to get a nice fast/hard hitting/heady LBer like McClesky who may even take over for Gary Brackett one day.

    (4)(114) QB Brandan Bartz (72) - We were planning to draft CB Quentin Battle (74) but the picks zipped a long when the war room was on a break and the commissioner selected Bartz for us instead. Battle ended up going with the next pick #116 overall to the Cardinals =[

    (5)(146) CB Jaren Altime (52) - This pick was also selected by the commissioner since the war room couldn't find any other useful players to draft they decided to pack up and go home early. He at least fills a need position on the roster but might not make the team and will play special teams if he does.

    (6)(178) WR Darius Holmes (61) - We were low on WRs so he helps fill a hole but isn't an effective receiver but will probably be used as a returner thanks to his blazing speed and shifty moves.

    (7)(210) WR Tyre Charles (65) - Another player that fills a hole since we only had two TEs under contract however he might not make final cuts as he doesn't excel at catching passes or blocking.

    A decent draft, we still have a lot of holes on the roster but thankfully we have a decent amount of cap space to rectify that and we got 2 defensive starters and a nice return man.
  11. kdpnutter

    kdpnutter Walk On

    Aug 31, 2010
    Denver Broncos
    Denver went into this draft with new General Manager Nutter in place working for Vice President of Football Operations John Elway, Denver is going to go with the Tim Tebow experiment and have been pleased with how the locker room reacted to Tebow and the kid's willing ability to continue working. However, before the draft Denver did re-sign Kyle Orton as the back-up in case all the punishment Tebow takes gets to be too much for him.
    First Round #15: Denver wanted to go MLB and had their player ready to go but due to technical issues weren't able to get there pick into the Commissioner in time, so the Broncos were given DE Raymond Gilbert, who was regarded as one of the top prospects at DE. Gibson will take over for Robert Ayers and be lined up on the other side of Elvis Dumervil and the 4-3 Broncos defense. Giving the Broncos two of the best pass rushers in the league, to combat some of the great QB's in the AFC.​
    Second Round #47: Denver in the second round was hoping that the top MLB would slip down to them but unfortunately a few slots before hand he was taken by the Cowboys, so in the second round Denver went with MLB Darian Wheeler who is said to be the top hitting MLB in the draft and once you get in his grasp is almost impossible to get out. Wheeler will get the chance to face off with Joe Mays for the starting job at MLB.​
    In round three the Broncos made a deal for the future, trading their third round pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars along with a third for next season and WR Eric Decker for a 1st Round Pick next season and CB Rod Isaac, which is where the Broncos were going to go in the third round (actually the Jags drafted the same guy I was going too)​
    Round 4 #111: Denver in this round went to the front line getting big DT Carter Johnson, with Ty Warren coming to the end of his career the Broncos wanted to find a big body to take over up front and Carter gives good size and great strength to give the big guys up front a breather when needed and potentially taking over the starting job in the years to come.​
    Round 5 #143: Denver with the departure of Decker went WR here and drafted WR Dextrell Wallace, Wallace has some good hands and some size, and has some good wheels, Wallace is said to be slated for special teams this year and will probably see the bulk of the return duties this season both on kicks and punts.​
    Round 6 #175: Denver at this point would go to the OLB position to find a good special teams player and be able to give a break to DJ Williams and took OLB Anthony Benjamin. Benjamin is another hard hitter and goes along the lines with Denver's defensive philosophy of "If we wind up not being able to beat you, we will certainly beat you up." For years it has worked for Baltimore and Pittsburgh and even the early 2000's Patriots. Denver has gone this way defensively.​
    Round 7 #207: Denver would draft a special teams player, but due to a poor interview when meeting General Manager Nutter, he was cut by the Broncos so nothing of substance to report.​
    Overall Grade: B​
    Denver got better defensively and really are turning into a tough defensive unit, but the offensive fire power was not addressed. Question remains does Tebow have enough weapons around him......​

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