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Top 10: Quarterbacks

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by akutozo, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. akutozo

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    Apr 17, 2015
    How are these top 10 rankings decided? Limiting ourselves to the quarterbacks who threw for the most yards in the league, we took a look at their quarterback ratings to determine not just how much they slung the ball, but how efficiently they did it. Rating doesn't tell everything though, so a few adjustments were made.


    1. Matt Ryan, atl

    Matty Ice didn't win the MVP, but he would have had my vote. Despite some cracks in the later part of the season, he was an absolute laser with the football in his hand. Connecting 68.5% of the time, he finished best on this list for completion percentage, least amount of interceptions (11) and best passer rating (116.2). It's fair to say quarterbacks who threw for more yards wouldn't have had to if they could control the ball as well as Ryan.

    2. Marcus Mariota, ten

    If this kid isn't the best rookie quarterback this year, I don't know who is (I'm sure Coachmedicis would have a suggestion). Either way, the numbers don't like. 4,312 yards, 43 TDs vs just 16 interceptions. The titans have been confident in their aerial attack all year and Mariota is the reason why. It's worth noting Mariota ran for 547 yards as well.

    3. Tony Romo, dal

    No one doubts Tony Romo these days, least of all the NFC East. Eli may have Rings, but Romo has style. Leading a balanced offense helped Tony Romo all year, capping off 32 touchdowns and just 13 interceptions. The Cowboys have been a pick your poison threat all year, and Romo's poise in the pocket has made that happen.

    4. Ryan Tannehill, mia

    The practice trophy goes to Owner arlennnn this time around for making Tannehill a top 5 quarterback. Some costly turnovers dropped him from a very likely #1 finish which is shocking when you consider Tannehill completed 71% of his passes. His 20 interceptions were too much to overcome Romo on this list, but his other stats (4300+ yards, 31 TDs) make him without argument one of the best in the business.

    5. Alexander Broussard, den

    Broussard gobbles up yards like they're his favorite french onion soup, just like mama made it. Any quarterback that breaks 5400+ yards passing simply can't be excluded from the top 5, but it's worth noting that he has the 2nd most interceptions on this list (25), the lowest completion percentage (59.8) yet still managed to have the most yards in the NFL (5494). His 45 touchdowns carried Denver to the playoffs, but hopefully Denver doesn't have to throw 500 times every season.

    6. Joe Flacco, bal

    What can be said about the MVP of 2016 that hasn't been said already? The Ravens are a top team in the NFL, and the win loss record carried Flacco to the MVP... but like Broussard, his penchant for turnovers has cost him. 5085 yards, 45 touchdowns are a monster season, but 26 intereceptions (double Tony Romo, more than double Matt Ryan) are an example of what happens when you're a gun slinger. Still, no one can deny Flacco has had a career year.

    7. Aaron Rodgers, gb

    Aaron Rodgers, "the best QB in the existence of football", didn't quite show that this season... but what he did show was outstanding. Unfortunately, an injury against the Cowboys limited him from a strong finish to challenge the crown for best QB this year, but 65.5% completions, 3196 yards and 29 touchdowns means the Packers still have one of the best.

    8. Jameis Winston, tb

    Famous Jameis. Jameis, like Mariota had an outstanding rookie season. 4,427 yards, 37 TDs to just 17 interceptions is the only reason the Bucs went from worst to the playoffs in just one season. A few touchdowns and a few less incompletions and Jameis could have usurped Mariota's rise to the top. Perhaps they can settle "who's better" in the SB?

    9. Alex Smith, kc

    Alex Smith has seen a resurgence under the new Chiefs regime. 4,411 yards passing 34 TDs make Alex a top 10 QB, but ending with 24 interceptions (5 in final 2 weeks) held Alex to the bottom of this list. If he keeps playing like this though, I doubt Chiefs fans will care.

    10. Derek Carr, oak

    Dropping Manziel off of this list and taking his place comes future star Derek Carr, and the future may be here already. Carr and L. Murray have led a surprisingly outstanding Raiders team to a 15-1 record this season. 3598 yards, 27 TDs and just 17 interceptions have given the Raiders just what they need when the're resting their incredible HB duo.

    Backup QB of the Year:

    Tim Tebow

    No one expected Tebow to replace Manziel and actually play better than him, but that is what happened. With a 98.6 passer rating, Tebow kept the Jags in the playoff hunt through their final 6 games. Let's all take a moment to pray with Tebow - god works in mysterious ways.

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    Good stuff man! Didnt expect to see Rodgers up there after his injury, glad he still made it

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