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TMFL Fun Facts through Season 3

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by publik drunk, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. publik drunk

    publik drunk King of the East

    Jun 21, 2013
    This has been a really fun cycle with the competitive state of the league thought I would share some things I have found surprising through the first 3 seasons.

    1) NFC where anyone can make the playoffs

    This cycle we have had 13 of the 16 teams in the NFC make the playoffs. Of the teams that haven't made the dance (Washington, Green Bay, and Tampa Bay) only Tampa hasn't been in contention for a playoff birth going into Week 17. Bringing in a veteran in BRUCE80 we could see that change soon for sure.

    2) Pencil them in

    This cycle we have had 3 teams that have won their division every year. The Eagles, Raiders, and Patriots have been the class of their divisions from the start and have clinched prior to week 17 each year.

    3) Here we go again

    Just like last cycle the division dominating User turnover is the NFC South. We have now turned over EVERY team in the South which has resulted in 4 of our 6 user turns.

    4) How he drew it up

    I have been a huge fan of the way Black Republican put the divisions together in team selection and to see the results go no further than the NFC North. We have heard the banter from other divisions on how easy it would be to make the playoffs being a North team but in truth this division has been the most competitive. In 3 years it has been represented by 3 different teams AND the team that hasn't won the division (Green Bay) had a chance to win it in Week 17 a year ago. Last cycle a couple of these users were in divisions with the heavy hitters and I don't think I'm out of line speaking for them in saying this has to be a much more enjoyable cycle.

    5) Playoffs for everyone!

    The NFC West needed only three years to become the first division to send all 4 teams to the playoffs. What is even more amazing? We could realistically have 7 of the 8 divisions complete that feat after this season. The NFC East (Washington), NFC North (Green Bay), NFC South (Tampa), AFC North (Cleveland), AFC South (Indianapolis), and AFC West (Denver) all have users that could be a threat to knock on the door.

    6) So you're telling me there is a chance?

    After last season every division has won at least one playoff game. I honestly don't know if that was ever accomplished last cycle and if it was, no way it happened before Season 4

    7) No repeat winners

    Last cycle the Seattle Seahawks ran away on the league winning the first 3 super bowls and I believe 5 of 7 total. This cycle we have had a different winner each year. We have had 4 different teams compete in the big game with the Raiders (0-2) and Eagles (1-1) making it twice.

    8) Morale of the League

    All of this competition has seen the morale of the league spike way up. We are reaping the benefits of this in content as well. The league is putting out fresh content regularly as it's no longer a two or three horse race.

    9) Home field disadvantage

    This is mainly true in the NFC playoffs but the AFC seen it happen a year ago with the Raiders falling in the CCG. In three seasons, the NFC team with home field advantage throughout the playoffs has not made the SB at all.

    10) The new rules

    This cycle TMFL implemented some great new rules and we are really reaping the benefits. First we will look at home team being respinsible for Game summaries. Last season we had over 5 pages of game summaries! Gone are the days where users were going 16-0 and not writing a single summary. This is allowing some of the users that might not be as good on the sticks to really contribute and feel like a part of the league. The next major rule change is the Probation rule. This has made filling teams easier since a user can come in and the team isn't gutted beyond repair. It is also increasing productivity from existing users so they don't wind up on probation going forward. Now everything can't be perfect. There have been a couple instances were users killed teams financially before leaving, but it is a much quicker fix than a gutted roster.

    I just wanted to put some of these things out there so we can not only recognize our great commissioner team of Black Republican Big Suge Knight and Cheez but also ourselves. I'm proud to be in this league with each of you guys and the competitiveness along with the content makes it not seem like a chore. Soo Great Job TMFL!
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  2. Big Suge Knight

    Big Suge Knight Walk On

    Mar 1, 2009
    Definitely everyone deserves credit for the success this far into the cycle.
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  3. nellycuz

    nellycuz I'm an educated fool w/ $$ on my mind.

    Jul 24, 2012
    Great job bro! This has been the best cycle I think in a long time!!!
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  4. charter04

    charter04 Walk On

    Jul 30, 2010
    Noice! This has been a good cycle
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  5. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
    Great takeaways! As Suge said, credit goes to the members. Makes it easy when everyone contributes!
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  6. BRUCE80

    BRUCE80 Let the dirt just shower over you..

    Feb 11, 2009
    Great write up man...

    We will only be able to compete if we stop dropping passes at an alarming rate some for TDs, when I can trade WR is the first thing I am going looking for...haha..

    So far we had week 1's game won and completely melted down with key drops, penalties a stupid sack and a missed FG to go up 11 and put the game away late...instead we lose an 8 point lead with 3 minutes left and go 0-1. Nice comeback by the bengals but we blew the game with stupid coaching errors and a ridiculous PI in the endzone on a bomb from one of our stud rookie cbs who choose to just tackle the WR instead of playing the ball.

    Week 2 wasnt much better, some very nice D by the Bears and some really awful hands by Bucs WRs again led to nothing happening on O for us. We also managed to fumble on 1st and goal from the 1 and commit two horrible holding penalties late to seal the win for the Bears.

    We will get it turned around when we can find a suitable balance and some players that actually make some tough clutch plays.
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