TOP TEN UPDATE * Week 9 * Two of the top 3 schools lose!

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    Crazy how things can change in a week!
    Stanford goes down to Washington.
    Florida State drops out though having big wins. Noles lost to the Terps.
    Boston College and Texas A&M move on up.
    The dream season continues. Would you ever expect that the Spartans of Michigan State are sitting at numero uno?

    1. Michigan State 7-0
    East Lansing is going nuts right now. 7-0 after defeating the Be-agers of Me-adison. We'll see how they fare against #16Neb and #20Minn the next two weeks.

    2. Alabama 8-0
    The Tide continues doing what they do, win. Though they dropped from #1, they are still sitting in the BCS Championship. Next up LSU and #19 Miss St

    3. Oklahoma State 7-0
    The only tough game for the Cowboys is the last against #5 OU, but we saw what happened to Stanford and FSU.

    4. NC State 7-0
    Jumping from #9 to #4 was some nice trajectory. Virginia and #14 FSU are next up. Who knows what could happen. Michigan State vs NC State in the Championship???

    5. Oklahoma 6-1
    Sooners move up from #7 to #5. Next two weeks are KState and #10 TAMU.

    6. Ohio State 6-1
    Bucks move up from #8 to #6. This week is a big one against #9 Wisconsin.

    7. Boston College 7-0
    BC finds their way into the top 10. The only key victories have been against Clemson and #18 Va Tech last week. Let's see how long they last in the top 10 after playing #14 FSU, #4 NC St, #15 Notre Dame and #23 Miami.

    8. Oregon 6-1
    Duck duck bo buck. They moved #10-#8. #12 Stanford still on the schedule.

    9. Wisconsin 6-1
    The Badgers flip flop with NC State after losing to State. Next up #6 OSU.

    10. Texas A&M 6-1
    A&M's only blemish was an early loss to #3 Ok St. They still have a chance at the BIG XII championship, but they have #22 Mizzou and #5 OU the next two weeks and of course #21 Texas down the road.

    Florida St.
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    great job

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