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TMFL Info, Rules, and Standards

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by The Richuation, May 23, 2014.

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  1. The Richuation

    The Richuation Walk On

    Jul 18, 2010
    League Info
    • Platform: XBOX ONE
    • League Name - TMFL
    • Password -
    Owner Requirements
    • Create your COACH. (Use your REAL name)
    • Choose / Declare Playbook
    League Communication
    • TSO Forums for scheduling, game summaries, content
    • TMFL Chatbox for Draft and outside general chatter, including real time scheduling
    • 48 Hour Advances
    • 12 Minute Quarters / 15 second runoff
    • Speed Threshold 40
    • Sliders: Commish Discretion - SIM Based

    • Scheduling effort each gameweek.
    • Winning team provide game summary
    Post Draft Free Agent Waiver Process
    As soon as draft concludes and file is advanced to Preseason Week 1...
    • FA Waivers Process will be implemented through blind bid process.
    Regular Season Free Agency
    • Observing Vested Veteran rules.
    • Any player on your roster for Week 1 with 3 years experience or more are "locked" to your roster until offseason FA round 1.
    • Any player with less than 3 years experience can be dropped at any time.
    • Players picked up after week 1 can be dropped at any time regardless of experience
    • During the regular season, any player available in the free agent pool is cleared for pickup
    Roster Requirements
    • You must have 53 players
    • You must have a K and a P
    To start the TMFL file, every team will be required to use the default playbook of your assigned team. In order to change your playbook, you will need to fire your head coach. Once you have fired your head coach, you may declare your new playbook below. However, custom playbooks are prohibited. You will need to declare the use of a playbook that is native to Madden 15.
    • Applies to Offensive and Defensive playbooks
    • New Owners joining the TMFL will start with team's default and follow rules above
    Coaching changes / Playbook Changes Process Details:
    • For teams that DID NOT make the playoffs, teams that are firing their coaches may do so Week 18 (Wildcard week)
    • For teams MAKINGS THE PLAYOFFS, teams may fire their coach upon being eliminated from playoffs
    • If you make the Superbowl and still want to fire your coach and get a new playbook, you are an ass
    Gameplay Rules
    • Play SIM, you know what that means.
    • No glitchy gameplay... diving with DL at line of scrimmage, rocket catching, taking handoff straight to sideline, etc
    • 4th Downs... keep it real. You don't need to pause the game and ask permission to go for it. Just play SIM, and keep it respectable. If this is abused, it will surface, and it will be addressed.
    • Games against the CPU are to be started only one time
    Gameplay Complaints
    • Gameplay complaints require Twitch archive - Someone passing exclusively to TEs? Running 75% RO/Pistol? If you didn't stream it/archive the stream, it didn't happen and complaints will not be addressed.
    • PM the commissioner the link to the archived stream for review.

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