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Featured TMFL Rookie Watch - Season 1

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by Papa Perry, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Papa Perry

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    Jul 1, 2009
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    I'll be keeping track of the rookies as the season goes on and giving my take on where I believe they stand in the chase for their respected award. Here are my preseason candidates:

    AFC Offensive ROY Candidates

    DeShaun Watson – QB – Houston Texans

    The Texans got the right man for the job in this draft and he’s in the perfect situation. I’d expect the Texans to start Watson off slow and as he gains confidence, open the playbook more and more each week. He has the ability to pull the ball down and go make plays on his own but he has enough talent around him that he doesn’t have to do that.

    Deshone Kizer – QB – Cleveland Browns

    The Notre Dame product who claims he’s Tom Brady in Cam Newton’s body will get his chance to prove it. If Cleveland can get the backfield duo of Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson Jr. moving the ball on the ground it will give Kizer many opportunities to show off that big time arm. The question is who will be there to catch it.

    Patrick Mahomes II – QB – Kansas City Chiefs

    Another big arm talent here with the former Red Raider. Not much has come out of KC whether or not Alex Smith will be benched in favor of the newcomer but I expect we will be hearing about the Patty Mahomes to Tyreek “The Freak” Hill connection sooner rather than later. I also expect Kelce’s targets to possibly drop considering this QB can bomb it deep.

    Leonard Fournette – HB – Jacksonville Jaguars

    Fournette has his work cut out for him. There are worse offensive lines in the NFL but unfortunately there really isn’t a worse starting QB than Bortles. Teams will be stacking the box looking to shut down the former LSU star but I think he could still do enough to garner ROY attention. He just needs to prove his doubters wrong and show his durability issues at LSU were left in Baton Rouge.

    Joe Mixon – HB – Cincinnati Bengals

    The Inter-Gender Heavyweight Boxing Champion will be splitting carries with Jeremy Hill. While it shouldn’t take very long to overtake the majority of the carries, we only have footage of how Mixon fairs in battles with the opposite sex. In all seriousness: with Dalton under center and the weapons he’ll be throwing to, it should clear out the box for Mixon to get out there and assault defenders in the open field.

    ***DARK HORSE***

    ArDarius Stewart – WR – New York Jets

    I know, I know…this sounds like a homer pick but hear me out. Quincy Enunwa is the returning starter and will grab a lot of the attention from the defense: that’s when Stewart is at his best. His last year at Alabama he led the team in TDs and receiving yards and he wasn’t considered the team’s primary WR. He may be a long shot but I think he’ll be fully entrenched in the race by season’s end. That is if NY can settle on a QB.

    Honorable Mentions:

    John Ross – WR – Cincinnati Bengals

    Mike Williams – WR – San Diego Chargers

    Corey Davis – WR – Tennessee Titans

    NFC Offensive ROY Candidates

    Mitchell Trubisky – QB – Chicago Bears

    Bear fans have hope again!!! Will they be let down again? My answer is NO. Trubisky has the ability to take these bunch of loveable losers to the promise land. He also has a punishing former UAB (Go Blazers) running back Jordan Howard to lean on and maybe steal a few wins. My advice to the rook: find Zach Miller and become good friends with him. He’ll bail you out more often than not.

    David Webb – QB – New York Giants

    The Eli Era may very well be over. Teams like to bring in rookie QB to the perfect situation. It doesn’t get any more perfect than being able to throw to ODB, Brandon Marshall, Sterling Shephard, or a fancy new athletic TE. The running back situation could be a little better but Webb stepping up and being the man early on could open that up for someone to step up in that competition.

    Christian McCaffrey – HB – Carolina Panthers

    I want to just go ahead and give the award to McCaffrey. This guy is the kind of weapon that makes Kim Jong Un have wet dreams. With him taking handoffs, catching passes, returning kick, returning punts, fluffing publik’s pillow at night before he goes to bed: I fully expect this kid to average 30 touches a game. Mark it down: McCaffrey wins ROY, MVP, Best RB, and Best WR.

    Dalvin Cook – HB – Minnesota Vikings

    Releases ADP and drafts Dalvin Cook. Very bold but smart move. Cook will really spark an offense that needs a fire lit under its ass. I like Cook as a do-it-all back that can take the pressure off of Bradford/Bridgewater and maybe lead this team to the playoffs.

    Alvin Kamara – HB – New Orleans Saints

    Kamara is another do-it-all back and the type of back Drew Brees will love. With Peterson up in age and Ingram’s inability to stay healthy I see the former Vols running back emerging as the workhorse and Brees’s new favorite weapon. Even if he doesn’t overtake the starting job immediately I could see him lining up outside or in the slot catching passes until the coach makes his decision to start him.

    ***DARK HORSE***

    OJ Howard – TE – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Yes, another Alabama guy as a dark horse. OJ Howard is a freak of a TE and the scary thing is that’s he’s almost as good at blocking as he is at being a WR. That will earn him more field time as he isn’t a liability as a blocker. But more importantly, with all of the attention directed towards DeSean Jackson and Mike Evans: defenses are likely to forget about Hoard until it’s too late.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Ryan Switzer – WR – Dallas Cowboys

    Cooper Kupp – WR – Los Angeles Rams

    Evan Engram – TE – New York Giants

    AFC Defensive ROY Candidates

    Myles Garrett – DE – Cleveland Browns

    A lot of people expect the 1st overall pick to make a lot of noise in his rookie season and I agree. Garrett is every bit as complete as Joey Bosa was last season coming out of college. The big difference is there won’t be a holdout on Garrett’s end. I could see the whole defense helped out by how much the former Aggie will be disrupting the backfield this year.

    Jordan Willis – DE – Cincinnati Bengals

    The Bengals defense quickly improved their aging pass rush. Willis is a very raw yet athletic Bill Snyder product that will benefit learning from Dunlap and Johnson. He’ll get early work in pass rushing situations. As he gets more and more comfortable with the speed of the game at this level he and Johnson will eventually switch roles.

    TJ Watt – OLB – Pittsburgh Steelers

    Oh no. There’s another Watt in the NFL. TJ is a very athletic pass rusher who will benefit in playing in a defense very similar to the one he played in at Wisconsin. With one team in their division rebuilding the offensive line and the other starting a rookie QB, the younger Watt could get a solid jump on his older brother in the sack column and emerge as the next great pass rusher.

    Marlon Humphrey – CB – Baltimore Ravens

    Yet again another Alabama product but it’s also another rookie in a great situation. The Ravens went to free agency and the draft to help their secondary. After signing Tony Jefferson they drafted the Crimson Tide star and made their secondary potentially one of the best in the NFL. With Weddle, Jefferson, Smith, and Young being proven, Humphrey will be tested early and should reap the benefits.

    Jamal Adams – SS – New York Jets

    Adams will be a big help to a lackluster secondary. He’s a very instinctive safety that can lower the boom and he loves to do that. The Jets have a very talented front seven so he won’t really be needed much in run support. That will give him time to develop his coverage which needs to be top of the line to play in a division with Tom Brady.

    ***DARK HORSE***

    Jabrill Peppers – DB – Cleveland Browns

    The former Wolverine should do just fine at the NFL level. The big question is where to play him. Peppers is one I think will benefit the most from being on the same defense as Myles Garrett. If Garrett can cause a mess, Peppers can clean it up. I could also see the Browns using him at the nickel position. This playmaker could be offense’s worse nightmare, even worse than his fellow rookie teammate.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Tre’Davious White – CB – Buffalo Bills

    Gareon Conley – CB – Oakland Raiders

    Malik Hooker – S – Indianapolis Colts

    NFC Defensive ROY Candidates

    Reuben Foster – MLB – San Francisco 49ers

    This is the last Alabama player, I promise. Foster is going to be learning from Bowman…as he takes Bowman’s job. Foster always finds ways to make plays around or away from the ball. He’s not afraid to take on the ball carrier head-on and he’s athletic enough to provide coverage when needed. Foster is a lead by example type player and he’s ready to lead year 1.

    Jarrad Davis – MLB – Detroit Lions

    Davis is the next in a long line of former Gators that will make a splash in the NFL. What he lacks in good instincts he more than makes up for with amazing athletic ability. He is also one of the most solid players at tackling that have come into the NFL in a really long time. He needs to work on his coverage ability but if he masters it quickly this guy will be a big problem for a lot of offenses.

    Marshon Lattimore – CB – New Orleans Saints

    The former Buckeye will have his hands full in this division playing against the likes of Julio Jones, Mike Evans, and Kelvin Benjamin but this organization wouldn’t have drafted him unless they thought he could handle it. Lattimore is very athletic and fast so he’ll be able to keep up with the speedsters. Time will only tell if he can do more than that.

    Takkarist McKinley – DE – Atlanta Falcons

    The Falcons took McKinley to be another athletic pass rusher and he should really flourish in this defense. The secondary should buy him plenty of time to get to the QB and he doesn’t need much with the quick first step he has. McKinley will really benefit on downs where Vic Beasley rushes and forces the QB his way.

    Johnathan Allen – DL – Washington Redskins

    Ok, I lied. It’s just too hard to not put the kid on this list. Allen can play anywhere on the defensive line and is just excellent at making plays. With the pass rushers Washington has, Allen can collapse the middle and cause a lot of issues for the offense. I fully expect Allen to become a leader on this defensive line and possibly the whole defense.

    ***DARK HORSE***

    Haasan Reddick – ??? – Arizona Cardinals

    Reddick is an excellent talent. Only reason he’s not in my top 5 may be the same reason he wins the award: I don’t know where the hell they’re going to play him. He was a great pass rusher at Temple and even played some in the middle of the defense but Arizona could use him beyond that. He has a skill set of a safety and I could see this team use him as an underneath safety.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Taco Charlton – DE – Dallas Cowboys

    Derek Barnett – DE – Philadelphia Eagles

    Solomon Thomas – DL – San Francisco 49ers
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    Alex Smith is out with a broken collarbone, so it's Mahomes time.
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