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Top 10: Running Backs

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by akutozo, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. akutozo

    akutozo Baby, I'm a Brown.

    Apr 17, 2015
    Today we'll be taking an in depth look at this seasons top running backs. These running backs excelled in both rushing the ball and and contributing to the passing game and running backs are ranked based on their total Yards From Scrimmage

    The 2K Club

    1. Lache Seastrunk, bal

    Compiling 2,276 total yards from scrimmage and 26 TDs, Lache held on to his top of the mountain ranking. 1879 yards on the ground and 397 in the air made Seastrunk the surprise of HaW's kickoff season.

    2. Jamaal Charles, kc

    Jamaal Charles was missing from Week 15's top 5 ranking and that was an egregious error. Not only did he put 1580 yards on the ground, but 615 in the air totaling 2,195 yards. Jamaal piled on 13.4 yards per catch, the highest on this list. Add 20 TDs and you've got Weapon X.

    Almost There

    3. DeMarco Murray, phi

    DeMarco Murray was subject to a flurry of trade rumors before the season started, and LeSean McCoy can't be happy that Murray finished with more YFS (1,993) and TDs (13). His 411 yards in the air made a huge difference for PHI this year. However, I'm sure LeSean McCoy is much happier being in the playoffs than Murray who'll be watching from home.

    4. Latavius Murray, oak

    The only reason Murray didn't topple this list was Oakland front office smartly not wearing him out. Featuring the highest YPC on this list (6.6), he totaled for 1,980 yards from scrimmage this season while sitting on the bench for what felt like half the game. In the top 5, he has the least amount of carries (274) and receptions (19). This is Weapon X on Steroids.

    5. LeSean McCoy, dal

    LeSean McCoy's off season was pure insanity. Racial accusations against a former employer, being traded into the heart of Buffalo, getting a long term deal just to be traded back to his former division. A lot of players would lose heart and find reasons not to play (Percy Harvin is currently reviewing how many more "hip injuries" he can have, for example). McCoy roared back, with 1,940 yards from scrimmage and lit up his old division like a wildfire. When a player is this pissed off, it shows. God help whoever plays him in the playoffs.

    Working Their Way Up

    6. Arian Foster, hou

    Arian Foster was a top 5 RB for total yards, and it feels a shame to put him here. His 15 TDs were more than Demarco, Latavius and Murray. There is no doubt that Foster is a top tier RB, and it's shocking that a player like Forsett was traded to the Falcons when a guy like Foster, inexplicably on the trade block, never hit a new team. I'm sure plenty of FOs regret that choice now after seeing 1,871 total yards and the 3rd best YPC on this list (6.2). These have made him the best Texan not named JJ Watt this year.

    7. Adrian Peterson, min

    AP should have gotten a Comeback Player of the Year award, as long as it doesn't come in the form of a switch. He bounced back from a year off to compile 1410 yards on the ground and 442 yards in the air after catching a whopping 48 targets. AP is back, and he'll be here All Day.

    8. Eddie Lacy, gb

    Another top 5 rusher, Lacy simply didn't see much action in the passing game (138 yards, 0 TDs). Even still, the Packers have to love their investment in him. After going without a solid rusher Aaron Rodgers entire career, this back put up 1,671 yards on the ground. Can you believe this guy was Trent Richardson's backup in college?

    9. Lance Dunbar, jac

    With the least amount of carries on this list (328) his 6.2 yards per carry propelled him onto it, second most in the league. Tack on 36 more catches and it's almost shocking how much the Cowboys paid for McCoy when they could have kept Dunbar on. He's found a home in Jacksonville and hopefully he isn't a one hit wonder.

    10. Lamar Miller, mia

    Lamar Miller finishes up this list as the final piece of the Dolphins revenge tour. Coming back from a pour start, the Fins thought that they were in the Tussel for Russel. Instead they've pounded their way into the playoffs and Miller is a huge reason why.1689 yards and 15 TDs on the season is no joke. How long can the revenge tour last?


    Next up: TOP Wide Receivers

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  2. RFF

    RFF Walk On

    Aug 13, 2014
    After being told by two diff teams that Foster's SPD was too low for them, he broke off (I think) the longest run of anyone in the league this season--94 yards.
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  3. HoundsOfHowl

    HoundsOfHowl Feed Me More....Football

    Apr 14, 2012
    Don't forget NFC Offensive Player of the Year! DeMarco Murray!!!
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