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TMFL Sports News W7 Preview

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by QuietStorm, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012

    Week 7 Preview

    STATE OF THE LEAGUE : Entering week 7 we've had our first but far from last dose of TMFL drama. If you missed the sports chat live feed (GroupMe); there was a lot of U MAD BRO and COME AT ME DUDEs... Not a bad thing as everyone is alive and still in the league! Notice to all members; everyone should just keep the initial game settings put up by The Richuation as game Dsync's are still going on as EA didn't fix jack. On to the news, we've had the leagues first trade with the Eagles sending their 2015 4th round pick to the 49ers for RB Marcus Lattimore. The Rams also got busy adding more threats to their front 7 by adding pass rusher Jerry Hughes from Buffalo. Buffalo will receive the Rams 2nd & 5th round selection in the coming NFL draft.
    Some big games these past two weeks with some of the unbeatens finally slipping up! The Chiefs and Panthers had some humble pie finally playing the stout 49ers & Bengals squads respectively.

    Badass MF'er

    ANDRE JOHNSON WR - HOU Week 5 -, 11 Catches for 144 and 3 TDs !!

    Fantasy Must Start : DEMARCO MURRAY - RB Week 7
    The Cowboys are built to run the ball with their beefy offensive line, and luckily for them they are matched up to play the New York Football Giants. This will be a low scored ball control type of game but Dez and Witten will force the GMen into a honest D which will open up big lanes for Demarco Murray. Look for Murray to get 25 total touches with 200 total yards from scrimmage and 2 TDs!
    The Snake Pit
    Owner interviews with the Drill Sgt

    This week we sit down with the coach of the Oakland Raiders, Kidofcrash23

    1. Through 4 games you have the #1 ranked rushing attack, how have you balanced D. McFadden's touches to keep him healthy?

    With two great RBs on the team, i have the ability to mix and match depending on the situatino to go with either MJD or Mcfadden. Even with Mcfadden's injury history, I can't worry about that, he gives us the best chance to win and if he goes down, i have MJD to pick up where he left off. It is a good luxury to have two break backs on the team, Murray is a good up and coming young back as welll.

    2. The Raiders have the' oldest roster in the league; what have the additions of Tuck, Woodley, and MJD provided?

    MJD brings the abilty to get some tough yards, his avg may be down, but he can move the chains on short yardage situation. Although Tuck and Woodley may be past their primes, they bring experience and some abilty to rush the passer until while giving time for the young players to develop behind them. Good thing is, they have produced over the first four games.

    3. Derek Carr looks excellent out the gates, what's the keys to success for this rookie?

    Keep it simple, run the ball which we have done behind DMAC and MJD and make sure we aren't asking him of too much. He is a rookie and will have some adversity, but so far so good as he has all the skillsets, he just needs the experience and develop. Again, a good running game helps that a lot.

    4. The Chiefs look to be a problem in your division, what's your take on them?

    I am not familiar with the Chiefs, but their defense seems to be one of the tops in the league and the highest scoring team in the league. Good defense and good offense? GOnna be a tough battle

    5. The Giants and Cowboys square off this week, who wins?

    Both starting off well beginning of the season. I am going with Cowboys since they have show to be more consistent in their games so far this season. The giants however seem to have been on a roll the last two weeks on offense though.

    DRILL SGT's Top 10 Power Ranking :
    1. Seattle Seahawks -- Narrow escape vs Redskins
    2. Oakland Raiders +3 In the words of AL ... Just Win Baby
    3. Kansas City Chiefs -1 5 INTs for A. Smith vs 49ers
    4. Cincinnati Bengals +5 Bengals are hot right now already taking down 2 top 10 teams
    5. Carolina Panthers -2 Suffered first loss of season to Cinci, look for
    6. Atlanta Falcons +1 Dirty birds move up amid other teams falling
    7. Indianapolis Colts -2 Colts still hanging tough even through tough games
    8. Dallas Cowboys -- Cowboys fall to Hawks but hold fast in rankings
    9. San Francisco 49ers +3 49ers get two impressive back-to-back wins vs Chiefs/Rams
    10. Pittsburgh Steelers -4 Jags got first win on Big Ben's head! Steelers look to rebound
    Week 7 is up, some key divisional and conference games are on the slate! The Cowboys/Giants, Seahawks/Rams, Bengals/Colts and Texans/Steelers highlight this weeks key match ups. With each member hoping to win and maintain precious ground in their division races. Some of the titans have fallen over the past two weeks, how long can the Seahawks & Raiders go before finally taking a lump? The Rams are tough, as are the Cardinals! This may be the week! The Seahawks have been escaping some close battles really riding Beastmode! The Raiders have the same recipe running the ever fragile D.Mcfadden into the ground. Keys to success, stop the bleeding on the ground and hang around ... Hang around long enough to force one of the young QBs to throw, and get that key pick ! Sounds simple, but shit... They're undefeated and I have yet to pick an upset! SOOOOOOO!!

    DRILL SGT's Upset Pick of the Week :
    Johhny Cleveland, this is the second time the Browns have appeared in the upset pick of the week. Manziel is finally under center after Hoyer went down! Last week Manziel lit it up mainly with his legs rushing for over 90 yards! This week Manziel will put it together and have a complete game w/rushing and passing! Aiding the Browns on the ground, adding another threat will draw back the 8 man fronts RB Ben Tate has been seeing all year; and the Browns will get their first win of the season!
    BROWNS 28 - JAGUARS 20
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  2. Big Suge Knight

    Big Suge Knight Walk On

    Mar 1, 2009
    Good job again
  3. The Richuation

    The Richuation Walk On

    Jul 18, 2010
    I hope sim Johnny football gets it done... For those wondering where the commish is, I'm in Europe until 9/30. Drinking wine in Rome at this moment. Arrivaderci
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  4. Big Suge Knight

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    Mar 1, 2009
    Two bottles of limoncello por favor
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